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You slowly edge the transmission of your vehicle into park on the dusty road on the side of a grassy hill illuminated by the brilliant colours of a setting sun. Your fingers turn the key to shut the engine off as the smell of a crisp sea breeze wafts through the vehicle's air conditioning system and into your nostrils. Gently, you open the door of your vehicle and step out, shutting it behind you as your eyes gaze over the lush green grass that waves to and fro in the cool wind. Some metres to your right, at the top of the hill, stands a single, abandoned lighthouse, off-white in colour. Though visibly aged and obviously empty, the structure looks relatively new and in good shape. Your eyes slowly wander over to the road, where a figure dressed entirely in black stands some metres in front of your vehicle—a figure that was not previously there. As you step closer, you see that the figure is obviously male, roughly one-hundred seventy centimetres tall, dressed in black hiking shoes, black dress slacks, a black calf-length trench coat, a black buttoned-up silk shirt, and black baseball cap that is tilted forward to hide most of his features.

"I see you got my note," the man speaks as it reaches a bony, pale-white hand to adjust the cap upon his head to show his face. His features show him to be in his twenties if not younger: a relatively thin build, with dark blue-green eyes hidden behind a pair of black, thin-framed spectacles and lips curled into a small smirk. The oranges, reds, and violets of the sunset visibly reflect off his glasses from behind. You nod your head and open your mouth to speak, but find that no words come forth from your lips, regardless how you try. In slight fear and embarrassment of the display, you close your mouth as the man continues.

"My name is Ty, and much like yourself, we both see possible worlds when we dream or imagine. Just like any other conscious, sentient, living thing. What makes me different from you is that I have learned to ask questions, get answers, and use the knowledge from those possibilities. Most people only dream about the things I have done and created." The male steps closer until you can feel his mere presence brushing against yours, the tails of his coat fluttering slightly in the breeze. "Even you could do such wondrous things, if you asked the right questions and remembered the right details."

Slowly, the figure steps back with a grin on his face, and gently tips his hat forward to hide his features again. "But until you learn to do that, we'll talk as ordinary people do." As the figure steps back, you begin to wander backwards toward your vehicle, minding your footing on the slight incline that seems steeper than before. "Of course," the figure speaks from behind, and you turn your head to look in its direction, only to see the emptiness of the air where he used to be. "That will be when you wake up."

At his words, and the surprise of his disappearance, you begin to step backwards, your hand feeling for where you know you parked your vehicle. Rather than finding the automobile, your hand touches nothing but thin air, and in the surprise you lose your footing and fall backwards.

The surprise from the imagined motion jostles you back to the conscious world as you stare at your computer screen for a few moments longer, before continuing through your venture in the internet.


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