Now then... what can I say about myself?

My name is T.

What do I like, you ask? Let's see.

-The color Green, for it is the color of nature...
and money.
-Nice people.
-Video Games
-Going on adventures.
-Collecting figurines
-Seeing new places.
-Solving problems
-Writing stories
-Lotsa Spaghetti.

... and using my trusty computer, to draw and write. No strain on the energy fingers.

Did I mention food already?

What do I NOT like?

-Trolls. Not the mythical kind, the slimy kind that think they can get a cheap laugh at someone's expense. I've seen em. You've seen em. We all know they're...
smilies/icon_ninja.gif overcompensating

-Intensely bitter things.

-Being forced to go somewhere, like oh, say church. Trust me, I'm as nice as they come and I believe in The Big Guy just as much as the next person, but such a place just isn't for me.

-This whole 'gangsta' fad. No, I don't want to have that 'fresh swagger'. No, I do not desire 'grills'. And no, I do not look at the a**, when I look for what I see in a girl. It's the brains what really matter. (While not necessary, I do consider an ample-sized chest though, to be a nice bonus. ;3 )

-Beggars. Yes, we all want more gold, but honestly it won't do you any good to relentlessly badger someone for it. Never will I deny that I've gotten by with a little help from my friends, bu there are some times when you must strike out on your own and save for your dreams. So. If you ask me for something, expect me to kindly direct you to the nearest Aquarium thread, so you can Booty Grab to your heart's content.

-Random Friend Requests. I am none too fond of these. I would rather get to know you first and foremost, to get a feel of who you are.

-Chain Letter Comments. So much as post one, and I will end you. Nobody cares about how many times you've posted it on another profile and pressed F9. News flash, Einstein. THEY DO NOT WORK.

Hm, that's about it.

By all means, if you have questions, or need any help, I'm all ears. As a Hero, I want to be of service.


Chronicles of the Great T

A brief look into my world, psyche, and other stuff that may come to mind


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Report | 11/27/2013 7:08 am


The Raving Madame

Report | 09/11/2013 9:52 pm

The Raving Madame

ty bebe v_v
Pudding Disaster

Report | 07/06/2013 8:56 am

Pudding Disaster

Hellooo, I'm back! smile
Thank you for your Happy Birthday comments.
Vei-Ve the First

Report | 06/25/2013 12:09 am

Vei-Ve the First

Oh thank you so much, T~

Report | 06/20/2013 6:25 pm


That's good. I keep worrying about battery life on these consoles. xD

I'm doing well. c: A gecko got inside yesterday and it took about two hours to get it outside. Those things are terrible to get inside your house. D: Oh, and I bought Sonic Generations for the 360 today. It just got finished downloading. I hope the Nintendo exclusives will be just as good as people say Generations was. ;u; Sonic really needed a boost. Megaman is next.

Report | 06/20/2013 7:41 am


You've all upgraded. xD I still have just a Wii and DS Lite. I haven't even gotten to really play a Wii U yet. Do you find the battery life on the controller to be a problem? I love how it turns the television basically into a giant DS. The only logical step now is a Nintendo DS reader! Nintendo DS U... Nintendo Desu.

So how are you today? c:

Report | 06/19/2013 8:11 pm


Now only if they could implement a username system for people that want to opt out of friend codes. :c
Have you picked up a Wii U yet?

Report | 06/19/2013 7:12 pm


Wait. They have accounts now? o -o So if I buy a game and my 3DS explodes, I can buy another 3DS and retrieve all my games? If so, my only complaint now is the battery. xD I'm definitely going to pick one up in a few months. Friends codes are universal now, right?

Report | 06/19/2013 6:56 pm


Those three are already on my list. xD I can't wait for Mario Kart 7. I find the portable games to be much more addicting than the console games, and I lost Mario Kart DS. :c I haven't heard of The Denpa Men before. I'll have to look into it! 11 games on my list now. xD Though, I'm a bit concerned with purchasing online games from them without an account, though. :c

Report | 06/19/2013 6:40 pm


Well, I stopped going there a few years ago. Not sure why. xD

I don't have a 3DS yet. City Folk is definitely fun, but it feels like a port of Wild World. :c I've seen some of New Leaf and it's definitely on my list of games to get. I was kind of hoping for a better battery life, or a 3DS lite, but I think I'm tired of waiting. xD Maybe within the year I'll get one. Any other good games on the 3DS to look out for?


My DA.
I'm very fond of art, and the time put into making it. You shall have my deepest thanks, if you draw something for me here!
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