Now then... what can I say about myself?

My name is T.

What do I like, you ask? Let's see.

-The color Green, for it is the color of nature...
and money.
-Nice people.
-Video Games
-Going on adventures.
-Collecting figurines
-Seeing new places.
-Solving problems
-Writing stories
-Lotsa Spaghetti.

... and using my trusty computer, to draw and write. No strain on the energy fingers.

Did I mention food already?

What do I NOT like?

-Trolls. Not the mythical kind, the slimy kind that think they can get a cheap laugh at someone's expense. I've seen em. You've seen em. We all know they're...
smilies/icon_ninja.gif overcompensating

-Intensely bitter things.

-Being forced to go somewhere, like oh, say church. Trust me, I'm as nice as they come and I believe in The Big Guy just as much as the next person, but such a place just isn't for me.

-This whole 'gangsta' fad. No, I don't want to have that 'fresh swagger'. No, I do not desire 'grills'. And no, I do not look at the a**, when I look for what I see in a girl. It's the brains what really matter. (While not necessary, I do consider an ample-sized chest though, to be a nice bonus. ;3 )

-Beggars. Yes, we all want more gold, but honestly it won't do you any good to relentlessly badger someone for it. Never will I deny that I've gotten by with a little help from my friends, bu there are some times when you must strike out on your own and save for your dreams. So. If you ask me for something, expect me to kindly direct you to the nearest Aquarium thread, so you can Booty Grab to your heart's content.

-Random Friend Requests. I am none too fond of these. I would rather get to know you first and foremost, to get a feel of who you are.

-Chain Letter Comments. So much as post one, and I will end you. Nobody cares about how many times you've posted it on another profile and pressed F9. News flash, Einstein. THEY DO NOT WORK.

Hm, that's about it.

By all means, if you have questions, or need any help, I'm all ears. As a Hero, I want to be of service.


Chronicles of the Great T

A brief look into my world, psyche, and other stuff that may come to mind


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Report | 03/22/2015 1:54 pm


I spend money sometimes and I haven't gotten a ticket either. I guess you have to either buy a lot of them, or be incredibly lucky. I am definitely neither of those things.

I'm not really mad at gaia about it, per se, but more that the user created items usually aren't very attractive or worth the money for me in the first place... ha ha ha... cries...

Report | 03/21/2015 9:40 pm


"I'd love to get my hands on one of those item tickets someday" S AME. SAAAAAAME. :') dreamin the impossible dream... hahaha...

Report | 03/06/2015 7:02 pm


That's no fun. It's been really cold here, but my heat works... a little too well. It gets very warm in my room, unfortunately.

Report | 03/06/2015 5:45 pm


I'm alright. Feeling the college life. And you?

Report | 03/06/2015 5:39 pm


Long time no see.

Report | 02/03/2015 2:16 am


; u ;

I feel like a stalker coming here, but since I can't catch you in the AF, I'd thought I'd drop by to say hello.
I really hope you get your laptop problem solved, and hoping that your job situation is better~
N0se Candy

Report | 11/17/2014 11:45 pm

N0se Candy

ah, you go to school, or is it work?
N0se Candy

Report | 11/17/2014 9:56 pm

N0se Candy

yes :^) i used to be wednesday, corpulent misanthropist, wednesdeyy

i'm good! just decided to log in and d**k around in towns. how are yoooou?
N0se Candy

Report | 11/17/2014 9:37 pm

N0se Candy

is it she

Report | 05/23/2014 3:40 pm

is it she

True, true. If you are able to get things that interest you, the time sacrificed might not seem as bad in the long run.
I'm just sick of all the workers that haven't been fired but deserve to be. They allow me to be overworked in compensation and I'm too nice to say no. Like, if we are understaffed because people don't show up, it makes me pissed. It isn't the fault of the workers who actually show up and if I can avoid them quitting by taking on extra time on the clock? I'm pretty inclined to do so. My body is really upset about it though and I forget to eat a lot more than is healthy so I feel weak and I've been bruising easier?
It's a shame that I'm overworking myself in order to try keeping workers that show up on the roster. I'm the lowest rank employee, too. I'm not even a manager trying to salvage the work force.


My DA.
I'm very fond of art, and the time put into making it. You shall have my deepest thanks, if you draw something for me here!
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