My Intro.

For the sins you have made,
an invitation to you this masquerade.
Our waltz together mixed in a flurry of gunpowder
and your life I found as delicate as a flower.
The last hue you will see is teal
before my masked identity will soon reveal.

- Reika Akamine

Sidekick: X-C33 "Excee" - assembles itself as battle mode armor for Reiko when it senses her life in danger. Strength and agility is thirty times greater than normal. Otherwise, it is just a lovable spherical AI.

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Current: Reika
Gun Gale Online in-game character
Class: Sniper
Primary: Steel Eater SR-39 "Eagle Eye"
Secondary: Dual-wielded Custom Ruger SR9C gun blade "Macabre Sisters"
Favorite accessory: Black cat ears. cat_smilies/icon_whee.gif

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Relationship: single
Age: 20
Personality type: Tsundere/playful, tends to wear underwear around the house only, especially when just logging into GGO.
Occupancy: college student
Hobby: Virtual reality online gaming
Likes: Anything cute, especially cats.cat_smilies/icon_nodding.gif
Dislikes: Laughing Coffin guild, a guild of murderers
Used to work with the South Korean Navy due to her unexpected gift of marksmanship, in which it perked her interest in firearms.

About the avatar: This is a fanmade prequel of GGO (while the story of ALO was taking center stage):
After the events of SAO (Sword Art Online), in which all the players were able to log out after Kirito cleared the game, former SAO survivor Reiko has been investigating the deaths of the GGO players long before Kirito has heard about it. One day as Reiko was doing a solo raid, she witnessed a player in a cloak named Smert (an associate of Death Gun) PKing a fellow GGO agility-type gunner, and for some reason he logged out. After returning, she was watching the news and one of the topics regarded the death of that same player. Giving a long thought about the disconnection and the timing of the PK, Reiko made a theory that somehow event has some connection happening in the outside world, so she searched for Smert for some answers to her questions outside the safe zones. Smert responded to her questions as time passed by, but the answers he gave were lies and Reiko didn't really believe him. Something was up. About an hour later, Smert drew out the very same weapon that killed the fellow player and Reiko felt a cold chill throughout her body, but she wasn't ready to go down without a fight. She drew out both her twin "Macabre Sisters" and quickly evaded the shots from the "Black Star" with a side crescent moon flip. Smert then drew out his lightsaber sword and dashed towards her as she was flinging 9mm rounds into him. Reiko knew she can't dodge this time as he got real close, then all of a sudden, Smert's avatar disappeared as a death. Reiko had a shocked face as she stared straight. A girl with short emerald hair was standing about 5 meters away with her sniper rifle in hand.

"Are you alright?" The girl asked Reiko.
"Y-yeah. Thanks for saving me." Reiko blushed out of embarrassment.
"He seemed strong, but I should have faced him one-on-one." The girl frowns.
"You don't want to. He might kill you in the real world..." Reiko said in a soft voice while looking down.
"Hm? What did you say?" The girl's face look confused.
"Um never mind that! Ahahaha! My name's Reiko. What's yours?" Reiko says cheerfully.
"Sinon." She turned away smiling, while giving her a thumbs up. "Well, I gotta go meet my friend in the real world. Hope we cross paths again. I would love to hear what sniper skills you have."
"Uh sure!" Reiko said awkwardly right before Sinon logged out. "I need to bring this theory up to the Ministry of Internal Affairs... and soon."

...and now for my fine introduction! Ready? Set? Go!
The name's Kim, but my locals call me by my alias: Bgirl Fury.
Formerly known as II Honmei Choco II, changed my alias because I got bored with it. 😓
(((My Bgyrl Fury signature.
Thanks Amp of the HHF.)))

I'm a student/sailor/gamer, and especially a gamer: I usually play Planetside 2 and Spelunker World.
Currently stationed in San Diego, CA.
I'm now a college sophomore.
Reading manga/Watching anime.
I'm usually in the WG, or sometimes hoving around art shop subforum.

I like to listen to breakbeats, K-pop, J-pop, viet-pop, R&B, soft rock, and metal.
I am an avid ava art collector.


Grand Art Gallery

Art that I have commissioned so far either from Gaia or Solia.



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happy birthday!

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OMG! Were you just in Portland Oregon for Rose Festival and I missed getting to go meet you? SO BUMMED!

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= u =
Okami Tenrou

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Okami Tenrou

Or learn how to vend. xP
Okami Tenrou

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Okami Tenrou

Haha I just do the sponsor offers and spam the videos. On a good day I can make around 100 GC from video offers alone. It's actually pretty nice now that they upped the payment. 3nodding Kind of still thinking about dressing up as Keiric, since he's Cyane's father. That should be interesting whee
Okami Tenrou

Report | 04/25/2015 10:54 am

Okami Tenrou

Dude, I originally wanted to cosplay as my old WG senpai/daddy Keiric. The moment I found out the necktie he's wearing was 120 bil I just noped. gonk The good thing about this event is you don't need to be creative, just need your avi to be recognizable in a way. XDDD;
Okami Tenrou

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Okami Tenrou

Lol don't mention it, as I said I was just clearing out my inventory so I hope it was something you could at least use! >///< Ah really? I did a few of them but I'm not that active on that thread unfortunately. Although I'm surprised someone actually wants to cosplay as one of my OCs ^///^ You did a really good job btw, it's adorable! o uob
Okami Tenrou

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Okami Tenrou


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Happy birhtday! heart

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you're welcome 3nodding


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