hi helo i am trojan. whalecum 2 my profile.

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those are my boots. they are amazing.

ever pulled the "it's my style card" when receiving critiques on art?
here is why that's inaccurate. if you want a more in-depth explanation, this is your jam.

if you want crits on art or help with a wip, feel free to comment or pm me or ask for im/similar things. i'm generally up for at least a couple of pointers, and sometimes do redlines.


[x] reference images, tutorials on how to draw, and misc other helpful things i've collected from the interbutts. not updated as often as i'd like, anymore.

[x] references, artists i'd like to steal things from, tutorials, etc. my reference tumblr. watch out for nsfw posts. i tag everything there for ease of access.

[x] for those who need it, this scanner is ******** amazing, scans 11"x17", and is under $200.

[amazon] [pirate] andrew loomis made some damn useful art instruction books.
good for learning what goes where in general, not so good for drawing different body types or cartooning/developing your own style.

[x] have trouble drawing different body types? save these and have at. mainly for athletic bodies, which still have a lot of variation.
a good companion to loomis' books. once you can draw the 'default' figure, you can branch out to different body types.

[life drawing] [character design] [animals in action] mike mattesi is an animator who made some fantastic books on life drawing and character design. worth buying, especially if you want to learn how to draw cartoony. definitely a must for any aspiring artist.
these will help you learn to exaggerate your figures, and draw bodies in motion rather than standing still.

[x] trouble drawing clothing? fear not. here's a direct link to some of the best pages on how to draw folds.

[pants] [shirts] so, you know how to draw folds, but the clothing you put on your characters still doesn't fit on their bodies. good thing these informative posts are here to help you out!
if you ignore the language aimed toward men, these are very handy guides!

[waistline/rise] right, you've got both pants and shirts down, but what do you do about the top half of the pants? are you supposed to see bellybutton? or do they sit almost on the crotch? clothing is so hard, you should draw porn instead. i kid. or do i? either way, here's another article from the same author that'll push you in the right direction.

[pirate] do you need help drawing more than just clothing? have you heard talk of a 'line of action' and want in on it? want something a lot more in depth? have the entire famous artists

cartooning/course. the style itself is somewhat out of date, but the information is definitely not.
if you don't want the entire set of pdfs, i'm sure you can google-fu your way to the many sites that have snippets of these books up for easy viewing.

[x] wally wood's 22 panels that always work. no matter if you're drawing single illustrations rather than comic pages, these compositions are your best friends.

[x] iain mccaig on how to draw expressions. a very quick rundown on the basics.
note the difference between the artist's styles. realistic and cartoony, and they both have the same feel to them, regardless of the level of detail the artist put in.

[x] stan prokopenko will tell you how to get those pesky ears to look good.

[x] tom richmond of mad magazine fame tells you how to draw great hands.

[x] rad sechrist teaches you how to draw and is generally awesome. check out his sidebar links for many more useful places.
sign up for his courses if you can! learning from professionals is an opportunity you never want to pass up, even if you're a hobbyist.

[hands] do you hide your characters' hands behind their backs? it's ok, we all did at some point. have der-shing helmer/alexds1 (another pro artist!!) telling you how to draw things.
a little acerbic in their language, but past that the info is incredibly useful.
more from the same artist: [feet] [faces] [expressions] [poses]

[action cartooning] fantasy cartooning] still need more help w/ style things? not to worry, ben caldwell's got what you need! lots of useful stuff from a fantastic pro artist. ex-marvel/dc artist, toy designer, has his own comics series, the works.

[the art center] tips and snippets from professional artists. covers many topics, ranging from cartooning to photoshop tricks.

[the gnomon workshop] fork over some cash and be amazed. game design? check. animation? check. storyboarding? also check. drawing excellent things? double check.

[industrial design sketching] [sketch-a-day] do your tastes run more toward designing things? shoes, cars, furniture, etc? here you go. the companion site is chock full of goodies to ogle.

[morguefile] need reference images? this site is going to be your very best friend. contains free and paid images, and offers the option to upload your own.

[bodies in motion] so you want to draw someone in a cool pose. but you don't know what pose to draw, or you don't know how to draw it. never fear, scott eaton's got your back. tons of photos of people doing cool s**t. if you want more, there's always deviantart! dA has a ridiculously developed stock photo community.
[senshistock] [daposes] [mjranum] [pose emporium]

for the devart links, make sure you've got mature content on, and don't forget to check the sidebar on the left! most of these galleries have folders with specific types of poses.

[posemaniacs] pretty useful, but i wouldn't rely on it too much since those poses are stiff and the muscles don't really move. good for a base sketch, not so much for getting the muscles n such right.

[pixelovely] great figure drawing tool, with some really interesting poses! you can choose timed poses, different types of sessions, clothed or nude models, etc.

[dc cartoon archives] you're not gonna find these things elsewhere unless they're reposts. good for learning to cartoon. not updated, unfortunately.

