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Who am I? I'm Twizzzie, with 3 Z's. I'm just a simple gaian, with big dreams. I've been on Gaia since 2008 (different account). I've seen the rise AND the fall of the marketplace.

I'm very friendly, and love meeting new people, although sometimes I seem a bit stand that all changes once you t to know me. You just got to give me the chance to show you who I really am.

I've made numerous mistakes in my life, and have learned from every one of them. Some of which I'm still paying for. But my mistakes are what made me into who I am today.

I am currently questing the PLATINUM TICKET so I can share my awesomeness with everybody. Although it may NEVER happen...

I've made some pretty awesome friends here on Gaia and am lucky they all still like me, even with all my flaws. (Kage., Kayla, Fairy, Jazzy, Milky, Rattle, BRI and the lovely Kupo (who I miss daily). Love you guys!)