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All About Me

Age: 19

B-day: July 24th 1995

Gender: Kraken!

Pets: 1 male cat

Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

I am currently residing in Grants Pass, Oregon (in the USA)

Job: Working at Emeritus, a senior home for Dementia patients.

My first account was Kaniri, who was banned.

I have made this account my main. I am quite at home here now. I am working at getting the items I have on my wishlist, but let me warn you now that they are not all actually for dream-avatars! A lot of them are just items that I saw at one point or another and like a lot.
I have a quest thread that I dont bump, but I do keep updated. Updated occasionally by how much gold I have at the time.
Here is my quest thread:

Here is my pixel shop:

(currently closed due to inflation and me not knowing what to price things at anymore!)

Now random info about me!

- My cats name is Tigger, I love him more then the moon and stars combined

- My rl name is Cassandra Melanie Driscoll (Daisy)

- I buy gcash pretty much every month, but I don't sell my gcash items for gold to get other items because I consider that cheating.

- I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek! ST is stupid and badly made!

- I love Harry Potter movies! I hate Twilight!

- I like sweet things but I cant stand chocolate icecream, frosting of any kind, or most candy in general for some reason. After 1-2 pieces they make me want to gag

- My favorite food is Pomegranates

- I almost never wear makeup. Not because I dont know how- but because I think its a waste of time if your not going out to somewhere fancy. I like to wear makeup for dates and fancy dinners.

- I think stiletto heels where the worst thing ever made

- I have never ever hit anyone in my life.

- Instead of getting angry I just cry a lot when nobody is around

- I read any fantasy book I can get my hands on

- I have been cooking ever since I could put my chin on the stove and ive never found anything I cant cook to perfection

- My favorite color is light baby/cloud blue

- I had a laptop that lasted 14 years and was never formatted, the screen was shattered when I brought it over to my sisters house for the first time and her most recent boyfriend's dog knocked it off the table onto their hardwood floor

- I have no full-blood siblings, but I have a lot of brothers and sisters that share my same father

- I am my mothers only child

- My rl friends take a lot of getting used to before I can stand them for more then a few minuets

- I love electronics

- I love movies, especially animated family-movies

- My favorite soda-pop is Ginger Ale

- My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to decorate my whole house very nicely with lots of Christmas lights

- I hate text talk, bcuz whn ur tlking 2 me lik this i feel lik ur 2 bsy 2 tlk 2 me n i shd lev u alne

- I hate random abbreviations of words like I am talking to someone about items and they are referring to items as BLC (Blushing Light Charmer) and PM (Princess Manner) and TS (The Sandman) and expecting me to know what those are- its one thing if we are talking about *just* the BLC, then I will know, but items in general its just some letters that sound like "buhluuhhhkk" when I sound it out

- I think sleep is REALLY important

- I am really frigging proud of my p***y, but I wont show unless you pay me first, because my kitty is not your hooker.

- I collect Piggy Banks, Music Boxes, and STUFFED AMINALS in my spare time

- I never wear bottoms shorter then my knees or tops shorter then my waist

- I don't think you should dress like a slut on gaia if you don't dress like one in rl, I also don't think you should dress like a slut unless you are one. In which case I wont be talking to you.

- I have been playing gaia since 2004

- I don't play facebook because I don't like it, at all

- I think IMVU is the worst game I have ever found online

- I love to draw, but whatever I draw will never be more then doodles to me

- Feel free to add me if you want! I love new friends!!! But if your not going to talk to me at least once a week don't bother. Also don't bother if your going to stalker my other friends. Also don't bother if you hate cats.


