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-Unknown age
-Asia Native.
-Music head. :]

素敵な人 ~ ♥

Uchida Yama

There are many mysteries behind my username, if you wanna know, just ask.
I'm Immortal, I cannot die. I age while in Youth. Although
I age through the years, my body will always stay young.
My last name is Uchida, if you wanna know my first name, just ask. I love to bust my brain in any kind of situation.
What I mean is, I love puzzles and using Strategy.
I love my friends.
I hate to clean but i'm not a dirty person.
I'm just lazy. heh-heh.
Any-who, I enjoy making people laugh and putting smiles on people's faces. I'm a boy.
I use Gaia to escape my troublesome past and hope to make awesome friends.
Would like to know more about me, just ask.