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♡~About Moi~♡

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♡ Hello ♡
I'm ♡YanYan/Tsu-chan/Tsu-Tsu,etc.♡ Been on Gaia for about 5-6 years~! (S-so long . . .)♡
tbh I still don't know what to put in this.
PLEASE do not be afraid to comment or talk to me!
It's still always nice to have a few chats with some of you lovelies~
it's honestly cause i'm lonely

♡ About Me: ♡
I'm asian.
So, chingchongkimchisugoitaekwondo, bitchh.♡
I'm a serious introvert, but I like making friends.
so talk to meeee~
I'm that type of person who is willing to talk about anything, at any time.
I'm like a therapeutic mama.
So rant tf out on me.
I love to dance, eat, draw, cook, eat, sing, and eat. like a lot.

i like video games too but i don't play very often.
a-and i f*cking suck so . . .

but dancing & music is life to me♡
i choreo and break-dance.

i wanna learn ballet cause that s**t is graceful af, bruh.
if you would like a better representation of what i like to do, i mostly just dance to become the best stripper
basically my motto is, "be respectful to me & you shall expect that in return".
Thanks, boo♡

I think that's it . . .
Cause I feel like my personality is up to your judgement sooo . . .
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♡ ~ Dear Donators/Anons/Gifters:~ ♡
♡ Thank you so very much for your charity. I sincerely appreciate it!
Anons, please make yourself noticed so I can stalk sincerely thank you and get to know you~!
Again, thank you so much~! -bows-

i love you all so much ;3;

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