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Report | 04/07/2014 3:58 pm


miss talking to you
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Report | 08/20/2012 7:03 am

DJ Blazze

Hey yo, thanks for the buy man smile took a while for that thing to sell.
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Report | 03/22/2012 1:45 pm


I'm fine.. :/
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Report | 03/21/2012 5:32 pm


why you gotta be so mean? :/
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Report | 03/20/2012 8:06 pm

K e k o a i

vampire sound
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Report | 02/06/2012 7:23 am


Mmhmm.. okey what made you think that?
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Report | 02/02/2012 2:27 pm


Hey man!

I saw your thread about having a difficult life. To be honest I really can't say that I'm living the easiest life ever.. But what I can do say is that attempting to do suicide is not the way out.
Think about your family huh? They love you don't they? Even if they're sometimes mad at you. I cannot solve your love relationship with this girl in London but what I can do is try to save your OWN life..
I've been doing stuff that I'm not so proud of.. But don't try to solve things at your own hands.
I would love an reply from you as soon as you read this message. Try to talk to somebody, I'll listen if you don't have anybody, you shouldn't hesitate. You won't be embarrassed, I swear. This is internet, I don't even know how you look like and you don't know how i look like. You won't feel ashamed..
At least let me get to know you.
Hope this doesn't sound lame to you!

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Report | 09/23/2011 11:05 am


Figured i would let you know someone has cheaper items than you in the marketplace. May be a smart thing to not try to undercut someone by 1g.
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Report | 07/25/2011 9:59 pm

Acidd Tripp

-hugs- goodnighters Tsu~ :3
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Report | 06/17/2011 11:12 am

0-Toxic Cupcake-0

I'm Kayla. I found you on the suggested friends area on the 'my gaia' page.
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Report | 06/12/2011 5:10 pm

0-Toxic Cupcake-0

...hello smile
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Report | 05/31/2011 5:48 pm


omgg!!! Hiiii!!!! >//w//< *hugglez u*
I missed chu soo much Tsuna-kun!!! TT///////////TT heart
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Report | 05/10/2011 8:05 pm

pikachu says noo

kitsune mask+ dark halo for orinkage sir?
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Report | 04/27/2011 3:42 pm

Acidd Tripp

hmm.. dry the paint? XD
and also ask away? *o*
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Report | 04/27/2011 1:37 pm

Acidd Tripp

o_o Paint them =D
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Report | 04/27/2011 1:34 pm


ahww mann... not just there, they're everywhere stare
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Report | 04/27/2011 1:24 pm


Ooooh I hope so (:
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Report | 04/27/2011 1:02 pm


Uhmm well I haven't played for a while but & since psn has been down it's beeneven longer.. I usually play 3 to 4 times a week so if psn ever get's back on you can add me.. HAPPi_C4MPER (:
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Report | 04/26/2011 7:47 pm

Acidd Tripp

nooo you cant kill yourself! Who shall tell me stories about interesting things they've read?!?! Who will plan to run through a park pantless and give kids hugs!?! no one can do these things but you sir! Live on Mr.Inkazume, Live on! -heart felt speech- x3
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Report | 04/26/2011 7:13 pm

Acidd Tripp

Im doin alright, justa survivin i suppose? :3 How bout you?
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