[character design] interviews and video tutorials by pros from disney, pixar, etc. one of my favorite sites.

[how to copics] for the traditional artists, marianne walker, product director for copic markers, has lots of tips on how to use and abuse them.

[jetpens] also for traditional artists! do you like brushes? do you not like paying out the a** for them? neither do i. this site gets you quality pens (pilot, pentel, kuretake, etc) without the ridic price. well, you can drop a couple hundred on these things anyway, but the average brush pen is under $10. if you want to go real cheap, get the disposable ones! rubber tips are fantastic too.
don't go to craft stores and buy the shitty sakura brush pens. anything with a felt tip is going to go bad really quick. rubber tips or bristle tips are the best options.

[x] publishing your comics is a little easier than you might think. a list of the submission guidelines for damn near every comic publisher. and yes, this includes delicious mango.

[x] opencanvas is easy and free, and even comes with a paintchat-like function if that's your thing.

[x] paint tool sai is ******** amazing and i say that without bias and having used a shitload of drawing programs (including photoshop, mangastudio, and almost every free drawing program out there).
the link is a trial but i'm sure i could be persuaded to share my version if you'd care to ask.

did you know that looking at amazing artists will, after making you cry like a lil b***h, inspire you to improve? trufax!

[x] want to read some comics, but don't have the software? download cdisplay!

[amazon] [pirate] blacksad is a ******** amazing comic. think disney animals + old detective movies + modern action flicks.
the pirate link also has a cbr of the blacksad sketch files. behind the scenes looks at how guarnido plans out his characters and compositions.

[ratfist] is by doug tennapel (earthworm jim, creature tech, etc), is 150 pages, and is free to read online. may make you cry.

[templar, arizona], by spike trotman is complex, engaging, and drawn damn well by a really nice lady.

[transmetropolitan] do you like cyberpunk? weird s**t? what about warren ellis' writing? if yes, this is the comic for you. if you don't want to be a terrible pirate, feel free to go buy the trades!

they're totally worth it.

[beret] kent mudle's comic is interesting and well done.
he also draws fantastic pornography. like dang. but you didn't hear that from me.

[alpha flag] on hiatus, but what's there is still amazing. jon cairns and renee keyes are still active tho! check out their portfolios (or tumblrs) for really nice work.

[gunnerkrigg court] is fantastic in all aspects. for extra wow, compare the last page to the first page.

[khaos komix] has good stories, especially if you're looking for lgbt* themed stuff.

[sakana] mad rupert is ridiculous and short. like as short as i am. this actually says a great deal about her comic. to gain great inking skills, be like mad - use brush pens!

[boulet corp] boulet (aka gilles roussel) is funny as ******** and way too french. also inks ligne claire, so for those who don't like line variation, this is your guy.
ligne claire is basically the inking style where your lines are all the same width. like using a pen vs a brush.

[the less than epic adventures of tj & amal] e.k. weaver draws these two dorks. roadtrip comic full of (sexual) tension and plot!

[oink] john mueller painted this one. it's a mid-90s comic, and is appropriately grimdark, but damn if it's not wonderfully done. apparently being redrawn and reprinted in february 2015!

[vibe] dan ciurczak/soulkarl is a beautiful person. check out those ridiculous colors. and that character design. and those environments.

[string theory] i am in lust with beck grundy's comic. wonderful characterization and suspense enough to drown yourself in.

[best friends forever] is a pretty cute lil thing, drawn by mickey quinn.

[shiver bureau] webcomic by walter ostlie, who has worked on x-men, captain america, and a bunch of other pro comix!! fantastic compositions and detailed environments ahoy.

[emily carrol] i'm pretty sure everyone knows who she is. or has seen her comics. cute, cartoony stuff! good style to work up to.

[alex ross] paints ******** masterpieces. good compositions and color work! not so good for fast drawing.

[alphonse mucha], likewise, is pretty well known, but hey, worth linking. art nouveau also does the ligne claire thing, and the color comps are always nice to imitate.

[clement sauve] was a ******** amazing comic artist who is, unfortunately, somewhat recently dead. sad his environments are to die for.

[moebius] or jean giraud, also recently deceased. fantastic comics, technical skills, etc. ligne claire people should all know who he was.

[alex maleev] worked on batman, spiderman, daredevil, etc etc. damn good painting skills. color comps to die for. unfortunately, most of his covers include cheesecake girls n no other types of women.

[feng zhu] is a professional storyboard artist and sometimes posts art from lectures. amazing concept art environments n color work.

[ryan church] is an awesome concept artist, worked on avatar, star wars, and a load of other movies. his tech designs are gr8.

