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hella yeah.



15 | girl | amateur artist | lazy
schooling hard
best profile never
why am i even doing this its 9 and i have homework
should fix this when i care again
whatever stops me from reading the declaration for the 10th time
damn gov.
im joking dont kill me
you probly wont read anything useful here
im pretty unextroarordingary
i hate about mes. they're dumb. just talk to me god dammit.
lol im super awkward hell would i talk to myself
who am i kidding of course i do
i never know what to put
are u feeling anything yet
im multi-faceted.
that may or may not mean im bipolar
oh wait i am
only if i like u (what?)
if u think somethings wrong with me right now ur pretty dumb
why didnt u notice sooner
i took longer writing this, if that makes u feel better. i wasted more time, u
idk if that's actually true
so far its been idk like 15 25 minutes
******** me why am i still here this took too long
im pretty ******** dramatic.
im asian. if that changes anything
am i seriously using this
i'm always listening to kpop
right now it's Throw Away by Taeyang
update a week or two later i dont know: ******** this im not changing s**t
did i already say i read fanfics
i dance when im alone
and make faces
while dancing
this started after i got into kpop
its 11:22
is this gonna be a thing?
i write sometimes
its probly not any good
actually i think im pretty great
yeah this is me
i could be asexual
who cares what kind of sexual i am
i hate interacting with kids
thats really sad
i hate interacting with adults
i can't interact in general
i need to interview a guy next friday
god damn.
im probly most social in the middle of the night
if this is anything to go on
im not religious
i think about god a lot
i wont be like this if u talk to me (dont worry?)
Runaway by G-Dragon