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Colored_Markerz Report | 09/23/2016 9:53 pm
YAY! Yeah i had already bought the red Her Delight item (so if you want 2 i still have it) but everything else was just random stuff haha like ive spent the last few days obsessively hunting the exchange for anything i could find, and literally as i was mentioning it earlier i only needed one more person to complete their side of a trade so that i could send the stuff to you lol :>
and yeah i love disney soooo much <3
yeah, like now i rent a room in a house thats like 15 minutes away from campus so it's not too bad (unless the weather is reeeeeeally gross lol)
lol yeah ive never had to clean my brothers room (THANK GOD) but like he'll leave a mess in other parts of the house and them IM the one who gets in trouble and has to clean! like wth!! lol
and yeah i really want a triangle one for my room so that i can put some plushies up there, maybe 2 of them biggrin and i also think i mentioned before that i got a new bookshelf, so once i organize all of that ill put a few of the smaller plushies on there as secoration as well as my pop figures and amiibos!

why would she feel threatened by her own babies? does she maybe think they'll grow up and attack her? lol i know a lot of animals do that though sad it sucks but thats just natural selection/biology. but when they're pets is better to help out and make sure all the babies are ok biggrin
and yeah i understand that, if i had a pet that was giving birth i would want to be there for them as well! and to see all the cute babies :> though babies of any species are ugly when they're first born xD like aliens
Yeah Topo is mouse in italian! (im italian!) not sure about the others but souris sounds french lol that's cute though! they make good names
maybe she's just stressed about something and it's easy to take it out on you? i watch this one person on youtube who has pet rats and the one rat really doesnt like to be held and will sometimes bit her if he's stressed out so that could be it
and that makes more sence xD LOL poor babies. but i get it. That probably the main reason i would never be able to own a pet snake is because i would feel bad feeding it mice :c even though i love snakes. Or i could never own a lizard because crickets are TERRIFYING to me. my poor reptiles would starve to death if i was their owner lol
so will you let a few grow up to become pets? cus i know mice don't live very long sad
and that name is adorable. he's so pretty tbh! I love snakes so much they're so cool looking.
i think mice and rats are so so cute too, but their tails really freak me out for some reason. I think it's because my mom is like super deathly afraid of mice so i grew up with her constantly freaking out about them, so maybe its just like subconcious haha. it's not so much when they're moving but if i see a dead one or a picture of the tail just sitting there i get weirded out. in one of my biology labs we had to disect rodent genetalia (half the class got female and half, including me and my partner, got male). i really cant stand the smell of formaldehide so i would have to step out of the room every 10 minutes anyway to avoid like vomiting everywhere, so i made my partner disect it, which was lucky for me because they tail was really really bothering me. he hated it though because he's a boy and he literally had to slice open a pair of balls LMAO
GIRL THOSE GIFTS STILL COUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT all the gifts count! and either way, im not trying to pay you back, i just really love buying presents for you! biggrin it's fun and gives me something to do on here lol
Colored_Markerz Report | 09/23/2016 5:23 pm
2nd comment;
Since you had said you wanted too many items to fill your wishlist, i wanted to cut it down a bit! :> my goal was to get you a trade full of items! so 30 presents!!! <3 I hope you like all of them and didn't already buy any of them (like a jer butt!!!)
<3 <3 <3
Colored_Markerz Report | 09/23/2016 4:58 pm
LOL omg you wrote me so much! ok;
Comment one;
THAT IS THE CUTEST POEM WTH!!!! I love disney too so its like extra special! :> <3
Yeah i dont know if i have a favorite. Like yellow is my favorite color irl but idk if it's my favorite color combo. Like i really love yellow and pink, but i also really love melty, toxic, bubblegum, poppy, slushie, anything pastel with anything else pastel, pastel with black, yellow and black, that new like honey purple thing? idk lol, toxic with neon yellow, soapy! so many lmao i just love colors xD which makes it hardbecause i want sooooo many items then
and im not sure how dorming works at other schools but at least for my school you're only allowed to stay on campus for a total of 8 semesters (unless you go back for graduate school because thats different housing). it's because i go to a huge state school (50k+ peeps) and theres like limited room. so 8 semesters (4 years) is like the "average" time it takes people to finish college (though most people from my school take closer to 5-6 years) so they limit you, but i understand cus every semester theres always people that they have to turn down for housing cus theres not enough room.
lol i can be a bit messy but i hate when people are dirty. like if you have some clothes lying around or like books or whatever i dont care, but if it's old moldy food, garbage, etc. then its a problem. like it's one thing if you have like some food that maybe you forgot to put away when you fell asleep (my roommate does this a lot lmao like we'll order takeout and shell pass out and forget to put it in the fridge) but thats not a huge deal as long as you clean it when you wake up you know? but like some people just leave food for days and thats disgusting
and yeah i dont mind cleaning to help someone out or to do a nice favor but when it's like you HAVE to clean for them just cus they dont want to do it (*ahem* my brother) then its the worstttttt
ive always wanted a hammok for them but i dont have room for it at school, maybe when i move back home ill get one :> i wish i could knit, i tried learning once but i was too lazy LOL
and yeah everything is so expensive now EXCEPT for the stuff i try to sell lmao then its worth like nothing.
and ok cool biggrin im glad she found it!

