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I wish I was a WITCH so I could fly around on a BROOM and turn people I dont like into TOADS.
Guild I support most:

(St.Patty's Day event for the guild)


All About Me

Age: 19

B-day: July 24th 1995

Gender: Kraken!

Pets: 1 male cat

Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

I am currently residing in Grants Pass, Oregon (in the USA)

Job: Working at Emeritus, a senior home for Dementia patients.

My first account was Kaniri, who was banned.

I have made this account my main. I am quite at home here now. I am working at getting the items I have on my wishlist, but let me warn you now that they are not all actually for dream-avatars! A lot of them are just items that I saw at one point or another and like a lot.
I have a quest thread that I dont bump, but I do keep updated. Updated occasionally by how much gold I have at the time.
Here is my quest thread:

Here is my pixel shop:

(currently closed due to inflation and me not knowing what to price things at anymore!)

Now random info about me!

- My cats name is Tigger, I love him more then the moon and stars combined

- My rl name is Cassandra Melanie Driscoll (Daisy)

- I buy gcash pretty much every month, but I don't sell my gcash items for gold to get other items because I consider that cheating.

- I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek! ST is stupid and badly made!

- I love Harry Potter movies! I hate Twilight!

- I like sweet things but I cant stand chocolate icecream, frosting of any kind, or most candy in general for some reason. After 1-2 pieces they make me want to gag

- My favorite food is Pomegranates

- I almost never wear makeup. Not because I dont know how- but because I think its a waste of time if your not going out to somewhere fancy. I like to wear makeup for dates and fancy dinners.

- I think stiletto heels where the worst thing ever made

- I have never ever hit anyone in my life.

- Instead of getting angry I just cry a lot when nobody is around

- I read any fantasy book I can get my hands on

- I have been cooking ever since I could put my chin on the stove and ive never found anything I cant cook to perfection

- My favorite color is light baby/cloud blue

- I had a laptop that lasted 14 years and was never formatted, the screen was shattered when I brought it over to my sisters house for the first time and her most recent boyfriend's dog knocked it off the table onto their hardwood floor

- I have no full-blood siblings, but I have a lot of brothers and sisters that share my same father

- I am my mothers only child

- My rl friends take a lot of getting used to before I can stand them for more then a few minuets

- I love electronics

- I love movies, especially animated family-movies

- My favorite soda-pop is Ginger Ale

- My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to decorate my whole house very nicely with lots of Christmas lights

- I hate text talk, bcuz whn ur tlking 2 me lik this i feel lik ur 2 bsy 2 tlk 2 me n i shd lev u alne

- I hate random abbreviations of words like I am talking to someone about items and they are referring to items as BLC (Blushing Light Charmer) and PM (Princess Manner) and TS (The Sandman) and expecting me to know what those are- its one thing if we are talking about *just* the BLC, then I will know, but items in general its just some letters that sound like "buhluuhhhkk" when I sound it out

- I think sleep is REALLY important

- I am really frigging proud of my p***y, but I wont show unless you pay me first, because my kitty is not your hooker.

- I collect Piggy Banks, Music Boxes, and STUFFED AMINALS in my spare time

- I never wear bottoms shorter then my knees or tops shorter then my waist

- I don't think you should dress like a slut on gaia if you don't dress like one in rl, I also don't think you should dress like a slut unless you are one. In which case I wont be talking to you.

- I have been playing gaia since 2004

- I don't play facebook because I don't like it, at all

- I think IMVU is the worst game I have ever found online

- I love to draw, but whatever I draw will never be more then doodles to me

- Feel free to add me if you want! I love new friends!!! But if your not going to talk to me at least once a week don't bother. Also don't bother if your going to stalker my other friends. Also don't bother if you hate cats.


