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I'm Jeanette, or just Jean. JC. And I'm twenty-three years old. My birthday is on the 20th of November.
I joined Gaia Online on May 29, 2007 and have logged in almost daily for nine years.

Eye liek two bee in CB guyz.
I started posting in CB regularly since spring/summer'ish 2009.

I like drawing, cats, the color green and I guess I like orange and blue and ******** RED! I like green tea. White rice with pork and veg is also my favorite thing. I like teddy bears too.

I play games sometimes. I like playing Minecraft a little bit. I still play some games on my old Nintendo 64. My first video game love is Legend of Zelda, and the first Zelda game I ever played was Ocarina of Time. I love CoD Black Ops Zombies A LOT. It's my 2nd video game love, even though I'm awful at it. emotion_yatta Oh look, Undertale! heart

I do not admit to being a "gamer" ok? cos I'm not.

I frequent Not Always Working to kill time, and also GifSound and some tumblr pages like Weeb Stories . I do have a tumblr. No I will not share it. I also like Homestuck.

As far as art is concerned, I don't normally take commissions, unless I'm questing or bribed wink . Though sometimes I'll do some for free if I feel like it.

There could be a dislike section, but complaining about things I don't like is pretty much worse than the thing itself. :3c Let's all just learn to ignore the things we don't like. You'll probably be happier that way.





vvv I love this guy vvv
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On The Twelveth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me:

Twelve Filthy Schweinhunds
Eleven Cases Vodka
Ten Meat Sacks Molting
Nine Swords Slashing
Eight Bowels Bursting
Seven Bottle Vodka
Six Slack Jaw Splattings
Five Brains
Four Severed Limbs
Three Shots Vodka
Two Shotgun Shells
And A Dismembered Dead Zombie


Hey. I liek two ART! blaugh
Look for my threads.


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profile general layout from profile background and panel images are from Call of Duty: Black Ops/WaW; Zombies "Ascension" aaaaaaaand the panels are a collage of a few loading screens from the same game.