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Life gives me lemons, I supply the tequila and salt.


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Tenuous Orion Report | 02/02/2017 11:53 am
Tenuous Orion
Sounds cool, and get some rest dude.
If you feel like talking or ranting, feel free to shoot a PM or Skype message :3
Tenuous Orion Report | 01/31/2017 11:52 pm
Tenuous Orion
I'll bet. Where'd you get 'em? :3

And man that sucks- I'm sorry.
Wanna talk about it or anything?
Tenuous Orion Report | 01/29/2017 8:46 pm
Tenuous Orion
Congrats on the piercings bro!
Still love that AV~
And long time no talk- hope all's well ^^
Tenuous Orion Report | 11/23/2016 10:31 pm
Tenuous Orion
Wow Kyu, really cool AV~
Tenuous Orion Report | 11/17/2016 6:00 pm
Tenuous Orion
Hm, I might check it out then.
Cool current, btw.
Tenuous Orion Report | 11/15/2016 8:03 pm
Tenuous Orion
I just felt like yelling.
I miss you man xD
Tenuous Orion Report | 11/14/2016 9:35 pm
Tenuous Orion
Tenuous Orion Report | 11/04/2016 6:27 am
Tenuous Orion
No dying! Ice cubes are your frieeeeeeeeend ._.
Tenuous Orion Report | 11/03/2016 8:28 pm
Tenuous Orion
That Spoon Theory thing is great- Imma tell people about it~ ^^

And dude that sucks. I live in the desert but it still gets cold, so I couldn't imagine going back to hot times right now D:

-tries to send cool thoughts across the ocean-
Tenuous Orion Report | 10/29/2016 1:24 pm
Tenuous Orion
The spoons? Is that an Australian expression I haven't heard before? o.o

Aww man that blows. Summer is uncomfortable enough x.x

Oh well- I tried. What I really want is for her job to offer her a promotion at corporate headquarters or something xD