Hey I'm Ty, I'm 21 years old and to be perfectly honest, I'm an a*****e, but, I'm also ******** awesome. Lets see, what do you need to know about the greatness that is me? Well first things first lets get this out of the way, I AM A PERVERT AND PROUD OF IT. I live on a rock that I absolutely hate with a job that makes me want to stomp on babies... I have some really ******** awesome friends so I guess that evens that out. Yes I do like to RP, but that does not mean I will cyber with you, I will not stand for that bullshit. If you do happen to be a person interested in a story, please don't be illiterate. I do go through phases where I disappear from Gaia from time to time, but worry not I am usually lurking somewhere near by. When I am not at work I am almost always on AIM and MSN so hit me up.

Television: I don't really watch TV at all really. If I want to watch something I find it on Netfix or borrow it. I am really into Doctor Who, House, Castle, Chuck, and just reccently started watching Lost. I really enjoy the BBC and Food Network when I do sit down and watch TV.

Books: I love to read but working full time really doesn't give me the oppritunity.
I am a big Harry potter fan and I have no shame admitting so. Best one by far is Prisoner of Azkaban. Zombie books are great also, I mean really, who doesn't love zombies? I used to read lots of manga and webcomics but just like normal books, I just don't have the time. I would have to say that Saikano is the best manga I have ever read. Death Note is pretty high up there too...

Music: Now this is something I cannot live without. I have been playing instruments forever. Since grade school but that's close enough. Recently I picked up learning the bass guitar, I have always wanted to but never had the money for the bass, but now I have my Ibanez bass guitar and I am well on my way to being even more awesome the I already am. 8D
I love almost all music, but The Red Hot Chili Peppers are my inspiration. Gotta love the classics though, The Who, Black Sabbath, Queen, Rush, Rolling Stones (Stones 30 years ago, none of this new s**t. RETIRE ALREADY.), Ramones, Nirvana, ect. Some newr bands I really like are Muse, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, TV on the Radio, Dropkick Murphys, Weezer, I can just go on. Even as the years pass and music seems like it is dying, some come from the piles of s**t and really shine.

Hobbies: With work I don't get to really enjoy my hobbies anymore. I write when the ideas are flowing, but it's been ages since I did that and that makes me sad on the inside. I love to play video games, but with the economy it's hard to afford them. Hanging out with friends is always a great thing, it could be running around doing simple stupid s**t or just sitting at Denny's until 4 am discussing our zombie survival plans with the most determined and seriousness of it all.

Currently Playing: Bioshock, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy X, Legand Of Dragoon, Call of Duty MW2, Tales of Vesperia.
My XBL GT is Tythis

Forever Love <3

Vitamin Guilt- Mai Nny<3 Chyaku Norisu Scarf

Demitri Vechiodelle- Deadly Mood Bubble

Sine Orus- Royal Yukata <3

Takozu - Everything <33

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The Lady Who Started My Gaia Addiction... Ne-Chan

The Woman Who Made Me the Man I Am Today, My Best Friend Aya

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Moondancer Aya

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Moondancer Aya

YOU!! Update your info!! 4laugh
Moondancer Aya

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Moondancer Aya

I came, I found, I stalked....

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so im really bored and mass profile commenting people
hi hi <3
little jerry 16

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little jerry 16

I agree completely heart

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hey im slowly coming back onto gaia too~

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si sir I am alive, how is you been?

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et tu brute??
Miraculous Akuma

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Miraculous Akuma

Sine Orus

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Sine Orus

cool avi biggrin
wisdoms daughter

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wisdoms daughter

o3o lol wut? xD hella random...


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