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Read this if you do not want to get arrested.

((Character is back to do silly things. Click my personal website to go to my character's Tumblr, though. I want him to be more active on there.))


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Tamislin Report | 07/17/2014 1:35 pm
Tamislin glanced at the water cooker and waited for it to boil. He made a bit of a sound in response to the human expressing his thoughts on childhood and the fun it should be, but was still uncertain he saw the merit of some of his classmates' idea of 'fun'. Actually, most of the student body had strange ideas about 'fun', yet he continued to fail at seeing the point in singling people out and humiliating them as a bonding experience. He was glad his spellwork had kept him safe from that so far.

The elf glanced back at the human, realising he was being addressed. Unconsciously, he straightened a little, as if the question set him on the defensive. To be honest, it did. He tried to keep contact between the people he interacted with and her to a minimum for a reason, after all.

"We get along okay," he said, "Whenever she's not working, she helps me with homework and 'normal human stuff' that I don't get. It helps that she's been through many of the things I'm going through now while adjusting to life here, so she can easily correct where necessary or pinpoint me in the right direction to fix whatever's bothering me." That sounded like something good guardians did, anyway. He really hoped to avoid the occasion where the Detective actually came face to face with the shade he had adopted as his 'legal guardian'. It had worked well enough to convince the landlord to let them live here, and the few times he'd needed to show up with an adult for school and that one time for the library had gone off mostly without a hitch, too.

But the Detective was a lot more attentive than most humans, the short fellow had already learned.

Thankfully, the water boiler beeped and the brunet could turn his attention towards it and the high tea set that was waiting patiently for the hot water. He used the barstool to get to the cupboard again for the tea. He picked something purple and put everything else back. "You're not allergic to Jasmine, are you?" Tamislin wanted to verify before dunking the teabag.
Tamislin Report | 07/14/2014 2:46 pm
((I don't worry about it because I'm updating you with the delay and the reason behind it. wink

See what I did there? 8D /shot

Thank you, though! Took me quite some time to find it, but I got it for a darn good price - who knew I was this good at bluffing? - so if you ever need someone to go 'I can't afford more money!' at the person who wants to sell you the house, let me know. XD; ))
Tamislin Report | 07/14/2014 2:05 am
((I bought a house, things are hectic so I haven't gotten around to replying yet. I haven't forgotten about you, though!))
Tamislin Report | 06/24/2014 9:17 am
Tamislin let out a tiny snort, before shooting a quick glance at the Detective, giving the impression that he hadn't meant for it to be quite so audible.

"I doubt even this landlord would let minors live on their own," Tamislin clarified as the Detective manhandled the chain lock into position. "Thanks," he said. "Mind, that's probably only because he wouldn't think they'd earn enough money to pay the rent, but still, a bad excuse for a standard is still better than no standard at all, I suppose.." he went on as he headed towards the kitchen and climbed on the stool to reach the top cabinets for a glass, which he filled with water and brought over to the table.

"Feel free to sit," he said, "Or in the living room, I guess," he glanced towards the slight mess he'd left there, trying not to look worried. "Tea's going to take about ten, I think." He had to do things the old fashioned way, after all, as he turned back to the kitchenette and made to fill the water boiler patiently sitting next to the sink.

He let out a depressed sounding sigh, "And yes, I am a minor. I wouldn't spend nearly as much time around my classmates if I wasn't. Or in school, for that matter." He pulled a bit of a face as if the word itself left a sour taste in his mouth. "My maternal parental figure is probably still working. There was only one coat on the rack, and that's her good coat. She has the night shift sometimes. Usually there's a note, though.."

He mumbled something about still needing a note signed for school, as well, before turning to glance up at the Detective to make up his mind or where he wanted to sit and wait for the tea.
Tamislin Report | 05/28/2014 12:04 pm
((Haha, my comment was too long and broke formatting XD

Here is the last paragraph that obviously killed it..))

The kitchen was less cluttered with two chairs that were fitted tightly against the thin table and a barstool, that stood closer to the sink and kitchenette. Tamislin would no doubt go in there to heat some water for tea as soon as he finished standing on tip toe to use the chain lock. Almost.. got it..
Tamislin Report | 05/28/2014 12:03 pm
"Good," Tamislin looked relieved the man was inclined to go for tea.  He'd just put some more plain water on the table as well and things would no doubt sort themselves from there.  And biscuits.  Biscuits with sugar on them tended to help as well.

He took another moment to make sure the human was doing alright with the railings, but those, at least, were sturdy enough on the first couple of floors. It was only past the third floor that they went missing from time to time, and since his appartment was conveniently located on that mysterious floor of many boundaries, he figured they would be alright..

