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Yukito Naoya

Tsuwabuki Nanashi


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My name is Tsu and I have been here since 2004.

I love a lot of things and I am always open to talk.

If you ever have something you need to talk about, you can PM Me anytime. I may take a while to respond if I'm at work, but I will be there.

V●ᴥ●V ~*~*~*~*~*~ ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

I love to RP. If you like of my role play characters here, or in my charahub, let me know.

Send me a plot and we'll talk. yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif


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Xelfelia Report | 02/19/2016 9:41 pm
Heya Tsu'. been while, how ya been?
Kinky Confessions Report | 08/22/2015 11:01 pm
Kinky Confessions
Same for me x3
If you want to keep talking, we can xD
I can talk bout anything
Kinky Confessions Report | 08/22/2015 9:13 pm
Kinky Confessions
I just happen to come across your profile randomly and saw that brief description of you and the smart a** in me decided to comment you to see if it was true or now x3
Of course I don't mean anything mean by it. Just seeing how much of a friendly person you are. c":
Kinky Confessions Report | 08/21/2015 10:45 pm
Kinky Confessions
You respond to everyone and talk about anything huh? emotion_donotwant
Clearingpoint Report | 07/10/2015 10:10 pm
Just dropped by to say, your name is so cute plus it matches your avatar too. *big hug* heart heart heart
Star_Killer_KT Report | 07/30/2014 11:51 am
ello smile
Zaphyrah Report | 07/30/2014 11:50 am
kullotte Report | 07/30/2014 11:50 am

You're too cute XD

Creepy Cucumber Report | 07/30/2014 11:50 am
Creepy Cucumber
EvilOIive Report | 07/28/2014 10:14 pm
Awe thank you! ^_^
It was a lovely day.