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A Little About Me . . .

Hello there random stranger.
If you are a friend, hello again!
Feel free to comment or PM me for a chat,
But don't ask for my name or age.
And please no random requests,
Chat with me first :3

Eh, likes and dislikes I guess . . .
Music. I have a relatively narrow preference,
But I don't mind trying something new,
Manga > Anime just due to time issues.
I don't consider myself otaku or whatever,
So please don't go crazy at me.
Chocolate. Ohmigod chocolate is amazing~
Though I hate white chocolate . . .
My friends. Annoy them, harass them,
be rude to them in any way, shape, or form,
and I swear I will hunt you down.
Cats. I love kitties and cats but I'm allergic. Yay.
People who don't mind sarcasm now and then.
If you are easily offended, don't talk to me.
I sometimes speak before I think.

Annoying beggars.
I get my items via earning it myself
or through the generosity of my friends.
I don't beg, you don't beg, everyone is happy.
Dubstep/rap/heavy metal.
I don't mind listening to them now and then,
But they do kinda annoy me.
People who cuss a little too much.
Granted I cuss a bit myself, but only after I'm pissed off XD
I am straight, but I have several friends who are not,
But they are some of the most amazing people in my life.
Any insults toward gays, and I will report you.
Bugs. -_-

If you want to be a friend, take the time to get to know me.
I'm relatively anti-social around new people. Sorry ;~;
Put effort into being my friend, and I will put effort into being yours.
Oh, the art on my profile is by me XD
PM me for details if you want some art.

Oh, and I do have a life outside of Gaia, so if I don't reply right away,

Enjoy stalking, my fellow Gaians.


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