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Two Mandarin Ducks seemed like a good name in Duck's head when it was chosen, but in retrospect it couldn't have been more awkward. I mean, how the ******** do you nickname something like this.

Oh well. Mandarin can't think of anything better to change it to.

Manda is a sophomore in high school who can't choose the right classes to save her life. So now she's melodramatically waiting for the work to kill her.

Two probably shouldn't, but still spends most of her time procrastinating-- by listening to Kpop, watching Naruto (holy s**t it's over what the hell how do i go on what the ******** is up with the kids) and reading fanfiction.

Rin ships yaoi hard.

Frankly, about me's are hardly ever reliable because the autobio the reader reads is biased and narrow. So basically you still know nothing about me. It probably doesn't help that I can't write worth s**t anyway.

This was way too short for that to be needed.