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All about my random stuff and feel free to ask any questions

Little something about me, I'm 25 this year(yes I'm grandpa) and lets see what els.... First off I'm a weird, creepy, hella annoying, happy, outstanding, ******** up and enjoying life type of guy. However most of all doesn't give a rats buttocks about people's stupid stuff! Only things matter to me is a good laugh even in bad situation; come on! ******** it! Just smile and laugh not let anyone ruin who I am! I am me! and You are you! So you respect me and I respect you then we are cool! But if you don't like it......... You caaaaann Geeeeett Ouuuutt~! *points thumb over shoulder*

Bottom line, I'm mainly a nice funny guy that enjoys a good laugh is all. Feel free to PM because don't like comments as much and don't be afraid to ask any questions or talk about something; is all fine smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif sooooooo.....!

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