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(I know my profile sucks I'm sorry don't kill me.)

How does one make such a thing called "about me."

What is even this. How to describe self. Nope not happening.

Of course it is what the hell else is that s**t below this sentence.

I am a girl, I am 15, and like the typical weird 15 year old girl I get shipped off to a public school everyday. What am I even doing with my life is my current dilemma. How does one live.

I have an interest eh in drawing stuff (totes amateur) and I'd love to spend my whole day with kpop in my head-- oh wait I do. I used to read books. Now I read fanfics. Yaoi.

Naruto is love Naruto is life. What the hell am I going to do when I finish it there is nothing that can replace it.

I sound hella teen. Naice.

I gaia occasionally. It is February 3 and this my second time coming on this year. The first was yesterday.

I wouldn't say I'm asocial, I'd type it, I'm kinda asocial, but I am definitely the most awkward person you'll ever meet. Or not meet.

I should probably stop now I have a feeling this is total s**t. Hah this s**t took up part of your life.