hi im tsu. have fun stalking. I tend to forget things unless it is worth
remembering. I don't bite sometimes. I use to make problems,
solve them, and be proud of myself. I'm a very random person at times.
I DONT like you. we can NOT be friends.
find me at zOMG! Bill's Ranch
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Hi Babyy da !

One day i met you, I didnt expect to fall for you. But days are gone. When
I'm with you, there's something I feel in my heart that i cant explain.
Every moment I'm with you, I feel like heaven.
Butterflies in my stomach whenever
i see you smile, laugh.

You bring out the best in me all the time. You never fail to make me smile in the
most simplest way. You can be anything i want you to be. No words can describe
how much you mean to me, you are everything that i could wish for. Remember
that I will always be here for you no matter what happens. When good things
went wrong, I'm right beside you. And I'm going to cope with you..
I'm always with you. Sometimes I act like a child, becomes unreasonable
and tricky, Despite those you treat me like a babyy.

I love you so much, you always brings joy to me.
You hate to see me cry. You want me to be happy c:
I admire you so much. You are the one who takes care of me.
I feel secure when I'm with you. I owe you a lot <3

You are my special someone. And a part of me is always with you.
I'll always keep you in my heart, And I'm keeping you for a lifetime.

i love you luis <3
you will always be my loser c:
okay? okay.

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