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I wish I was a WITCH so I could fly around on a BROOM and turn people I dont like into TOADS.
Guild I support most:


All About Me

Age: 19

B-day: July 24th 1995

Gender: Kraken!

Pets: 1 male cat

Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

I am currently residing in Grants Pass, Oregon (in the USA)

Job: Working at Emeritus, a senior home for Dementia patients.

My first account was Kaniri, who was banned.

I have made this account my main. I am quite at home here now. I am working at getting the items I have on my wishlist, but let me warn you now that they are not all actually for dream-avatars! A lot of them are just items that I saw at one point or another and like a lot.
I have a quest thread that I dont bump, but I do keep updated. Updated occasionally by how much gold I have at the time.
Here is my quest thread:

Here is my pixel shop:

(currently closed due to inflation and me not knowing what to price things at anymore!)

Now random info about me!

- My cats name is Tigger, I love him more then the moon and stars combined

- My rl name is Cassandra Melanie Driscoll (Daisy)

- I buy gcash pretty much every month, but I don't sell my gcash items for gold to get other items because I consider that cheating.

- I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek! ST is stupid and badly made!

- I love Harry Potter movies! I hate Twilight!

- I like sweet things but I cant stand chocolate icecream, frosting of any kind, or most candy in general for some reason. After 1-2 pieces they make me want to gag

- My favorite food is Pomegranates

- I almost never wear makeup. Not because I dont know how- but because I think its a waste of time if your not going out to somewhere fancy. I like to wear makeup for dates and fancy dinners.

- I think stiletto heels where the worst thing ever made

- I have never ever hit anyone in my life.

- Instead of getting angry I just cry a lot when nobody is around

- I read any fantasy book I can get my hands on

- I have been cooking ever since I could put my chin on the stove and ive never found anything I cant cook to perfection

- My favorite color is light baby/cloud blue

- I had a laptop that lasted 14 years and was never formatted, the screen was shattered when I brought it over to my sisters house for the first time and her most recent boyfriend's dog knocked it off the table onto their hardwood floor

- I have no full-blood siblings, but I have a lot of brothers and sisters that share my same father

- I am my mothers only child

- My rl friends take a lot of getting used to before I can stand them for more then a few minuets

- I love electronics

- I love movies, especially animated family-movies

- My favorite soda-pop is Ginger Ale

- My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to decorate my whole house very nicely with lots of Christmas lights

- I hate text talk, bcuz whn ur tlking 2 me lik this i feel lik ur 2 bsy 2 tlk 2 me n i shd lev u alne

- I hate random abbreviations of words like I am talking to someone about items and they are referring to items as BLC (Blushing Light Charmer) and PM (Princess Manner) and TS (The Sandman) and expecting me to know what those are- its one thing if we are talking about *just* the BLC, then I will know, but items in general its just some letters that sound like "buhluuhhhkk" when I sound it out

- I think sleep is REALLY important

- I am really frigging proud of my p***y, but I wont show unless you pay me first, because my kitty is not your hooker.

- I collect Piggy Banks, Music Boxes, and STUFFED AMINALS in my spare time

- I never wear bottoms shorter then my knees or tops shorter then my waist

- I don't think you should dress like a slut on gaia if you don't dress like one in rl, I also don't think you should dress like a slut unless you are one. In which case I wont be talking to you.

- I have been playing gaia since 2004

- I don't play facebook because I don't like it, at all

- I think IMVU is the worst game I have ever found online

- I love to draw, but whatever I draw will never be more then doodles to me

- Feel free to add me if you want! I love new friends!!! But if your not going to talk to me at least once a week don't bother. Also don't bother if your going to stalker my other friends. Also don't bother if you hate cats.


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Colored_Markerz Report | 05/20/2015 10:59 pm
Yeah take your time i figured you were busy! I just wanted to make sure you didnt forget about me forever D:!
Ooohhhh i want to go to a fair!!! Have fun :3
Colored_Markerz Report | 05/20/2015 6:59 pm
(hey girlie, you should respond to our convo when you get the chance!)
emotion_c8 emotion_bigheart
Go-Follow-Rabbits Report | 05/15/2015 3:25 pm
Well atleast you have the allergy medication for now!

