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━━━━━ 甲斐 翔真 ━━━━━
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Ignite that counterattack. Light up your soul. Surpass those limits in the final adventure.

Nero Shijima • ENFP • ⅩⅣ//
Kamen Rider • Final Fantasy


User ImageThey call me Yung god Kamen Rider Nero-DX
Yoshi P is my God. Reisi Munakata is my King.
I'm weak as ******** for Yu Inaba. I love Go Shijima.
I love Shouma Kai's smile. ;_;
Sento Kiryu is my spirit animal, because rabbit tank.
Japanese boys are gonna be the death of me.
My best match is a husbando named Jordy.
Red Mage aesthetics.
Tired most days, and want to sleep all day.
I game and sleep a lot.
pvp erryday.
Thank you. For appreciating me for who I am.

Go • Kazuma • Shotaro • Sento
Kiriya • Taiga • Parad • Kuroto
Shouma Kai & Atsuhiro Inukai


Thank you Maggie-chan .///.

"I'll follow you like morning follows night."

Playing: Stormblood & Destiny 2
Mobile Game: FF: Brave Exvius & KR: Battle Rush
Kamen Rider: Build, Ex-Aid
TV Show: Supernatural
Netflix: N/A
Anime: N/A

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━━━━━ 犬飼貴丈 ━━━━━

"A home is a place that you can return to."

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