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Colored_Markerz Report | 04/20/2015 12:44 pm
lol stupid internet causing problems with posting razz and then not even really having those problems!

lol yeah but harry isnt even close to being one of my favorite characters. He's closer to being one of my least favorites xD and hermione is like in the middle. ron is one of my favs tho c:
and hufflepuffs was the goblet, slytherins was the locket and technically the griffindor one was supposed to be the sword but he never got hold of that one because only a true griffindor could pull it out of the sorting hat. The other horcruxes are his diary, the marvolo family ring, his snake, and harry! Harry was made on accident though!

lol im catholic but not religious, and my catholic school was anything but that. you technically had to attend religion class but junior and senior year the classes werent like about the bible and stuff you got to choose them like electives! Junior year i took christian service because all you had to do was do 2+ hours of community service a week outside of school and then you only had to attend class once a week and the rest of the time was free period cool (and i already helped out at the after school program form my old school 3+ hours so i had that covered). and then senior year i took social justice and philosophy of life! so not very religious. and most of the school wasnt even christian so all masses and things like that were completely option (except for the one you had to attend freshman year but even that wasnt a true mass, it was mostly for learning purposes)
ive been to catholic school my whole life! o:
and people saying bless you isnt even a religious reason, so no offence but that is a bit rude sweatdrop people say it because in really olden times they used to believe that when you sneezed your soul was leaving your body and you died for a second (because your heart stops when you sneeze) so they would say it so that you would be ok!

lol its a really funny show c: i love alllll the characters in it! but like i said the beginning starts off a bit slow so you have to power through it!
and i LOVE princess jellyfish!!! <3

aww that sucks :c
my dad has adhd (or well he did when he was a kid, idk if he still does now) but my brother and i (more-so my brother) have always had some trouble with concentrating on things, so its possible we have a very minor form of it, but nothing worth medicating! plus my dad had it before they really knew what it was which is good i guess because they would have just pumped him full of meds :/
and lotsof girls (and guys) like my brother >:C which is dumb because hes ugly! razz
and idk ive never really had anyone even hit on me before except my boyfriend, so idk :c like ive never had someone ask me out or anything like that
and i dont think i really have a smell? xD i guess i just smell like whatever body spray i have on

and nah i still have mine c: i got it because then we could match! (sort of lol)
also because it was like the only thing i could afford xD
Colored_Markerz Report | 04/17/2015 1:37 pm
yeah if it was just something dumb i'd be like whatever, but if i was seriously mad about something i would always try to talk about it before just ignoring you! i hate being mad at my friends :c
and yeah copying and pasting the message is a good idea actually maybe ill start doing that if its really long or s/t

and yeah tonks was from hufflepuff c:
haha and yeah luns is from ravenclaw c: i love her too!
and yep ravenclaws diadem (its more like a tiara) was a horcrx and also a cup from hufflepuff c: theres a horcrux from every house

and yeah public high school is free by me as well, its because i went to catholic shcool. the only 3 good public schools in my area required a really hard test to get into and i didnt really want to go to them anyway
and thats not always a bad thing, bill gates didnt finish high school either wink
and as long as you're comfortable with your life then its fine c:

lol it probably wasnt snl because snl is a skit comedy show
it may have been a talk show though c: i dont watch those as much
and omg parks and rec is my favorite show EVER it is HILARIOUS i love it so much!!!!! if you start watching it though the beginning isnt as good, but season 1 is only 6 episodes so you just have to get through that and it gets like a million times better by the middle-ish of season 2 and then by season 3 its like a TRILLION times better!!! c:

omfg yes i forgot about my one true queen Emily Deschanel! <3 She's so beautiful i wan tot pucn h my own face for being so hideous! lol awww <3 i wish i had a sister c: that's so cute
i only have a brother and i guess he's """"""attractive""""" but i think he's smelly and dumb emotion_dowant

Colored_Markerz Report | 04/16/2015 9:53 pm
LOL! im laughing so hard because my comment was too long so it did that thing where it cuts off but literally the only thing it cut off was one exclamation point at the very end LOL!!!!!!
Colored_Markerz Report | 04/16/2015 9:52 pm
no i would never stop talking to you! :xp: silly you're my husband!!

