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R.I.P Sasori-no-Danna 12-2-2010 (Officially)

    --If you so happen to have a Naruto Shippuden:Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 game, then I'll be glad to spar with you:
    Naruto Clash of Revolution 3: 4512-6652-7661--

    "The reason many people like Naruto, is not mainly for the story itself, but because many people can relate to the characters. Many know what its like to be alone, and how it feels to want acceptance. This show is not about senseless fighting, or who will be the next Hokage, it is about making connections and bonds with people, finding the place you belong, and above all, never giving up your dreams. The characters in this show go through many of the things we do in real life."
    emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png GTFO! No I'm kidding emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif
    emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif Likes: Naruto, Soul Eater, Akatsuki, Homestuck (Yes I am a Homestuck thanks to Laura), Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, Artists, Grammar (I sometimes allow since I, myself haven't fully learn grammar and I often build mistakes), Shoujo-Ai manga, Shojo Manga (Some),Candy (When it's not ALL the time <_< I sometimes hate it), drawing and short anime characters. <3 Aisaka Taiga , Rukia Kuchiki, Konata Izumi <3 AND playing on my flute.
    emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png Dislikes: Sadness towards others, n00bz ( I was once a noob, and then I took an arrow to the knee) *I hate that line as well* Rule breakers (Who texts in class when you need to learn! Please grow up. It's not like you don't see that person or text them AT ALL. Sports except for volleball, and greasy food. Ugh, I can't stand it <__< It's just a bunch of liquid then actuall solid food.

    *Art is also loved <3~*

    Current Danna: DannasBrat and Official Sasori <3~


    ~Akatsuki Journal~

    ☠єxρʅø∂เηg αʀʈ☠

    So yeah,un.My name True Deidara is Original like
    all my Art is,un.My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July,un.
    Sasori my man thinks Art is eternal beauty.Ha!What
    utter non-sense,un.True Art is a moments beauty that
    is ever so fragile flashing right before your eyes in a
    heartbeat. . .un.

    The Not So Hidden Journal of Destruction C:

    芸術は爆発だ, Geijutsu wa Bakuhatsu da



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    Official Sasori

    Report | 09/27/2014 6:07 am

    Official Sasori

    ikr and they're not doing anything about it
    *pats dei
    Official Sasori

    Report | 09/22/2014 12:06 am

    Official Sasori

    ikr, gaia should do something about this inflation
    yeah I'm updated with the new chapters
    Official Sasori

    Report | 09/15/2014 7:05 pm

    Official Sasori

    I'm good just bought an orinkage again cause it deflated
    how are you?
    Official Sasori

    Report | 08/03/2014 5:06 am

    Official Sasori

    Official Sasori

    Report | 11/08/2013 7:55 pm

    Official Sasori

    thanks Dei! I'll be on hiatus again, take care always
    Official Sasori

    Report | 11/06/2013 11:26 pm

    Official Sasori

    lol it's Nicolas cage he's everywhere
    and it has 6mil views o.o
    Official Sasori

    Report | 11/05/2013 8:39 pm

    Official Sasori

    *is still lazy, I'll wait for a year
    and puppets don't eat
    fine *dances for you
    Official Sasori

    Report | 11/05/2013 8:20 pm

    Official Sasori

    sounds like you're having fun. I'm just chillin and slacking off I'm a puppet xD
    Official Sasori

    Report | 11/05/2013 8:09 pm

    Official Sasori

    I only want it on my bday lol but thanks man
    I see but I'm glad you didn't quit
    so how's your date?
    Official Sasori

    Report | 11/05/2013 7:33 pm

    Official Sasori

    3 more days to go and it's my bday.
    I want fireworks you take care of it
    and where have you been? <.<
    yes hats and balloons is fine and I'm not old


    "Un is just a word to you,but how I use it explains another story" ;D
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