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Registered: 06/20/2011

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/04


Hello there friend // stranger.
I am a bisexual female who spends too much time on this site.

Please don't send me random requests.
I love meeting new people, but
Talk to me first.

You can call me Tsu.
I generally don't give out my real name.
If you know it, I probably know you IRL,
Or we've been friends long enough.

I frequent the Avatar Talk forums while I'm online.
You can drop by my Avatar Gallery here!
You might also find me lurking in the art forums.

Here's a quick summary of my likes and dislikes,
Just so you have an idea of who I am.

✓ Pokemon
✓ Rhythm Games
✓ Blue things
✓ Chocolate
✓ Drawing

✗ Heavy Metal
✗ Homophobic Assholes
✗ Spiders
✗ Some other things, but I'll let you find out.

Chances are,
So as long as you're a decent human being,
We'll get along for the most part.
I will speak my mind if you offend me,
But other than that, I'm quite boring LMAO
I came for the pixels, stayed for the friends.

I drew the art on this profile.
Please do not PM me asking for art.
Feel free to post in my freebie thread.
No promises though; I'm quite busy IRL.

That's about it.
Feel free to leave a comment if you want to chat!




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