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    who is tteokk?

    당신의 미래는 지금 당신이
    Your future depends on
    무엇을 하고 있는가에 달려 있다
    what you do in the present.

    i was: piggy tokki, manly deer, xiurista, hyunbins
    i dont accept friend requests unless we've had a convo (short or long it doesnt matter) so message away
    i love messages ouo

    안녕하세요~ 내 이름은 chloe 입니다. 이지만 tteokk 라고 불러주세요 o3o
    hello~ my name is chloe. feel free to call me by my username, tteokk o3o

    나의 생일은 11월 24일이다. 저는 아직 고등학교에 있어요~
    i was born on november 24 and currently in high school~

    스포츠 를 좋아해요. 특히 농구 랑 배드민턴
    the sports that i enjoy playing would be basketball and badminton

    저는 중국 사람 입니다 (。´∀`)ノ
    i am a full-blooded chinese (。´∀`)ノ

    저는 호주에 살아요
    i live somewhere in the southern hemisphere

    하늘색을 좋아합니다 ・▽・
    my favorite color is sky blue ・▽・

    제 취미는 그림그리기 예요.
    my hobbies include sleeping, eating and drawing.
    oh yeah, have i mentioned sleeping? 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
    i will stay a shy person (*/∇\*)until we get to know each other well
    sometimes i can be lazy im always lazy

    fun fact~
    i am a multilingual ;u;

    i am in love with lee hwijae's twins esp lee seojun ;A; how can you just not-

    k-pop, k-indie, j-pop 진짜 좋아합니다
    k-pop, k-indie and j-pop are the best genres of music

    그리고, 한국 드라마를 좋아해요 ^^
    i am definitely into korean dramas ^^
    i also enjoy korean variety especially running man and the return of superman c:

    내가 볼 땐, 판다를 너무 귀엽 같아요
    i love pandas and piggy bunnies, they're such cuties
    i love cute stuff very much ;A;


    i will have to say farewell for now ( TДT)if you want to know more, please do message me or leave a comment(ゝ。∂)~