Wanna know some s**t?

People seem to get mad or confront me because I don't tell anyone of what goes on with me. So here is my attempt.

-My name is Tystra. Literally, my name is Tystra. It's my first and last name put together. What's my real real name? Not for you to know at the moment.
-I graduated High School in 2009, now working in a High School. Weird huh?
-I like Pokemon, Role Playing, Swing Dancing, Music, Trying new foods and drinks, Alcohol, and women.
-I always wanted to be a famous singer, but I have low self esteem. I do not think I am good enough for anything and my track record has shown that.
-I am loyal, thoughtful, and a loving person. Maybe too much for my own good. But they are my best characteristics.
-I can be naive, unintelligent, and unrealistic. When I think of something, I am thinking too much in the positive.
-I tend to ask for more chance then I should be given because I think I am entitled to them. Usually a good hit with a hard mental punch to the face will straighten me out.
-I like to be talked to. I wish more people would actually come up to me and want to do stuff with me. That makes me feel wanted in this world. Granted, I know people want me, but they don't like to be around me when I am a depressed, little, emo kid.
-When I am depressed, I am always blaming myself. Another good punch mentally will most of the time set me straight.
-This is mostly bad stuff, but to get the good, you have to understand the bad.
-I am caring, and try to focus on little gestures and signals that may indicate if you are upset and not wanting to deal with people at the moment.
-When I think I know what is going on, I do try to comfort. It depends on the person if they truly want me there.
-I tend to think of others over myself. Some think that because I am absent minded or keep to myself a lot of the time, that means I am thinking only of myself. That isn't the case, I just zone a lot.
-If you truly want me, you have to be straight up with me. If you lead me on, as a friend or lover, you are hurting me more and more. Hell, even as just random messenger, I will catch on and will not be a happy Eevee dude.
-None of this is directed at anyone specifically except for myself. So if any of my friends want to b***h me out and say "Why did you say that about me in your profile?" Rest assured, these are examples from my entire life, So chill.