or if you did something that made me mad i would say so haha

now onto the main convo:

yeah i tried hitting back but since i wasnt technically logged in for some reason it dissapeared :c

and i do like gryffindor and slytherin, dont get me wrong, they're just not my favorites. griffindor and ravenclaw are actually more of a tie haha
and its because a lot of times griffindors are very proud (the main trait of their house) lol but not in a good way, especially with slytherin they think they're better than others of things like that. to me they're sort of like the popular jock kid in school who chooses brawn over brains. not that thats bad either! there's TONS of amazing characters in griffindor! but like for example, harry's father when he was young and sirius were total jerks
and i love hufflepuff because they're just very friendly and nice, and also my favorite character (Tonks) was in hufflepuff c: and i also got sorted into it on pottermore! c: i liked it before that though and before tonks was even introduced, so i guess i dont really have a reason its jut my favorite

im just under 200lbs and my boyfriend is like 115lbs :I the jerk
hes 2 inches taller than me too! :C
and yeah any job i would want to do requires a degree, plus if i didnt go to college my parents would freak out. I go to a state school though like the tuition is literally less than my high school (the doesnt include room and board though, and my high school was catholic so thats why it was a bit more money) and i get financial aid and i also got a small scholarship as well because im in an honors program
my brother goes to a really expensive private school and its like 62k a year i think (we get some aid though and he has a pretty substantial scholarship as well)
he also wants to go to law school too x_x

OMG THAT'S SO CUTE!!!! &lt;3 i love humming birds!
in one of the biology classes at my school they teach you about this thing called torpor which is something humming birds do when they sleep that's basically them shutting down so they dont use energy because they cant stop flapping their wings or something like that (i dont totally remember) and its pretty funny becaue my friend was in the class with me and she did so badly on the first test that she dropped the class, but she remembers everything about torpor because she thought it was so adorable xD
lol that sounds pretty funny. i just dont think he's that good of an actor and hes a bit of a loser and most of his comedy style is bad. every movie that ive seen with him in it wasnt that good, or his character didnt add to it. I hate that movie zach and miri make a porno (or whatever its called) and also the interview was one of the worst movies ive ever seen (to be fair though i also hate james franco if possible more than seth rogen so thats why i hated that movie lol)
SNL is saturday night live!!! you dont know saturday night live?
and yeah i think amy is pretty but i mostly love her because shes super funny and super smart and she's a powerful amazing woman and she's a feminist but in the right way, not the super obnoxious new feminazis that are appearing and are really annoying. also i love parks and recreation so anyone in that show is my favorite person.
i think that imo the most attractive women i can think of off the top of my head are emma stone (i know you dont like her but i think shes gorgeous lol), rashida jones, emma watson, barbara dunkleman (you may not know here but she voices yang in rwby) and like a lot of other people as well, im just forgetting right now. lol i love girls they're so pretty and perfect and beautiful, sometimes i think it would be better if i was a lesbian or bi because i have way too many girl crushes lol
and yeah i totally agree with you, personality is way better than looks. but if you got both then like ;D

and the new episode of bones came on tonight and i missed it &gt;:C
Colored_Markerz Report | 04/16/2015 8:12 am
So ive been SUPER busy the last few days 2 super crazy midterms and a buttload of hw on top of that) and ive had like no sleep since monday
And im in class right now so ill respond to the main convo later today
But im here to punch you in the butt for the cubpuccino you jerk hole!
Colored_Markerz Report | 04/13/2015 9:39 pm
i am SO MAD! i had this HUGE reply typed up for you and i hit submit and stupid gaia logged me out!!! UGH!!!!

anyways here's the important parts of it:

i dont really like griffindor, but i like slytherin least. though theres good and bad in every house, and i love a lot of people from griffindor (aka the weasleys)
but hufflepuff is my fave from the beginning <3

and im a total baby; if i got mugged id just start crying probably and give them all my stuff lol

i pick my BF up but thats cus hes one of those jerks that can eat whatever he wants and still weigh like 110lbs :C no fair...
and yeah my dad hasnt had that job very long, the beginning of college was tough because for a few years he didn have a job or only had a temp job :/
but now he has this job that he really likes and he makes a good salary so hopefully it stays!