I've been working like crazy too. Also sorry late reply my phone been down. But i got a little apartment in the village i used to live in. It's got a pretty big bedroom and a decent amount of space so I'm happy. It's enough for me my bf and my cats so it works well.
Aweh he sounds adorable! My cat loki hasn't been taking the move well but simba doesn't seem to mind. Loki has been waking me up every morning super early o.o He's a little nut ball i swear...
Colored_Markerz Report | 05/11/2015 12:14 pm
>:C Im still going to punch you for that! I need to save up to get you something amazing

did she finish all of her majors? surprised because if so that's a lot of degrees! lol
im doing 2 majors and 2 minors and i will also be getting a masters degree and a secondary education (middle/high school) teaching certificate and ill be certified in 2 subjects c: biology and earth science (my 2 majors)

and gross that's really rude :c where do you work?
i hate things like ouija boards, one time at a sleepover my friend tried to do one and i asked my mom to come pick me up, i really really dont like those types of things. like even if i dont believe in ghosts doing those things to summon spirits freaks me out because literally nothing good can happen from it so whether nothing happens or something happens its either going to be nothing and youll feel stupid or it will be bad and you'll feel even more stupid and probably get eaten by a demon so like why even bother doing it??

my dad has pretty bad hearing so he has to have the tv loud, so im just sort of used to it. and then my uncle is the exact opposite and will put the tv on like 5 volume and no one can hear it lol
and yeah that's true, i dont really plan on learning japanese though so my laziness usually wins xD

yeah thats probably true, it must be a specific type of plant then
because even when it happens its never THAT bad

i would hope that i can be a good enough parent to raise my child to know that doing something like that is really wrong and cruel
i hope that i can be a good parent
btw, not to be nosy or anything but did you ever find out if you were ok from that 'incident' the other time? haha you never said anything about it afterwards
i never tried to hold my breath like that
i never really threw big temper tantrums when i was little except for maybe when i was a super baby/toddler and would get over stimulated or over hyper, but all babies are like that.
not saying i was an angle baby or anything, i was a hellion! but my moms never told me stories of me having like a super meltdown because i didnt get a toy or something. my cousin on the other hand was (and still is) SUPER spoiled and apparently he would throw tantrums for everything! he was the first baby so he was like an only child till i came along and even then we only saw them for a short while, and he was already three when his brother was born, so he was very spoiled. not good lol

haha yeah i have a laptop because of school, even though i dont usually bring mine to class with me
but still a desktop would hardly fit on my desk anyway so a laptop is better, plus then i can use it on my bed or in the common room c:

Colored_Markerz Report | 05/10/2015 1:04 pm
lmao i could never do that xD i neeeeed to sell everythingggggg haha
but recently ive been saving things for the gifting thread c:

lol i wish i had more time to read :c it's tough though with school, like i get so sick of reading for class that my brain hurts when i try to pick up another book lol
i usually bring my phone in the bathroom and play games/read manga because that's easier than a whole book haha
i have to take it to complete my major :c but i only need to pass it thought which is good, since im not trying to go to medical school or anything i dont need to worry about getting an A if it's too hard
and im terrible at chemistry, and its just a really hard class like i know people who would have had a 4.0 in college but dont simply because of orgo
it's notorious that way lmao

awww sad im sorry for you and your co-workers loss sad
and yeah i feel you if i saw a ghost irl i would literally die right there. but its hard for me to believe in them because ive never had any personal evidence they exist lol
my roommate watched ghost hunters and it's SO cheesy i crack up every time they get "possessed" and they just like make their eyes bulge at the camera and are like "i feel different"

