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    who is tteokk?

    hello~ my name is chloe and i go by the username tteokk

    i was born on the 24th of november and a sagittarius

    i am a full-blooded chinese who is currently in an australian high school

    i am pretty short tbh. 157cm //cries/

    i am interested in korea and basically everything that has to do with it i.e. korean musics of any genre, kdramas, kfood, kvariety shows (especially running man, return of superman) and etc

    i love sweets, pastries, bubble tea and more~

    i fangirl a lot and when i say that, i mean A LOT. often over korean male actors and singers

    i am a multilingual and i am currently trying to master korean language

    i go on gaia once in a while, not much because it's pretty boring ._.

    if you want to know more, all it takes is a click of your mouse on one of the links below~


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