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The story of my life.

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~ Hoenn Arc ~

Hi, my name is Tyru Ookami.
I was born in Odale Town, but never quite fit in with the other kids around; most of the time I was playing in my room or reading books about Pokemon. I was fascinated by Dark types; there was just something about them that I was attracted to. Whenever I would go wandering the city, I would hang out with the Poochyenna while the other kids spent time with the Zigzagoon. They called me weird and stuff like that, but I didn’t care. Poochyenna were way cooler then Zigzagoon. My family was a little weird, we are pokemon breeders, we weren't very rich people so we often got dirty looks from the town folks. Life on the farm was a harsh one, get up early to feed the pokemon. bath them all that stuff. but the life was fun non the less.

When I was seven, a girl moved in next door, her name was Suki. She was about the same age as me, and because she also loved Pokemon we became the best of friends. We would study them together, and when I asked her what her favorite type was, she responded ‘I like them all.’ We promised to journey together, agreeing that someday we’d be the best team in the region.

On my tenth birthday, Dad let me come over to Iron Island, in the Sinnoh region, he gave me an egg as a birthday present.... I cherished it and it hatched it only 1 day later, it was a totodile, he was pumped with energy. Suki hatched her pokemon 1 day later.

The same day totodile hatched at home, he jabbed and injured my eyes. Unfortunately I had to delay my journey a whole year so they could heal properly. Even then they had sustained some serious damage, so my sight was never the same for the rest of my life. I could sense how sorry totodile. was almost every day; he never left my side. Soon I forgave him, it’s not like he meant to jab my eyes. This was the time I discovered my powers, I could sense the emotions, basicly see around me, this however, had a mayor impact on my behaviour. I grew cold and unconsiderate of others. Since I could sense motives from people who I never spoke to. I, decided to take everyone down who even dared to become a treat to me!

Once I’d beaten the entire city, I ran into May. May's father, Proffesor Birch, was the Professor for the region, so I’d have to go meet him for my own Poke’dex. While I was there, he also wanted to give me my own ‘official’ starter Pokemon. Other trainers had already been through, so I was given a treecko.

Just outside the lab, I ran into Suki. She apologized all over the place for the mean things she’d said to and about me, but I didn’t answer. At that moment, I didn’t really care, either. I still felt that knife in my back. Then she asked if she could journey with me, after all that! I swiftly responded ‘No.’ I turned and walked away..... this was the last time I saw her. All I could feel was pure hatred towards this region and the people in it. My family and pokemon were the only people I could trust.

Two years of traveling passed. My Pokemon and I had wandered through. Hoenn, it was an utter nightmare to claim my title as champion. but we managed to pull through

~ Sinnoh Arc ~

2 Years of heartwrenching cold loneliness eventually got the better of me.
I decided to do the unthinkable. release them all into the wild so they wouldn't have to suffer from being in my presence. There were pokemon that refused to go after i smashed their pokeball. Those 2 were My feraligatr and weirdly enough my Infernape. Infernape and I never got along to great as she was a little ill temepered, especially after the champion battle which we barely lost against.
I guess feeding her poffins and having her battle was enough for her to stay. I smiled as my pokemon came rushing towards me.
They both were shedding a few tears, My heart had finally escaped the cold grasp of my hatred. I would soon speak again.

~ Unova Arc ~
On the boat bound for Unova, I ran into Suki. It had been a long time since we’d seen each other, and boy did she look different. smilies/icon_redface.gif

I felt a little burst of emotion flow through me. to see a familiar face, it had been three years. After catching up a bit, she asked if I would like to battle, to see just how strong I’d gotten. I accepted, and quickly won. Although the battle was short, it was the most fun I’d had in a very long time. Afterwards, she asked if I would reconsider traveling with her. I had to say no, I had gotten used to traveling alone and a travel partner now would just feel strange. Surprisingly, she was okay with it. She said that we would meet again when fate decided it would be so, and left.

When the boat docked, I met a person named Alder, the region’s champion. He asked if I was going to challenge the league, and I replied yes. He asked about my life , and I told him the story. He laughed, “Sometimes a Pokemon doesn’t know its own power.” While he patted Feraligatr on his head, I couldn’t help but think ‘What a cook.’

After Alder and I went our separate ways, I met Bianca in Nuvema town. She claimed to be the Professor’s assistant, and we’d have to talk to her in order to get started in this region. She was nice enough to lead us to the Professor of Unova: Juniper. From her I received the Unova Pokedex, and a little Oshawott. Time went by, weeks of training and skirmishes with Team Plasma followed. Finally it was time to face the Elite Four and Alder, but someone named N Harmonia had beaten me to it! He was trying to take over Unova, and my status as Champion! I couldn’t allow such crimes. The battle was rough, but my Pokemon had won. Because I’d struggled to beat N, Alder said that I’d needed yet more training.

Months had passed while I was training, I eventually beat Alder and took his title, I let him stay in charge as my goals were aimed to achieve greater things, I was going to find N and confront him with his actions. After almost 1 year of searching I decided to give in and return to my home town of Odale.

~ Kalos Arc ~
To be continued.......

These were my adventures so far, but there's probably more to come!

~Tyru Ookami
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