Formerly "Miasma". I decided to change my username after like ten years. Madness, I know.

Cripes. After rereading my profile it makes me sound like I'm sixteen or something... so I apologize in advance. I'm not a complete spastic. >_>

I guess if you want to stalk me, I frequent the Chatterbox, or Jigsaw, or maybe Towns. I don't mind stalkers as long as you're literate, though I probably won't pay much attention to you unless you're female. <3

Yes, that means I'm a lesbian. Hi girls. XD
...That line was pretty cheesy, but whatever. I don't care. >_>
It kind of makes me facepalm a little BUT I'M KEEPING IT, DAMNIT. You can't stop me.

Things I like? Well... I'm kind of a geek, I guess. So odds are if it's some kind of shiny computer game, or anime, or book, or similar, I'll probably like it. =D

I have a weakness to cats, catgirls, and anything cat-related in general.
Not like, I lose control or anything. I just think they're adorable and am prone to seriously cuddling, or petting, or whatever.

I do enjoy random PMs, regardless of subject, so feel free to drop me a line. If it's something I don't like I'll just throw shoes at you instead. Pointy ones. Possibly full of ants and/or bees. Please don't just send me a private message if you want to get in my pants. There IS a TOS here and all.

I can be a bit of a tease. Honestly... probably a lot of a tease. It's just how I am. I tend to stick with the succubus themed avatars for a reason, really. (It's totally so I can headbutt people with my horns.)

I'm too much of a wimp to have sexy tattoos or piercings like some people do. ;_;

smilies/wahmbulance.gif OY! smilies/wahmbulance.gif
No one seems to read this one! If you're going to send me a friend request, TALK TO ME FIRST VIA PM OR I WILL REJECT IT. I do not accept blind friend requests. Even if you include a little note in the request.

I have zero interest in guys. Don't even try flirting with me. >_>
Seriously. Some people don't read this part either.
Girls with a bit extra, on the other hand... I don't oppose the idea. That doesn't mean I'm going to DO anything with you though. I get way too many PMs like that. =/
I just mean that I have a couple of trans friends. That's all~

Finally... Pants are overrated. Skirts are much nicer. Especially with stripey socks~

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Murcielago Kuroko V2

Report | 12/12/2014 12:34 pm

Murcielago Kuroko V2

Sweet Scented Dreams

Report | 12/04/2014 5:27 am

Sweet Scented Dreams

Awww noes D=
will you be okies?!
Sweet Scented Dreams

Report | 12/04/2014 5:16 am

Sweet Scented Dreams

xD good
how have you been?!!?
Sweet Scented Dreams

Report | 12/04/2014 5:09 am

Sweet Scented Dreams

Yugure No Okami

Report | 12/03/2014 11:51 pm

Yugure No Okami

Shocked you changed your name though x3 Though I'm sure many of my friends have named changed at least once or twice maybe since I've been on last @^@
Yugure No Okami

Report | 12/03/2014 11:44 pm

Yugure No Okami

eek I almost forgot who chu was with the name change crying
- The Depp Effect -

Report | 11/29/2014 4:12 pm

- The Depp Effect -

Cutie~ emotion_bigheart
Lusty And Romancy

Report | 11/14/2014 3:29 am

Lusty And Romancy

cool avi

Report | 10/27/2014 3:26 pm


hey what are you gonna do with that giant needle? D:

Report | 10/27/2014 2:59 pm


You look more demonic and sexy every time i see your avatar change xD


Wandering slacker lesbian.
Please don't send me skeevy 'RP' messages.