[adam hughes] art makes me want to sit in a corner sobbing. he worked on catwoman, wonderwoman, tomb raider, zatanna, and other things. are you seeing a pattern here? downside being lots of cheesecake and generic sultry ladies.
[alt gallery]

[rob richesson], a storyboard artist/illustrator, worked on aeon flux, avatar (the last airbender), and american beauty. lots of nice costume/prop designs and storyboards.

[dan milligan], storyboard/concept artist, worked on 300 (the movie), infamous2, and a shitload of other games. beautiful paintings and not as much cheesecake as the previous few.

[tommy lee edwards], illustrator, has a comic up, free to read! site's hard to navigate though, but full of goodies. a more graphic style.

[rodolfo damaggio], all around awesome dude and ohmygodamazing. worked on akira! environments and prop designs (kaneda's bike, yo). he draws in the 'standard' superhero style, and also in this awesome

exaggerated cartoony one. totally worth looking at for the contrast.

[dwayne mcduffie] did static shock and a whole shitload of other projects. rip.

[alex raymond]. wait, what? flash gordon? ******** that, check out his usmc art.
[more art]

[syd mead] is pretty ******** amazing in all fields of work. tron (old and new), the island, mission to mars, bladerunner, mobile suit gundam, space cruiser/battleship yamato, etc. and then you have his cartoon work, which is just ******** weird.

[nathan schroeder] is a concept artist of epic proportions. no, really, look at that s**t. worked on pirates of the caribbean, lemony snicket, fantastic four, the haunted mansion (the ride, not the movie), the island, xmen, and so on.

[ben caldwell] oh my god. ******** amazing cartoony style and just plain awesome in general. also he did a whole lot of books on how to draw s**t. follow the links at the top for other ben c-related stuff like art and comix. (he's also a really nice guy like dang he's super cool. also bald.)
bonus: [interview re: wednesday comics]

[yanick paquette] is french canadian and therefore has the best accent (and is a really cool dude on top of that). has a fantastic mix of 'standard' superhero and weird cartoony style.

[cameron stewart] is also canadian but unfortunately possesses no awesome accent. worked on suicide girls and a whole lot of a** creed comics. cheesecake again.

[jill thompson] does scary godmother and did a sandman one-shot. remember that one death/delirium story in that ridiculous mango style? she was experimenting. also did a hellboy/dogs of war story which was fantastic.
and i know for a fact some of her watercolor originals go for $2500 per page holy s**t.

[german shible] is a pretty classy dude and does gr8 illustrations. graphic work + traditional sketches.

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God What Awful Racket

Report | 09/24/2017 6:33 pm

God What Awful Racket

accurate description
its a pretty ******** sweet oppertunity and you can do it!!! some loser on an anime forum told you so, so thats how itl be!
yeahh atm its kinda settled down, but i wont get too comfortable since life finds a way of punching me in the face if i do lol

kids cant help theyre stupid, so theyre easier for me to deal with than real people lol
and if i dont get job where im social im just reclusing and falling into a hole

you are by far the best artist that i know,
im pretty sure that if anyone on this shithole will become anything its you
God What Awful Racket

Report | 09/23/2017 10:38 pm

God What Awful Racket

haha yeah it happens. always find a way back here even when not looking for it.
aw s**t man grats that crazy!!! hope that works out for you!! youve always been talented as hell
its a sad sad story, been through some loss here and there, hit some lows
just studying now, starting a short internship in a kindergarden next month which im looking forward to

hbu?? other than that neat email you got yourself!!
God What Awful Racket

Report | 09/23/2017 6:05 pm

God What Awful Racket

Ive been everywhere but here
stuck in various mmos where i got my "avatar" kicks
been better, but its getting better

how about you ???
Max1 Effort

Report | 09/23/2017 9:51 am

Max1 Effort

Love the avatar ~
God What Awful Racket

Report | 09/21/2017 10:06 pm

God What Awful Racket

troj troj troj
good to see you still making avatars
i like it

Report | 09/04/2017 12:26 pm


Thank you for buying! And I love your avatar!
Hyper Light Drifter

Report | 08/11/2017 8:12 pm

Hyper Light Drifter

honestly I'll probably do it the day before I leave. lol So I hope I'm closing that night.
thankfully I've actually been drawing more too, finding good artists that inspire me is a ******** blessing.

also finding out artists I loved are terrible beyond belief is awful.

Report | 08/10/2017 7:04 am


Oh god! That turned out so good! I love so much! The modern draw on my girl! *ugh* Perfect! <3 <3
Hyper Light Drifter

Report | 08/09/2017 9:22 pm

Hyper Light Drifter

I just use the back of price signs, because we use them to make lists anyway.

plus if I used sticky notes i'd just draw stupid faces on them and put them on the produce.
Hyper Light Drifter

Report | 08/09/2017 8:47 pm

Hyper Light Drifter

but it's been so slow whenever I have to close my department now, so I can at least get in like 30 minutes of doodle time. lol
also I don't care about closing anymore, so if it looks like s**t, whoops.


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