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Me! Sort of... -_- Well, okay...not really...

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Last Login: 06/22/2012 11:58 am

Registered: 11/14/2006

Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/01/1992

Occupation: Joking Junior

Whatta You Lookin' At?

The name’s Trixanity, though I prefer going by Trixie. No, I am not a prostitute or a whore. Call me such and I will take away your cyber cookies. I’m not much of a person for beating around the bush so here’s the dirt on me. Dunno if I wanna give out my age or not…so… I was born in the Year of the Monkey and I happen to be an Aries. If you’re smart enough you’ll figure it out.

I am tall for a girl, standing at about 68″ or 172cm. I weight about as much as a 42″ Panasonic television. The old, pudgy kind, folks. Not the flat LCD screens. I am pale for a Caucasian and often get s**t for my legs reflecting too much sunlight. My hair is that of a carrot and my eyes look like s**t…green s**t that changes colors. And my left foot is half a size smaller than my right. Gotta love genetics!

My personality is a myriad of things. Some people have called me bipolar before but I assure you that I am not. I’m random, hyper most of the time, and ADHD free. I have a strange habit of quoting JarJar Binks from Star Wars. I have split personalities but I promise you that I’m not insane. I’m a major TransFan and I consider myself a ThunderCat. I live in my own little world and I try my hardest to make it a reality (that’s not working out so well for me).

I’m opinionated and I’m not afraid to admit that I can be a b***h when I want to be. I’m usually outgoing and spunky. I also have a habit of creeping people out with my strange mutterings. I do have arguments with myself and yes, I do lose to some of them. I am proud to admit that I am an outcast and original but I do have my own group of friends who are similar to me.

I love to be weird and it makes me warm and fuzzy inside when someone calls me a freak. I am double jointed (forgive my being politically incorrect) in my hips and can pop them in and out of place. My shadow’s name is Scallywompus von Heinrich Fitzgerald III (the first two were run over by my car.)

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The Ragnar Report | 11/04/2011 7:34 pm
Hey, you got a nice profile too, and yeah i am excited xp
Deafening the Silence Report | 11/04/2011 5:22 pm
It is true! rofl
Altsoba Moon Report | 10/31/2011 1:43 pm
^^ Thank you.
agirlandherbluebox Report | 10/28/2011 10:11 pm
Aww heart Thank You so much emotion_bigheart yum_puddi cat_3nodding whee
agirlandherbluebox Report | 10/28/2011 9:39 pm
thanks gaia_angelleft gaia_angelleft gaia_angelright !~ yum_puddi heart
Padrang Report | 10/28/2011 6:00 pm
Not at the moment.
spazzy krissy Report | 10/28/2011 5:06 pm
Thanks! I'm a huge fan hehe
Beinhiril Report | 10/11/2008 7:31 am
Thanks for buying!! User Image
tommie boyyie Report | 10/10/2008 3:24 pm
thankx for the purchase
reiko13 Report | 02/20/2008 6:19 am
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