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I wish I was a WITCH so I could fly around on a BROOM and turn people I dont like into TOADS.



Age: 18

B-day: 7/24/1995

Gender: female

Pets: 1 male cat

Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

I am currently residing in Eugene, Oregon (in the USA)

Job: Working at Emeritus, a senior home for Dementia patients.

My first account was Kaniri, who was banned.

I have made this account my main. I am quite at home here now. I am working at getting the items I have on my wishlist, but let me warn you now that they are not all actually for dream-avatars! A lot of them are just items that I saw at one point or another and like a lot.
I have a quest thread that I dont bump, but I do keep updated. Updated daily by how much gold I have at the time.
Here is my quest thread:

Here is my pixel shop:

Now random info about me!

- My cats name is Tigger, I love him more then the moon and stars combined

- My rl name is Cassandra Melanie Driscoll (Daisy)

- I buy gcash pretty much every month, but I don't sell my gcash items for gold to get other items because I consider that cheating.

- I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek! ST is stupid and badly made!

- I love Harry Potter movies! I hate Twilight!

- I like sweet things but I cant stand chocolate icecream, frosting of any kind, or most candy in general for some reason. After 1-2 pieces they make me want to gag

- My favorite food is Pomegranates

- I HATE it when one of my friends will post on another one of my friends profiles or talk to one of my other friends simply because they saw them on my profile. I think of it like stalkering. Its BAD.

- I almost never wear makeup. Not because I dont know how- but because I think its a waste of time if your not going out to somewhere fancy. I like to wear makeup for dates and fancy dinners.

- I think stiletto heels where the worst thing ever made

- I have never ever hit anyone in my life.

- Instead of getting angry I just cry a lot when nobody is around

- I read any fantasy book I can get my hands on

- I have been cooking ever since I could put my chin on the stove and ive never found anything I cant cook to perfection

- I say if you cant cook it right, dont cook at all

- My favorite color is light baby/cloud blue

- I had a laptop that lasted 14 years and was never formatted, the screen was shattered when I brought it over to my sisters house fir the first time and her most recent boyfriend's dog knocked it off the table onto their hardwood floor

- I have no full-blood siblings, but I have a lot of brothers and sisters that share my same father

- I am my mothers only child

- My rl friends take a lot of getting used to before I can stand them for more then a few minuets

- I love electronics

- I love movies, especially animated family-movies

- My favorite soda-pop is Ginger Ale

- My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to decorate my whole house very nicely with lots of Christmas lights

- I hate text talk, bcuz whn ur tlking 2 me lik this i feel lik ur 2 bsy 2 tlk 2 me n i shd lev u alne

- I hate random abbreviations of words like I am talking to someone about items and they are referring to items as BLC (Blushing Light Charmer) and PM (Princess Manner) and TS (The Sandman) and expecting me to know what those are- its one thing if we are talking about *just* the BLC, then I will know, but items in general its just some letters that sound like "buhluuhhhkk" when I sound it out

- I hate people touching my stuff in rl. I will freak out and either throw it all away or wash it until its spotless

- I think sleep is REALLY important

- I am really frigging proud of my p***y, but I wont show unless you pay me first, because my kitty is not your hooker.

- I collect Piggy Banks and Music Boxes in my spare time

- I never wear bottoms shorter then my knees or tops shorter then my waist

- I don't think you should dress like a slut on gaia if you don't dress like one in rl, I also don't think you should dress like a slut unless you are one. In which case I wont be talking to you.

- I have been playing gaia since 2004

- I don't play facebook because I don't like it, at all

- I think IMVU is the worst game I have ever found online

- I love to draw, but whatever I draw will never be more then doodles to me

- Feel free to add me if you want! I love new friends!!! But if your not going to talk to me at least once a week don't bother. Also don't bother if your going to stalker my other friends. Also don't bother if you hate cats.


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Princess Kuchiki Report | 12/20/2014 6:43 pm
Princess Kuchiki
I think your whole outfit looks amazing!
And that might be it, how else do they think of something pretty much every hour.
Princess Kuchiki Report | 12/19/2014 7:02 pm
Princess Kuchiki
I doubt it.
But again, your avi is super cute! So jealous! crying
Princess Kuchiki Report | 12/17/2014 2:34 am
Princess Kuchiki
That's because Gaia keeps making more and more new items every second. It's getting ridiculous...
Princess Kuchiki Report | 12/16/2014 8:04 pm
Princess Kuchiki
I wish that tektek had the items like how they are on here. So you don't get all excited for a item to realize that it doesn't layer the way that it showed over there..
Princess Kuchiki Report | 12/14/2014 8:22 pm
Princess Kuchiki
I remember I made this dream avi. I really really loved it, but the bustle on it would always remove the shorts that I wanted to wear. I was so upset. ;w;
Princess Kuchiki Report | 12/12/2014 10:03 pm
Princess Kuchiki
I hate arm designs like that. Or when you find super cute sleeves but they have that huge bow going across the chest.
Princess Kuchiki Report | 12/11/2014 6:41 pm
Princess Kuchiki
You always make such cute avi's.
Colored_Markerz Report | 12/10/2014 11:16 pm
lmao i know your invo is huge x_x

and yeah if they're small sometimes i throw them into donations, but sometimes i sell them c: so if you ever want the goldies from them let me know! idk how much it is but i can just give you some gold lol
Colored_Markerz Report | 12/10/2014 9:56 pm
lol same here they're cute but i dont think ill ever use it
thank you though c:
Colored_Markerz Report | 12/10/2014 4:51 pm
okie dokie!!! c: ill go add it to the thread and keep my eye out for it!
anything else?
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