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Goodbye, Gaia.

Gaia's new sister site is up. It is flooded over with porn, there are no age restrictions to signing up, it is funded with our money here from Gaia Online, it is of course fully tied to Gaia Online through their fully Gaia Online staff, Gaia Online forums and Gaia Online NPCs everywhere.

I decided to check out their site because I was checking to see what type of site it was, because I had my suspicions it might be porn-related. When I noticed I could just go on and look, no form of blocking whatsoever, I thought, maybe it's only as people had said before, that it was just aimed for more mature audiences/ conversations/ etc. I let my guard down.

Then I saw their forum pages.

The porn in and of itself wasn't bad enough. It is unrestricted, unchecked, no limitations that I can detect, and I don't even care if there were limitations in their ToS. It's still completely wrong. One person even posted an animated gif (real video, not pixel/ paint/ whatever) of a violent rape against what looked to be a teenage girl.

The name of the website itself is even a reference to violent rape scenes in anime. It is being used as a pun, as a joke.

That is it. I want nothing more to do with Gaia Interactive, because that site is an open picture of what they believe is permissible, what they like, what they even think is FUNNY!

I am going to message all my friends and exchange contact information as quickly as I can, and wrap up a few loose ends, say goodbye in all my guilds, and I am done. I'm sorry that it has to end in this way, I'm sorry it is so abrupt.

My prayer request? That God deals with and removes these issues swiftly.