~My Roleplay Character~

Name-"Hira" Hirahito Minamura
Height-5' 2"
Weight-113 lbs
Hair Color-Black
Eye Color-Blood red
Hair Style-Shoulder length; blond streak in front of right ear
Birthdate-July 27, 1988
Weapon-Black katana
Distinctive Markings-Black dragon tattoo on right of neck; ten small scars in middle of back

I have used Hira in all my roleplays, and her story is a little different in each case. Her basic background is as follows:

Hira has had a very hard life, full of heartbreak and pain. It started with her being abandoned as a baby by her real parents, then her foster family was killed when she was eight. She lived on her own on the streets, depending on her own strength to survive, as well as the katana her biological father left to her. Her birth mother was a sired vampyr, and her father was a human, so she was born as a half-vampyr. Eventually she met Strider, a vampyr with whom she fell in love. However, he got trapped in another realm without her knowledge, and she was heartbroken, thinking that he had left her. For a while after he left, she worked the streets to earn money. Then she met Koshiru, a fallen angel whom she soon fell for, until he tried to rape her. She escaped, but is forced to keep running in order to elude the obsessed Fallen. She later met Kurai, a halfling-turned-full-vampyr, and fell in love with him. He is her sire. Many centuries later, after another World War, the country of Russia takes control of the globe. An alliance forms between Japan and the U.S., intended to use vampyrs and other supernatural creatures as a revolutionary force. Hira is captured by this alliance, and subjected to being trained against her will.
Name-"Kat" Kathryn Michelle Smith
Height-5' 5"
Weight-125 lbs
Hair Color-Strawberry blond naturally, but dyed black underneath with dark burgundy on top
Eye Color-Green
Hair Style-Long, usually worn down
Birthdate-August 9, 1989

I'm 21 years old, and I have a very unique personality. My favorite thing to do with my friends is roleplaying, which has spawned several stories as a form of giving my characters a backstory. I love vampyrs, blood and gore. I will listen to about any kind of music, except some of the new country music. I love random messages! Ja ne! - the emo kitty =///.^=


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This will just be anything I wish to write, hence the OMFG THE RANDOMNESS!


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can i buy your tickets for 68k in trade?
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Kevin The Ripper

Liek omg, i lubz tiz profile. <3

Seriously though, it makes all the ones I've seen look like crap. dramallama

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Yeah....that too......Well just lettin ya know

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If i were you, I would take down your marketplace recipe bidding, because it is now worth about 20k gold! That would just be a waste if you did not get what is mean to get for it. Just letting you know.
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walkin retard

Trade Frostbite Blade for something good

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can i just buy the tickets you have for 5500gold
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i'll buy your tickets for 5000.

it's okay if you don't want the offer. User Image

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hi...lovethe profile and avi
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Kevin The Ripper

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