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I disappear a lot more than before. Gaia has been more of a liability rather than something fun and enjoyable than it is way back. If your expectations from me as an online friend is to be dedicated enough to login every single damn day to say "Hi", then I am sorry not sorry to disappoint.

I have NEVER truly disappear since I begin Gaia back in 2008, but I am honestly sick and tired of people having such expectations from me like; "OMG WHY AREN'T YOU ONLINE?"

... Or blatantly ignoring me / sneering at me / treat me as an enemy. If that's how it's gonna work then. welps. shrugs.

But that's some sickening mentality if you ask me.

This forum is no longer the platform I come to love. While there are many of you wonderful folks out there, there are also an equal amount of shitty people I have encountered and dealt with.

Annnnd so much for "About Me" - I don't bite much if you have questions to ask me.


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Fluffy Jishubunny Report | 08/14/2016 8:20 am
Fluffy Jishubunny
I see you online! -glomps-
Fluffy Jishubunny Report | 07/31/2016 4:55 am
Fluffy Jishubunny
We're the same~ I guess I can only visit gaia on weekends since they're my days off~ xd
Fluffy Jishubunny Report | 07/24/2016 9:31 am
Fluffy Jishubunny
I've been in hiatus from gaia for almost 3 months I think~ I don't know if you're still active around, but if you are, let's catch up! 3nodding
Hayaba Report | 07/11/2016 11:16 pm
Hey brother... you ignoring me?
Hayaba Report | 07/11/2016 11:00 pm
I miss you
Hayaba Report | 07/11/2016 12:06 pm
Why you never reply to me? You hate me that much?
Hayaba Report | 07/11/2016 3:06 am
-lays on-

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Shiro Nishida Report | 07/10/2016 8:59 pm
Shiro Nishida

..... okay! biggrin emotion_sweatdrop

Hey! just because creeper rhymes with reaper doesn't mean you HAVE to be a creeper, k? stare

I'm tired, grumpý, sober, bruised and sore all over...

and this job is gonna kill me for sure. ******** prime day crying

anywho i should have been sleeping 30 minutes ago so i know i'll be late for work tomorrow... have a good one tzu! hope you've been well!

and srsly, how have you been?!?!
answer me so i can read it when i wake up! :'D

Shiro Nishida Report | 07/10/2016 8:41 pm
Shiro Nishida

what the, why are you creeping, Tzu?!

...You could always ask me what I'm up to, yknow?

Atelier Yue Report | 06/09/2016 12:04 am
Atelier Yue
Tsuki chan! Your profile is current or classic?