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━━━━━ ニックス ━━━━━
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Storm of blood, born from blood of our fallen brothers.

Nero Shijima • ENFP • Kingsglaive Boiz • ⅩⅣ//
Kamen Rider • Final Fantasy


User ImageCall me Shin Dan Kuroto Nyxero
Yoshi P is my God. Reisi Munakata is my King.
I'm weak as ******** for Yu Inaba. I love Go Shijima.
I love Shouma Kai's smile. ;_;
Sento Kiryu is my spirit animal, because rabbit tank.
Japanese boys are gonna be the death of me.
Red Mage aesthetics.
Tired most days, and want to sleep all day.
pvp erryday.
Thank you. For appreciating me for who I am.

Nyx • Joker • Yusuke • Reisi
Go • Kazuma • Shotaro • Sento
Kiriya • Taiga • Parad • Kuroto
Yu Inaba & Shouma Kai

"I didn't know there were sisters in the brotherhood."

Thank you Maggie-chan .///.

"I'll follow you like morning follows night."

Playing: Stormblood, X/X-2, DW8
Mobile Game: FF: Brave Exvius
TV Show: N/A
Netflix: The Defenders N/A ;_;
Anime: N/A
Doing: Nyx Ulric and Yu Inaba Sleeping

━━━━━ ウリック ━━━━━

"I'm worth the wait."

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