Comment 2;
i didnt know mice ate their babies and thats kind gross LOL but i mean i guess plenty of animals do it
POPCORN WOULD BE SO CUTE!!!! but yeah like around his lab instead of saying they have a new litter or something they just say there's new jellybeans! its so cute
do mice get crazy when they're giving birth? or you just wanted to be there when she did?
(btw, their names are so cute!!!!)
do they all get along with eachother? surprised it seems like pontiki and souris were fighting lol
maybe she's biting cus she's mad you moved her? or maybe cus she's also going to have her babies soon?
btw; are you planning to keep the babies? cus thats a lot of mice xD or are you going to give them away?
AND NO NO MORE GIFTS WHAT THE HECKKKKKKKKKKK if anything I'm still paying you bac for all the gifts you've given me!!!

AND OMGGGGGGGGG THEY'RE SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE <33333 they're like little pink jellybeans omfgggggg <3
And omg the older mice are so cute too!!! they're so fluffy and chubby!! <3 I love it!
and what kind of snake is he? and what's his name? :O I LOVEEEEEEEEEE snakes and like all types of reptiles basically!
Colored_Markerz Report | 09/23/2016 12:47 pm
my boyfriend works in a neuroscience lab at school and they have mice and when they have babies they call the babies jellybeans because they're so small and cute

Second off; Don't worry about replying lol take your time! I know you got realy life going on :O just like everyone!

Lastly; THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT!!!! OMFG!!! <3 I love puppies so im going to put it on right away :>
I'm working on a big gift for you right now actually cool I'm almost ready huehuehuehuehueeeeeeeeee
Colored_Markerz Report | 09/18/2016 11:12 am
AWWWW that was so cute! <3 :>
i wish i knew a cute poem lol

