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My username is a s**t to make nicknames out of. I should really change it.
I know my profile looks boring, lay off.

Two Mandarin Ducks / F / 15 / Chinese

Don't let any of that fool you.

I come on occasionally but not for very long; honestly there's not much for me to do and I can't say I talk to anyone. You might see me make a comment or two in the forums.

I'm shy/reserved/timid- take your pick.

Usually I occupy my free time with anime, games, fanfics, drawing, youtube, and alongside most of that, music.

Currently I listen mostly to anime osts and japanese music. Sometimes kpop.

The only animes I'm really into right now are Naruto, AOT, Bleach, and FT. Yeah, the mainstream ones. When summer starts or when I feel like breaking out of my monotony I'll probably start new anime.

I like all YG artists and songs, but otherwise I don't have a preference- I listen to anything that sounds good.

I have another account called Juneichan (or I will when I get to changing its name).