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I'm annoying, stubborn and forgetful. Some people have said I'm funny too, but why I can't quite grasp..

Want to know what I'm into? Check my interest tags. Everthing's there except my favorite music. Since I like a little bit of all the types and maybe one or two songs from a bunch of different artists, I didn't bother putting the tags there.

I love reading and writing so post a comment if you want me to check out your journal. I am currently looking for journals to read that have fictional stories in them. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my favorite types, but I enjoy comedy too.

Enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to comment (it earns you gold).

Want to get to know me a little more? Ask me questions. I'm not going to give you details about my life or what I look like, but since I'm interrested in almost everything known to man (and many things not known to man) anything you ask me about will probably hit on somethig I'm curious about.

Avi that I really, really want to have:

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Total Value: 2,424,880 Gold
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Item List:
Egyptian Gold Anklet (right) got it!
Egyptian Gold Anklet (left) got it!
Egyptian Gold Bracelet got it!
Egyptian Gold Bracelet got it!
Woodland Druid got it!
Cloud Iridescence got it! (wish fishing gold ;D )
Samba Star got it!
Oculus Mythica got it! (with gold earned by selling fishies hehe)
Solar Mage

Won't be getting it any time soon.
Just one to go. I've decided to do alchemy to make it instead of buying though. Hoping this will also make it easier for me to get gold in the long run. Fingers crossed.


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MEiRidoll Report | 06/02/2017 11:13 pm
Oh wow, I noticed! That's crazy hehe. And thank you! wink
MEiRidoll Report | 06/02/2017 2:05 am
Commenting really earns you gold? What! surprised I like your avi btw!
hshaver13 Report | 07/02/2016 12:23 pm
I realize.

You and me both. There are a lot of days I feel like I don't make sense to anyone outside my own mind.
hshaver13 Report | 07/02/2016 8:42 am
The status just popped up. It was like a day or two after the friend request so I thought it was really recent.

That's ok. It's still nice to have the conversation. And like I said, you made some really great points.
hshaver13 Report | 07/01/2016 7:54 pm
Sorry to hear about your cat. It always hurts losing a companion like that.
hshaver13 Report | 06/29/2016 6:44 pm
hshaver13 Report | 06/29/2016 5:51 pm
Would you mind if I friended you? I've really enjoyed talking writing with you in the forum.
Little Dead Soldier Report | 05/04/2016 8:43 pm
Little Dead Soldier
Ello! Do you like space operas?
Shaiya Hishizaki Report | 04/08/2016 12:01 am
Shaiya Hishizaki
Hello there .
terradi Report | 05/22/2015 8:23 pm
Honestly, to me you see two types of people with magic, the type who seem to have some sort of grounding in reality even if their beliefs seem odd, and the ones who clearly do not. I try to be of the former camp, which means there are a lot of magic books out there that I just don't like or things that I'm simply not comfortable doing because they don't seem right to me. But I do like magic as a ritual, much like the more formal ritual of going to church. For me, doing magic feels a lot like a prayer. I do my ceremony, pour in whatever energy I can spare, and then ask for a bit of help for the rest. I don't do magic much, but I like being able to connect to nature on what feels like a deeper level to me. Really, I imagine that's the bigger thing I get out of my particular path.

For me, folklore is fascinating. I love to see what people believed and try and puzzle out why. I'll go to book sales looking for folklore or superstitions and traditions because I think it's very interesting. Not that I've managed to read through all the books that I have ... and I just picked up a bundle from a book sale at an annual sale ... but it makes me happy and it's satisfying, so I guess it works out.

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