and dang though its already so much items! :O
idk if i really have a "favorite" item or color scheme or anything because my style changes so much with my mood which changes like every 15 seconds LMAO i will make an avi and LOVE it and then like an hour later ill totally hate it and make another one
and i used to dorm at college because my school is like an hour an a half away from my parents home (without traffic, 2 hours if i take the rail road there) so commuting 5 days a week or even 4 would be really difficult. now i cant dorm anymore because i lived on campus for 8 semesters (my first 4 years of college) so i have to live off campus. me and my roommate rented a room thats like a 15 minute walk away from campus.
i want to go home mostly because next semester i will officially declare graduate student status so my classes will be mostly at night and ill have to take less classes so i can probably fit them into less days (hopefully) so it will be easier to commute. also my roommate is graduating and shes like basically the only friend i have left on campus cus eveyone else already graduated lmao
so i would be alone. and i really really hate the house i live in right now so i ABSOLUTELY dont want to stay there. My backup plan is to apply to stay in the graduate dorms (they're different from the regular dorms, and they're bigger and nicer and i would have a single room without a roommate, but id still have to share a kitchen, living room, and bathroom with 4-6 peple but thats not bad thats what ive been doing for years lol) but i do miss being home and i would like to not be alone for another year and a half lol
but yeah since i havent """"lived"""" at home for the last 5 and a half (almost) years (not including all the weekends i go home, spring break, christmas/winter break, and summer break lmfao) my room has been a DISASTER since high school
like i got a new bookshelf about 2 years ago but i didnt have time (or motivation) to take the stuff off of the old one so the new one is literally just sitting in front of it LMFAO and both of them, my desk, and my dresser (and pretty much everything else) are literally just piled high with junk and old papers and random s**t and yeah i really need to clean up lol
also also i have 2 beds because they were my moms when she was a kid, and one of them i literally use as like a place to pile all my plushies on so you cant even see it under all the cute animals
I fricking hate gaia's stupid inflation. and then when theres only one item in the markeplace inflated like 700000% so then even people who have it in the exchange want like 10x what it's worth because they know you cant buy it over there :/ its so annoying and rude. like i understand people wanting to make proffit and i understand listing it higher if it's the only one but maybe like increase the price by double AT MOST. anything else is just way too much
Colored_Markerz Report | 09/18/2016 7:48 am
and good now i can stalk your wishlist again and get back to work on buying you everythingggggg
and yeah i liked that item but it seemed so hard to match, and i feel like i wouldnt use it super often lol i like a lot of the other exorciblings recolors though
and yeah ive never gotten rid of a stuffed animal either xD
but i feel like i should donate some, especially since im (hopefully) moving home from college next semester and commuting to school after that so i really want to clean/organize my room and get rid of a lot of junk i have lol
and yeah i hate that too, especially when its a really nice item/color scheme and theres llike 1 item of it and it's super expensive :<
andd that's true
i would offer to help you bump it but tbh i hardly even bump my own quest thread LMAO
Helmi Rubiini Report | 09/17/2016 11:13 pm
Helmi Rubiini
You got that right that I won't sell it for average price. I think at the moment the lowest that I would be selling it for is around 32billion
Helmi Rubiini Report | 09/17/2016 10:53 pm
Helmi Rubiini
I'm well aware of the buy price, also I too know that won't get it sold for 180billion.

I'm willing to negotiate from the price since I have been planning to sell it for some time now.
shezeu Report | 09/16/2016 10:02 pm
I'm still deciding if I want to watch the new one. I mean the night after the movie came out I already had one of the bigger parts of it spoiled so it's kinda hard to motivate myself to watch.
Yeah their robes are longer and the color beige and they have white spikes on their heads.
I love making creepy/monstrous avis, thanks to gaias Runway I get inspired to make them more often these days.

Just from looking at a few of the pics on google I have to say Letter Bee looks adorable. I'll likely read the manga first since right now my bf and I are watching History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi (huzzah for multitasking!)

Happy to reply 3nodding

I'll probably be able to find the vid, though I might have to wait until tomorrow to watch it, gettin' kinda sleepy and it's midnight here redface
Diosu Report | 09/16/2016 9:48 pm
I tried PTCG for a while, built M Mewtwo in standard and M Rayquaza in expanded, didn't really like having to drive 30 minutes to an hour just for a tournament. I kinda wish I held onto those decks though since Shaymins, Mewtwos, and Rayquazas went up in price recently. It's absolutely ridiculous they didn't reprint Shaymin in a tin or generations and now it's at least $80 and I refuse to pay that much for a Pokemon card.

I'm pretty close to finishing my MTG modern deck. I have almost all of UWR Nahiri built, just need an Arid Mesa and the three Scalding Tarns that are coming in the mail. I'm also slowly working on RUG delver for legacy but that's a long term project. I have everything for it except for most of the fetches, duals, goyfs, and two forces. I can play proxies in it but it's an hour long drive to the nearest weekly legacy tournament, though 100% of the entry fee is paid out in store credit with the stipulation that you spend the store credit you win on cards you have proxied.
Legit Story Bro
Princess Kuchiki

This is LSB, my best friend EVER~!

My old account that got banned


This is my Gaia-sister Princess Kuchiki!

I love getting avatar art!!

This is me in rl, picture taken in summer 2014