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Lawaysa Report | 05/25/2014 5:09 pm
Thanks 4 buying my item off the marketplace,I hope it can b some use to u. smile cool avi and profile.
Plishette Report | 04/30/2014 6:28 pm
I will take you up on that!
Plishette Report | 04/30/2014 6:10 pm
This is for being loyal to the thread for so long. Even when you barely have time for anything, you still stop in and post. that means a lot to me.
TheDoctorsNerdyCompanion Report | 10/28/2013 8:50 pm
Thank goodness you're ok Doctor!
TheDoctorsNerdyCompanion Report | 10/28/2013 1:03 pm
*Jumps back scared and sternly says* I AM NOT YOUR MUMMY! *begins to back away*
TheDoctorsNerdyCompanion Report | 10/26/2013 6:54 am
I just sent a God like creature to it's room, and this is it's room
TheDoctorsNerdyCompanion Report | 10/25/2013 6:13 pm
TheDoctorsNerdyCompanion Report | 10/25/2013 4:49 pm
Are you my mummy?
mcrgirl-x Report | 04/30/2013 2:19 am
thanks for buying
The Number Thirteen Report | 04/29/2013 5:17 am
Hey there! Alright, so I've thought up a few questions to ask yourself to get to know your character a bit better.
• What is her opinion of the Daleks?
• What is her opinion on the (Last) Great Time War?
• Did she fight in the Time War? If so, how did she survive? Make sure her position in the war relates somehow to her major at the Academy (see below). If she's a historian she's not going to suddenly be a foot soldier. However, there were also training programs available for potential soldiers, so perhaps she was enlisted in one of those.
• What did she major in at the Academy? Think about her intelligence level first. What career do you think she would like the most? If she's smart, perhaps a scientist or physicist, with a major in certain theoretical ideas or what not, advanced though. Or maybe she's more of a pacifist type, and would prefer to study Gallifrey's flora and fauna (Scroll down to the bottom for a full list). Of course, history is also an option, and she could choose either the long and complicated history of Gallifrey, (url=]Link) or another planet's history, perhaps Earth or just the human race in general (Earth studies would also have to include the Silurians). My character, for example, is a scientist with a major in time vortex studies, and a minor in predestination paradox theory.
• When she did live on Gallifrey relative to the Doctor? Before he graduated, after he graduated, you could even make them in the same class, even if their age difference is huge, it might not have been then.
• Did she know any of the major Time Lords? (The Doctor, the Master, the Rani, Susan, Romana, etc. etc.)
I think that should be enough to keep you busy for a little while. c: I understand if this is a lot to take in at once, but deal with it one question at a time. Trust me, if you emerge from this with a steady grasp on your character, you're well on your way to developing her further. You might want to also jot down little notes that you think up about her personality, her likes and dislikes, etc.
Once you're all done, take this test. You won't be able to fill everything in accurately, because you're still not done developing the character, but after you answer the questions thoroughly you'll have enough for it to tell you if you're heading in the right direction or not.
If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to drop a comment or PM me.

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