I guess I can start off that I'm random, weird, loud and funny.If your a rude a** mother f@#ker I'll be a total B**CH!. If not then I'll be myself which, people think if I'm on drugs, cus I don't shut up much but hey I'm just being myself so ENJOY IT D<!

I log on Gaia when I'm like bored. . . .I just go on to play zOMG. WHY?!?!?! CUS I WANNA GET SOME BLOOD ON MY BLADES WHILE I'M LIKE KICKING SOME BUTT!! TO A POINT I GET AN ORGASM PLAYING IT MOSTLY WHEN I PLAY DMS SPEED!! (Okay, I may have over exaggerated but! I can think its true CAN'T I?? D< wink . Whenever you need a person for speed I'm the girl to go to alright >D just be warned I WILL MAKE YOUR CREW LAUGH A LOT TO A POINT I WON'T CALM DOWN xp . My final reason why I log in here is so I can dress my Avi up in cute outfits.

If you want to hit me up to chat go for it. I'll be down for a quick chat before I leave to the adult world!