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Gender: Female

Birthday: 10/04

Occupation: Warrior Queen


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Mythrill Armor, Scarification tattoo, Nitemare Collar, He Approaches, Master's Pet's Pendant, HoC: Dragoneye Savant x2, HoC: Eldwyn the Bright x2, HoC: Thrice Cursed Legion, HoC: Kolyr Godslayer, HoC: Wyrmtail Sage, Foot Soldier's Blade, HoC: Battlemaster, Heartbreaker, Lawful Master, Dark Valkyrie - Mistress of the Fifth Level of Kur, Yevena

Mythrill Armor - Sorceress Akema

Very Protective Fantasy Armor - "Squish Squish", captured kurv of Uhlgaumobra

100,000 talents in gold, silver and steel - Warrior Governor Laisren

Deluxe Wedding Cake - Mistress of the Sixth Level of Kur, Lucia

1,000 talents of gold and silver - Paladin G. Jack Hammer

Antipathy - Lady Phantasm

Warzones, Relics from the Temple of Minotaur - Beast-folk Chimera of the Eastern Lands

Viking Love - Paladin Drakmoore

15,000,000 talents of gold and silver, Very Protective Fantasy Armor x3, Mythrill Armor - Kuroko the Lycan

5,000,000,000 talents of gold and silver - Governor Britannia of Central Du'rem

10,000,000,000 talents of gold and silver - Gorguzkhal, the Raid Lord

500,000 talents of gold and silver, 10 Heart Charms - Incubus Lusty And Romancy

60,000 talents of gold and silver - Mistress Rose, the Valiant of the Eastern Lands

32,500,000 talents of gold and silver - Kerri, kurv of Uhlgaumobra

Royal painting - Lady Anemone

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"Those who seek me, know full well who I am. Even in my reborn existence..."

Many in the lands of this realm know her rise, triumph and tales of glory...

The hands of the Gods, had forsaken this warrior. The days of old, frozen in time, crushed by the Evil One and Her forces of Chaos...

Shall she rebuild her valor, or will she be lost to the darkness? A plaything to the Fates, like all in the Realms are, only interaction will decide.

"Uhlgaumobra was born in the Western lands of Hurlon, deep within the forested mountain passes and caverns, home to many Orcs within her clan for several generations. Since early youth, she was taught to navigate those trodden roads well, even in the dead of night and blinding sun, in order to effectively hunt and conduct battle should the need ever arise. An exceptionally average childhood however, was forever changed hence her summoning by the Grand Elder, it appeared she was chosen by the spirits of the land to wield the power of Dragga; The Power of the Endowment.

Bestowed upon female Orcs within the clan only once within seven hundred years, she was quickly taken from the ordinary, thrust into positions of status, given the title “Battle Maiden”, revered by the Shamans and paid homage in the form of luxurious ores, such as ruby, silver and gold. Special armor was crafted, and an ax, named Kragga, infused with the power to slay entire legions, shattering bones and curdling blood was bestowed

Her training as a warrior escalated, failure was never the final option, death more honorable than the humiliation of surrender, and the mental fortitude to lead, blazing a path when all other roads seemed closed.


Some notes on RPs;

No one liners, please give me at least a detailed paragraph.

Literacy is sexy, but I can accept a few typos here and there, just no asterisks or chat speak, and please, don't just send a starter, talk to me first, let us set something up.

I don't do 'other' role plays. By this I mean, things you can't picture from the bronze age to medieval setting or weaponry, nor do I play other main characters. I play as an Orc(ess), thus there will be metal, bone, sweat, magic and blood.

If I am on, and you don't hear from me, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you. Just means my attention has been diverted. If its been awhile since my last reply, the aforementioned still applies, just means that several factors such as time, energy and creativity are somewhere else.


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roadie bear Report | 09/16/2014 4:35 am
roadie bear
roadie bear Report | 09/10/2014 4:42 pm
roadie bear
pm me heart
Lusty And Romancy Report | 09/05/2014 2:40 am
Lusty And Romancy
Wouldn't mind being one of yours. heart
Perpetual Patriarch Report | 09/02/2014 11:27 pm
Perpetual Patriarch
But of course.
Lusty And Romancy Report | 08/26/2014 7:58 am
Lusty And Romancy
So...what is a kurv?
Murcielago Kuroko V2 Report | 08/18/2014 10:40 pm
Murcielago Kuroko V2
you really are the last of your kind, heh...
Perpetual Patriarch Report | 08/18/2014 10:23 pm
Perpetual Patriarch
Well, how could they help but be inspired?
Murcielago Kuroko V2 Report | 08/18/2014 7:31 pm
Murcielago Kuroko V2
Redfoxfive Report | 08/12/2014 1:58 pm
heart heart heart
Bunny Jitsu Report | 08/12/2014 11:49 am
Bunny Jitsu


Care to entertain an Orcess?

Avatar artwork and tributes are sought for the restoration of the Throne, for I am the rampaging defiler!



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Vassal Domains and Kurvs.

Maria - 'Queen', now vassal of the Central Plains on the Eastern Continent, pays a yearly tribute.

"Squish Squish" - Former human Paladin, turned kurv, restricted to pleasure duties.

Kerri - Humanoid medic, voluntarily submitted to the yoke, kurv and cup bearer, pays due honor to the throbbing member nightly.

Stuffles - Humanoid Jester from an extraterrestrial dimension, assists his Mistress in battle, General of the Serpent Division