About Me

I'm Abraham. Male of course.
I'm seventeen years old, and my birthday is February 23rd.
I'm very sympathetic and friendly.

I'm a senior in high school and I am loving it.
I'm looking forward into becoming an artist, a fashion designer, or a pastry chef.
I love volleyball, I love to draw, and I love making desserts,
but most of all, I love my family. ♥

Fell free to stop by and leave me a comment-- I like making new friends. ♥

Teri, Kayla, and Kandie are the baes~ ♥

The people on the left are my dearest friends who I love.
They mean a lot to me and I'm very happy I met them. ♥

My Jam

Kinny Angel
stupid aniki
kairi and riku engaged v2