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Power Save Services:
Pokemon X & Y

I can make your Pokemon Shiny, Change IV's, Gender, Nature, Clone and change the ball they're in.
If it's a form pokemon such as Vivillion, I can change its for to whatever you wish by request. (Such as Icy to Pokeball)

Please note, when I make your Pokemon shiny, they keep their OT name but trainer number changes preventing you from nicknaming them. So please nickname them before you make your request if you wish.

I also have almost a complete living dex so if you require a certain pokemon shiny with IV's etc, I can possibly help there too.

On top of all of that, I have x999 of all items, and can produce certain event pokemon at request. You can request items when requesting my work.

Each day, I offer up five slots and also have a BAE (Before anyone else) Slot.
Slots are filled by first come first serve except BAE slot.
The five slots come at the order I find easiest to do them in. A simple shiny a set, will come before a breed with move, ball change, gender change +++

Each slot will have a maximum of ten Pokemon to be edited.

To get my BEA slot, Avatar art would be appreciated. A donation of any of my items in my wishlist would be grand too but I cannot accept bribes of anything Gaia related for this work. Against ToS but, a donation because you appreciate what i'm doing for everyone would be highly appreciated.


1) Veronica is Kill
and Dedenne

Pokemon: IV Changes + Ability caps.


BEA Slot:

If you wish to use my services, please quote me in any topic, preferably Here, to request my help.
Comments on my profile will be ignored

Special Thanks:
Veronica is Kill



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thanks for buying!
Kain Aronoele

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Kain Aronoele

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( づ。◕‿ ‿◕。)づ( づ。◕‿ ‿◕。)づ

Song stealer emotion_donotwant


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Once again many thanks and you are a very awesomely cool person emotion_c8

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You are an awesome person!!
Usagii - kun

Report | 09/16/2014 7:06 pm

Usagii - kun

Nice Profile :3

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cool avi!
eat shet u scum

Report | 04/04/2013 6:55 pm

eat shet u scum

not really confused
last week i did a bunch of s**t
but this week has been rlly relaxin nd idk
eat shet u scum

Report | 04/04/2013 5:39 pm

eat shet u scum

well i recently came back during the winter
i usually stop usin gaia when summer comes around 4laugh
lifes been ok
im on break so its p sweet cool
eat shet u scum

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eat shet u scum

ive been gone 4 a long time so i didnt kno wahmbulance
hows life yo
eat shet u scum

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eat shet u scum

so is ur giveaway thread all ovr w/ ???
i tried 2 post it wouldnt let me crying


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