i like documentaries from history, discovery, and nat geo! they're usually so interesting even if its not something that you are particularly interested in, and its always nice to learn about stuff!
i like some comedians. AZIZ! <3 and others like nick offerman, bo burnham, dimitri martin. bob saget came to my school this year and he was HILARIOUS.
i really dont like seth rogen at all, but everyone has their own opinions c:
i also love a lot (basically most people) from the last few generations of SNL (from like late 80s to the second most recent) i dont have anything against the most recent genereation i just havent watched hardly any of it so i cant really have an opinion lol
amy poehler is bae though <3 my queen

what part of bones is netflix up to? c:

and thank you too, i also am totally out of money x_x
but i really really do appreciate all the gifts you've given me :c you're way to nice STOP BEING SO NICE
Colored_Markerz Report | 04/12/2015 11:10 am
I'LL FIGHT ANYONE ANY TIME (and probably lose) >:C I'm going to punch you if you keep getting me gifts!!! T^T thank you for the badger thing though! I love Hufflepuff, its my favorite house! Im going to wear it immediately!!
i'll just got hardcore beg in charities for money to gift you pretty things!!!! > biggrin

and yeah i guess thats true, i just love maine coons c: i dont really prefer short or long hair haha

and nope im a weakling :c i have no muscles
so yeah i plan on getting mace lol
and yeah my dad has tons of knives for hunting and multi tools and stuff haha
and no he works as a project manager/engineer for a lot of the things they do there, but since hes works for the building and not as a vendor (someone who works for a company that just so happens to be in the building) he gets to know all of this stuff. and they're never allowed to take newer things formt he lost and found but after 5 or 6 months they assume the people arent coming back

haha yeah i almost never drink hot drinks x_x i always prefer cold drinks and even more preferably with ice in it haha

yeah like it used to be animal shows but now its just random weird shows like about looking for gold in Alaska or something stupid what does that have to do with animals???
lol tlc is my guilty pleasure, its entirely reality shows now (it used to be 'the learning channel') but the shows i usually watch are all of their wedding shows (say yes to the dress is my favoriteeeee), and then sometimes i watch 19 kids and counting or some other random show but its mostly wedding shows.
and yeah i feel you on the comedy central thing, like i like south park, the older seasons of workaholics, tosh.0, and key and peele. but now when i go there its almost always new workaholics (which isnt funny because theyre trying way too hard) or bad stand-up. Like i love good stand-up but so many comedians now are gross and only make jokes about sex (like sometimes they're funny but if thats your whole routine then stop because you're not creative and annoying)
BONES IS THE BESTTTTTTT <3 i missed last weeks episode so now i have to watch it online >:C
and yeah once me and my friends just randomly were flipping through channels and it was the second episode of season 7 of face off and it just so happened to be a marathon of the entire season because that night was the premier of season 8, so we watched all of it!!! since then we've watch the new season 8 episodes every week, and we've gone back and seen the 1st episode of season 7 and started watching form the beginning and we're already on to season 5 xD

ALSO! I sold your stuffs in the last few weeks:
Buff Arms 2.5b
Prima Poppet 1.2b
Powerful Boy Style 2b
Stygian Shell 2b
Warm Sugar Star Kiss Curls 3.3b
Field Fighter 11b
Chrimson Spill (x2) 1.9b each

so total isssss: 25.8b!
Colored_Markerz Report | 04/10/2015 8:24 pm
Im about to punch you i have hardly any money lefttttt
But yeah thats good you could try to save a bit of money every month so you never feel like you have none! Even if its only 10% of your paycheck or something like that and keep it in a savings account so it earns more interest!!