"He seems to prefer long term investors who do not interfere with his business," the short fellow admitted as he led the way, going slowly to accommodate for the Detective's pace, "And overcharging people for the holes in the walls he calls 'plush-sized appartments'." At least, he thought it was 'plush'. Perhaps it was 'plus'? Well, no matter. The human was likely too intoxicated to really notice anyway.

There was little done about decorating the stairways, though the half-cleaned graffitti on the second floor at least gave the impression that [i]someone[/i] tried. There had been a nonsensical message there about Alice and where she'd been, but now all that remained was 'Al' and 'ere' and some undefined stripes. Tamislin did not know of anyone in the building called 'Alice', but it had to be said that he hardly knew everybody. The top floors, especially, tended to cycle through tenants at an express rate.

Tamislin adjusted the shoulderbag and departed the staircase to wander down the hallway of the third floor. He made sure not to hurry too noticeably, but there were wards that he'd set, and he had to check and deactivate some of them to allow passage. With the human taking his time, and being slightly less sober and keen-eyed, it likely made no difference. Besides, the elf told himself, considering the books the detective had confiscated from him, he should know the subject of magic was at least one that [i]interested[/i] him..

He wove his hands in front of the door, his keys in hand, pretending to juggle them one-handedly into revealing the appropriate key for this door only and breathed out a passphrase that would make no sense to most people. All was in order, all was fine, he'd made it back and he and his guest would be safe inside. He put the brass item in the lock and turned it, waiting for the human to show before opening the door and holding it for the Detective.

The small hallway that led into the appartment was dark and disturbingly slim until the short fellow turned on the light and it became a pleasant and welcoming sight of warm browns and muted reds instead. "I'm home," he called softly ahead, then paused to wait for something, before shrugging at the lack of response and turning to take off his bag and putting it down and shrugging out of his coat to hang on the lower of the pair of coat racks. There was a coat on the upper rack, that must belong to someone taller than him, along with a scarf that looked fairly used. Tamislin touched it, apparently out of habit, before pointing the Detective into what was an almost cozy livingroom and kitchen combination.

The left side seemed to comprise mostly of two large if slightly old and obviously used bookcases, standing snugly side to side, stuffed with books in a wide range of topics, and unfinished homework on the low table near a painfully second hand couch full of coffee stains.

There was a pillow on the ground, as well as a book that lay open somewhere in the middle, and appeared to have pictures of plants in them, and a pencil that must have rolled away slightly, discarded on the horribly grass-coloured rug that covered the wooden floor around the table.

The kitchen was less cluttered with two chairs that were fitted tightly against the thin table and a barstool, that stood closer to the sink and kitchenette. Tamislin would
dissolve me Report | 05/17/2014 12:06 am
dissolve me
Hello, I hope you had a lovely day. I think your avatar and character look very cool emotion_c8 i do hope to see you more often in WG, homicide detectives are especially fun!
Tamislin Report | 05/15/2014 3:30 pm
Iris was probably the man's mate, Tamislin deduced. He went quiet in a way that reminded him of someone else. Someone who had lost.. To be fair, for humans, loss came in more ways than they did for elves. He had had the concept of 'divorce' explained to him a few times, but he found it hard to really grasp it. Elves didn't do divorce.

"I'm not allowed to drive until next year," he offered instead. Or at least, according to his papers. He looked relieved then to be faced with his own street and the despairing front of the building that housed his apartment. "Oh, we're here," he sounded slightly relieved. "How does tea sound?"

He steered the bicycle with one hand as the other dug into his pocket for keys, the merry jingling the only sound to accompany the empty echoes of their footsteps. He opened the front door and manoeuvred the bike inside what could well pass for the lobby of an old and somewhat dilapidated hotel. Tamislin hurried to get his bike situated in one of the back-rooms which either led to separate storage rooms for each resident or a bike rack.

It took him a minute, max, and he came back towards the Detective, closing and locking both front and back door before leading the way up the stairs. "We do have an elevator," he said apologetically as he climbed the stairs, hoping the detective was too drunk to really take much notice of the way the paint on the walls seemed to be peeling off in places, but not too drunk to climb the stairs! "But the landlord has the only key and he locks it at night."

The short fellow waited at the first landing, trying to measure how well the man was holding up or if they'd need to take a minor break. Which was not something he would really recommend. The landlord might appear out of nowhere and be a drunk hassle himself, or one of the neighbours that did drugs might show up and be a nuisance one way or another..
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 05/11/2014 2:58 am
Wheatley Pendleton
"Perhaps. If he had hands to break."
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 05/01/2014 5:42 pm
Wheatley Pendleton
"All three requirements are fulfilled, however you would still find it a problem to cuff him at the moment."

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