and yeah im not used to subtitles so i dont even care if the voice acting is "terrible" like its easier so frick off you otaku nerds! lol jk though tif you prefer with subtitles thats good too like everyone can watch it how they like! but yeah then ill watch a few episodes obsessively but if i stop for whatever reason its so hard to pick it back up
but every day i check all of the mangas i read for new chapters or start new mangas xD

i dont really get allergies much except s tiny tiny bit in the beginning of spring ill get a runny nose for like a week
but then randomly every 2 or 3 years during spring ill go through 2 or 3 days where my eyes just BURN so badly! luckily i didnt get that this year haha

yeah i joke around to like "ughhh i have so much hw im just going to kms" or stuff like that but ive never really seriously thought about killing myself. and whether or not i was serious i would never ever use that to get someone to do something for me, thats just really messed up
like how can you do that to someone and force them to do something thye dont want to do because they're fearing for your safety. thats just mean

lol still thought that's a really cool keyboard c:
mine is just the regular laptop ugly one with the boring white back lights lol

Colored_Markerz Report | 05/09/2015 3:00 pm
2nd comment:
i knew it would cut off so i copied it cool

but anyway so after the first time she called he said he would only talk to her the next morning in person when she wasnt drunk, so then when he talked with her he told her if she ever did it again he would call the police. so when she did it again he tried calling her mom but it was like 5am so she was probably sleeping so he called the police and sent them to her house, and i think she eneded up spending the night in the hospital or something. as far as i know she hasnt tried to contact him since then which is good, this was before christmas though so she could have, he tries not to tell us because my mom freaks out about this type of stuff.
but now he's going to constantly have that over his head that if she does have a mental problem and is depressed and does kill herself that it's his fault, which it most deffinetly is not its never anyones fault, its the mental disorders fault if someone is sick and takes their own life,but still he would never be able to get over something like that
which is why its so ******** up for someone to do that to someone else

and that's an awesome keyboard! it looks like its for gaming and stuff (but you play league so you would need a gaming thing lol)
if i had a desktop i would use a mouse and keyboard obviously, its too much of a hassle to have one at school though

I know! I guess i'll just have to hope that the anon knows i love those items xp
Colored_Markerz Report | 05/09/2015 2:59 pm
same here, if i have bigger things to give i prefer to give it to the people in the gifting thread that I am part of, or you, or randomly to someone who I think deserves it more! c:

if i have junkies i either sell it or put it in there if my store is too full

and yeah i read in the bathroom a lot xD mostly at home though or on my phone because it would be weird here to walk into the bathroom with a book because i share it with 5 other girls
and noooo not even close! that's genetic engineering! organic chemistry is dealing with carbon chains and the other elements that make up organic life (oxygen, nitrogen, etc) and its really annoying and complicated and completely memorization so if you forget like one thing you're screwed. and you know on the back of food or shampoo or any product and there will be a word that has like 45 or 50 letters? thats an organic compound name T^T its like everyones most dreaded class and if you dont have to take it you DONT take it. its really hard and reall time consuming :c so my summer is gunna suckkkk

i hate being scared, my brother will scare me all the time and i hate it
also the other day i was just laying on my bed watching bones in my dorm and i was facing away from the door and my roommate walks in and just says "HEY" really loud (i dont think she was intending to scare me though) but omfg i almost CRIED i didnt even hear her!!! it was so bad

and i get so lazy with anime xD like i will read 500 chapters of manga but then trying to get me to actually watch one episode of anime is like pulling teeth. idk why though lmao it may be because i get so lazy with watching in japanese because i hate having to read the subtitles because i feel like i cant pay as good attention if i have to read as well as watch, so then i forget lol

yeah omg that too everyone has allergies now :c feel better!!! i usually dont get allergies but when i do its never the sniffles its always my eyes x_x it sucks
but my mom makes me take claratin all the time so maybe thats why they usually dont affect me as badly, but my brother and her take claratin even more than me and they get them really bad