Lol yeah the only problem about long hair animals is shedding xD but maybe its worse for short hairs actually because it doesnt all clump together so it gets on everything x_x

Me and my bf fight all the time :/ usually about stupid things too :c
Its usually because hes having a bad day too :/ because he has depression and anger issues

I dont carry a weapon either usually but next year im living off of campus and my parents want me to start carrying mace with me lol
And maybe a knife
I have a really tiny swiss army knife but the blade is only like 1.5 or MAYBE 2 inches and it only has that tony thing a nail file a tweezer and a scizor lol or maybe also a toothpick haha
My dad has a lot of knives tho and im sure if i asked for one hes be so exstatic hes buy me 5 lol
The one i have he actually got from his work because he works at the empire state building and they confiscate TONS of knives there (you wouldnt believe how many people think they can get away with bringing that type of stuff through the metal detectors)
And then most people never come back for the stuff because they forget or think its confiscated for good (which some super dangerous things are but not snall pocket knives, you just cant bring them in with you but if you went back they have to return it)
But if no one claims it for a really long time the people who work there get to take it, so my dad took it for me because its yellow which is my favorite color and so it was "perfect for me" because its tiny and yellow lol. He took the same one in white for my grandma xD

It depends on the type of tea tbh
I like chai either just plain or sometimes with a bit of honey and regular milk or with vanilla soy milk and sugar is my FAVORITE haha
And then green tea i prefer sweetened but ive been trying to get it less sweetened like i get it from starbucks a lot and i usually get unsweetened with lemonade or half sweet
Also i really and not a huge fan of hot drinks unless im sprecifically craving something or its really colr or im sick
But no matter what or how sweet it is i CANT drink hot green tea it tasted so so soooo bad

Haha i used to watch animal planet all the time when i was little but now its like not even animal shows anymore or stupid stuff
I usually watch cartoon network or nick, or TLC a lot because it makes me feel better about myself xD
Or comesy central or food network
And sometimes tnt but thats only for Bones and hbo only for game of thrones and fox but only for bones (new ones) and fx only for archer mostly
And sy fy only for Face Off
I really dont watch many channels i just watch shows lol
But then at school to have stuff i. The bg we usually have nick or cartoon network or food or tlc haha
Colored_Markerz Report | 04/10/2015 4:11 pm
2nd comment:
so you have a lot of smaller items on your WL that arent worth a whole bunch so i may have gone a bit over-board and got too lazy to send them all individually so you better go accept than dang trade gurl! <3
Colored_Markerz Report | 04/10/2015 3:56 pm
WHAT TO HECK so yesterday i was with my boyfriend all day because we went to a concert in the city and then i come back to MORE FRICKING GIFTS!?!??!?!
im going to beat you up

haha yeah i never really used to have a favorite breed of cat, but ive always sort of liked fluffy ones more? idk
but now its maine coons and i want to have 20 of them and have them all sleep in my same bed with me and cuddle and become a crazy cat lady cat_whee

haha i only complain to my parents about certain things, because a lot of the time im complaining about them xD but yeah me and my bf ended up getting in actually like a really really huge fight the other day and we almost broke up but now its ok, so we'll see what happens. we went tot hat concert yesterday and we were both fine so yeah, im just nervous about what will happen in the long run

rape can happen to anyone though its not something to be taken lightly! but yeah you could probably take someone who tried xD

and yeah i like tea with or without sweetener, depending on the tea c:

yeah sad i hate people poaching, but sometimes if animals are too much and destroying the rest of the habitat thats no good either, especially if its something like an invasive species. I was watching river monsters the other day (because im a loser and love animals & reality shows so obviously i love animal reality shows) and the episode was about super aggressive piranhas that most likely because so aggressive because arapaima (this other huge species of river fish) was an invasive species in the river and probably caused them to need to become more aggressive to stay alive :C so then the piranhas started attaching living people which they normally wont do.
Legit Story Bro
Princess Kuchiki

This is LSB, my best friend EVER~!

My old account that got banned


This is my Gaia-sister Princess Kuchiki!

I love getting avatar art!!

This is me in rl, picture taken in summer 2014