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"I am not a pretty girl,
That is not what I do.
I ain't no damsel in distress,
And I don't need to be rescued."

Alix, 23, insane.

A struggling writer.... no really, she's struggling with her writing D8

A California girl with a penchant for being a little over the edge for almost everything she does.

Is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Is pro choice, pro gay marriage and pro freedoms.

Alix enjoys:
Cartoons from the 90's
playing with her action figures
watching sock puppets on youtube
movies... most of the time
going outside
Batman fruit snacks


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Anafae Report | 10/22/2014 10:13 am
*snuggles sleepily *
Draconian Descension Report | 10/20/2014 1:01 am
Draconian Descension
Fafnir needed not of any tending, he's always had the demeanor of a lonewolf -- if injured, tend to yourself...or rather let your inhuman healing factor kick in and do the job. But the woman's intervention took to his surprise with this gesture of tenderness, most would find him in intimidating manner. Avoid him completely altogether. "..." Grinning he looked to the woman who told much of her own experiences, taking to fancy to what she had been sharing. "Heh...I see you've had yourself an eyeful, darlin'. Well, I've seen some strange things in my life as well -- each to their own, I guess?" Fafnir gave a light chuckle as he assessed the bandaged digit. "...You didn't need to do this much for me, but I appreciate what you did just now." Fafnir, due to circumstances, treats women with a bit more lenience and patience, but kindness was never his greatest trait -- in deed or expression. Under a subtle breath in husky tone, he lets out, "Thanks...'preciate it."
Just Left of Center Report | 10/19/2014 12:57 pm
Just Left of Center
Maybe a great-aunt?
My great aunts were a little spooky with what they could do, from what my mom tells me about them. They and my great-grandmother would hold hands and cause candles to blow out in another room. And one of them was always accurate at knowing what gender a baby was going to be.
In fact, that's how Mom found out that I was going to be a girl. My great-aunt went all "Oh, it's wonderful to see you. How are you doing? Oh, and by the way, it's a girl". lol
Skadi Sundermount Report | 10/13/2014 10:47 pm
Skadi Sundermount
i LOVE your current avi! cat_4laugh
Simply Tezi Report | 10/05/2014 7:08 am
Simply Tezi
Sorry, I forgot I had PMs turned off! I just turned them back on. : )
Simply Tezi Report | 10/05/2014 12:14 am
Simply Tezi
May I see your wishlist? : )
Skadi Sundermount Report | 10/04/2014 9:28 pm
Skadi Sundermount
Oh, I know what she reminds me of: "Where the Wild Things Are"! Those always kind of reminded me of trolls anyway. cat_smile
Skadi Sundermount Report | 10/04/2014 9:12 pm
Skadi Sundermount
I think she looks a bit more like anthropomorphic mammal than a troll actually. Still, I do like it!
Skadi Sundermount Report | 10/04/2014 8:46 pm
Skadi Sundermount
Well, maybe you will make some female friends soon! cat_3nodding
Skadi Sundermount Report | 10/04/2014 8:35 pm
Skadi Sundermount
i can see how it might make you feel a bit alienated, but you like the friends you have, yes?