using suicide to get someone to do something, no matter what that thing is, is the worst possible thing you can do like that's literally SO ******** up. my brothers ex gf has called him twice (drunk both times) saying that she was going to kill herself because she missed him
but she's a b***h and cheated on him which is why they broke up even though my brother is a super nice guy and a really good boyfriend. she didnt like CHEAT on him like (according to her anyway) she never kissed or had sex with anyone else but she was apparently constantly hanging out with boys and going to parties and getting drunk and not telling my brother this after telling him multiple times that she wouldnt do that anymore or hanging out with her guy friends and telling him she was with her girl friends (which is stupid because my brother isnt even the type to get jealous over that type of stuff) and he eventually found out because she hung out with this one kid who was my brothers close friend in grammar school who moved away and he came back to visit and neither of them told my brother that they were hanging out and he saw from the other kids instagram or facebook or something he was pictures of them together and so that was the last straw (because he knew that in grammar school this kid had a crush on his GF before they were even friends and stuff)
but like how can you go and throw away a three year long relationship for that! like if she wanted to play around and stuff dont make my brother suffer through that! break up with him and then be a jerk on your own time!
but anyway so after the first time she called he said he would only talk to her the next morning in person when she wasnt drunk, so then when he talked with her he told her if she ever did it again he would call the police. so when she did it again he tried calling he
Colored_Markerz Report | 05/09/2015 2:03 pm
ignore that comment my mouse freaked out and hit submit after one sentence :I

but anyways!!!

that item i gave you was the best thing i ever got from dumpster dive. Ive gotten a few ok things like some loyals rigs and rig fails (they're worth more than trash at least) but its usually junk

and yeah i have so much i have to read x_x im so busy though
and im taking organic chemistry this summer so i dont even have free time then :c

i dont LOVE gore but i have no problem with it. sometimes it can be a bit too much though; in one episode of game of thrones this guy literally takes his thumbs and pushes the other guys eyeballs until theyre inside his skill and it was fricking gross and i hate stuff touching my eyes so i hated that :C
but for the most partim more afraid of things like the shining where you dont know whats happening. and i HATE jump scares imo that the cheapest most loser dumb immature way to scare someone. because you're not actually doing anything clever or scary you're just startling them. and if someone has like epilepsy or medical problems or is sick or old or tired you could potentially really hurt them from doing that. like ok if its a movie or a game (like 5 nights at freddies) where they make you aware that theres going to be jump scares then ok that fine but if its just a random video or someone hiding behind a door to scare you i literally HATE that SO much.

Manga here has some smut too xD idk how much though
and same here i do the same with avast but i've never had a problem on a manga site before o:

And thats great! im glad she's ok!! my boyfriends dad need to get basically open heart surgery this summer so im really worried about that :c
so many people getting sick! stop getting sick! stay healthy and alive forever >:C

jeez your exes all sould like dicks :/ i mean i guess thats usually the case which is why theyre exes but still damn. i hate cheaters thats like the worst thing. like if you like someone else or dont love the person enough to just be with them alone then just break up with them! cheating is the worst

and that sounds so cool! where did you get it?
i just use the keyboard thats on my laptop and the track pad haha
my dad thinks its weird that i dont want a mouse but at this point im used to it! he cant do it though when he needs to do things on my computer he uses this old mouse he has from when he had a laptop for work its really funny haha

also! I wonder who anonymously gave me those super awesome gifts! It deff. WASNT you because you TOTALLY would have told me if it was you so it's OBVIOUSLY not you. I guess I'll NEVER be able to thank whoever game them to me :c oh well....
Colored_Markerz Report | 05/09/2015 1:51 pm
lol same thats the best thing ive ever gotten from it!
Go-Follow-Rabbits Report | 05/06/2015 3:04 pm
Oh gosh i hate allergy season so much. It just kills sad
About how long will you have to suffer through this? I hope it's not long.

I've been decent. Work and schooling has consumed my life aha but im getting the keys to my new place and i get to move in on friday ^-^ So theres that. i also get my kitties back so I'm really excited.
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