TrIcKsTeR gAmZeE

aS iF yOu MfErS cAn'T aLl uP aNd TeLl I'm TrIcKStEr GaMzEe! AnD i'M aLl Up AnD hErE tO gEt My SwEeT gAiA oN! iT's GoIn To AlL uP aNd Be A wIcKeD sIcK rIdE fUlL oF mIrAcLeS!

sO iF aNy Of YoU bRoThErS aNd SiStErS oUt ThErE wAnT tO cHaT a MfEr Up. ThEn AlL uP aNd Do So! HoNk! : o )

HeY MfErS cOmE oN bY aNd AlL uP aNd DrOp A bRo A cOmMeNt!

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Ikurumaru Report | 09/13/2016 4:33 am
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You seem like quite the interesting fellow ^w^
Superplushie Report | 07/07/2014 1:21 am
ah, HelLo gAm.
carcinoForensicist Report | 06/29/2014 6:56 am
cool avi
Goddess Of Pizza Report | 06/19/2014 1:35 pm
hey nice avi and profile xd
Crazy Valentine Report | 05/12/2014 10:19 am
Hi. Saw a post on Tumblr about people wondering why liquid candy isn't used as lube in fanfictions. I thought of our IM Rp. XD
Pluvicorn Report | 04/02/2014 10:30 am
Lovely Avi <3
Nanaida Report | 03/22/2014 3:09 pm
*Comes across profile by accident* Hot damn, it's like a party up in here.. I love it!
Grimmbaby Report | 07/25/2013 1:03 pm
Your Trickster Gamzee is so good . u . I really like the colors and the flow of it.
kuremix Report | 07/02/2013 2:49 pm
I love your profile and your avi man >w>
Purple Chou Report | 06/21/2013 4:14 pm
get online >X>

Trickster Gamzee's avatar

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LeTs TaKe A lOoK aT tHe ClOwN bEhInD tHe ClOwN.

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ReAl nAmE: lEe

NiCkNaMe fRoM AnImE FrIeNdS: tYsOn ~My fIrSt oC Is nAmEd tYsOn~

NiCkNaMe fRoM GaMeR FrIeNdS: jUkSo, JaGo oR TeGoHcHi

ThE WaY I AcT On a fIrSt mEeTiNg: I CaN SeEm vErY QuIeT On a lOnEr lEvEl oR I CaN CoMe oFf oVeRlY NiCe, HyPeR AnD PlAyFuL. iTs jUsT HoW YoU CoMe tO Me aNd wHaT QuEsTiOnS YoU AsK. bUt iN MoSt cAsEs i cOmE OfF As mEaN Or bRuTaLlY HoNeSt.

LiFe rIgHt nOw: I WoRk pReTtY MuCh eVeRyDaY In tHe mOnRiNg hOuRs. I DoN'T GeT To sTaY Up lAtE At nIgHt lIkE I OnCe dId. PlUs oUt oF AlL ThE InFo i gIvE OuT AbOuT MySeLf, My jOb iNfO Is tHe oNlY ThInG I NeVeR GiVe oUt. SoRrY GuYs....

AgE: 28 ~yEs! I Am rEaLlY ThIs aGe. I JuSt dOn't lOoK Or aCt iT.~

HeIgHt: 5'3

WeIgHt: HeLl sHoUlD I KnOw... NeVeR ChEcK ThE DaMn tHiNg.

HaIr: GoLdEn bRoWn, LiGhT In tHe sUmMeR, dArK In tHe wInTeR.

GeNdEr: YoUr jUsT GoIn tO HaVe tO AlL Up aNd gUeSs.

SeXuAl oRiEnTaTiOn: I'M NoT AtTrAcTeD To eItHeR GeNdEr ~I DoN'T CaRe fOr lOvE Or sEx, I GoT BeTtEr tHiNgS To dO In mY LiFe tHeN To wOrRy aBoUt tHaT. aLsO DoN'T MiSs tAkE My kInDnEsS As fLiRtInG.. CaUsE ThIs hAs hApPeNd bEfOrE AnD I WiLl bE HeArTlEsS AbOuT It iF YoU TaKe mY KiNdNeSs pAsT ThAt.~

LoCaTiOn: UsA

EyEs: GrEeN, i dO WeAr gLaSsEs bUt oNlY WhEn i'm dRiViNg oR WaTcHiNg mOvIeS.

ZoDiAc sIgNs/eLeMeNtS: gEmInI, tIgEr aNd yAnG FiRe

FaVe fLoWeRs: ReD-OrAnGe rOsEs, SpIdEr lIlLiEs, SuNfLoWeRs aNd pOiNsEtTiAs

FaVe pLaNtS: kUdZu aNd pOtHoS

FaVe cOlOrS: gReEn, BrOwN, bLaCk, ReD, oRaNgE, yElLoW, sIlVeR AnD LaVeNdEr

FaVe wEaPoNs: SwOrDs, DaGgErS AnD ChAiN ScYtHeS

HuNtInG: pEoPlE AlWaYs wOnDeR WhY I TaLk aBoUt mOvIeS AlOt. WeLl tO PuT It sImPlE I'M A MoViE HuNtEr. I Go aRoUnD BuYiNg mOvIeS, cDs, BoOkS.. BuT MoStLy mOvIeS. i oWn aLoT Of rArE OnEs tHaT I HaVe gOtTeN OvEr tHe yEaRs aNd sOmE Of tHeM ArE OuT Of pRiNt. ThIs aLsO GoEs fOr sOmE Of tHe bOoKs aNd cDs i oWn. So yEaH I'M A HuGe mOvIe, BoOk, Cd cOlLeCtOr.

FaVe pReSiDeNt: I DoN'T VoTe. I'M OnE Of tHoSe pEoPlE ThAt dOn't cArE WhO ThE PrEsIdEnT Is aS LoNg aS He dOeS GoOd fOr aLl mAn kInD. bUt iF I WaS GoInG To pIcK OnE OuT Of aLl tHe oNeS We hAvE HaD So fAr i wOuLd pIcK AbRaHaM LiNcOlN.

LiKeS: sEwInG, dRaWiNg, WrItInG RoLePlAyS WiTh mY ChArAcTeRs iN ThEm, ReAdInG, wAtChInG MoViEs, HaNgInG At tHe aRcAdE, gOiNg oN WaLkS, cAtS, dOgS, fRiEnDs, TaKiNg pIcTuReS Of oLd pLaCeS, sPeAnDiNg tImE WiTh mY FaMiLy aNd aNyOnE ThAt kNoWs mE KnOwS I HaVe tHiS OdD ThInG FoR MoNkEy/aPe mEn aNd i lOoK Up, WaTcH StUfF oR TaLk aBoUt tHeM AlL ThE TiMe. I AlSo hAvE ThIs oDd tHiNg aBoUt aLaN RiCkMaN.

DiSlIkEs: PeOpLe tHaT HaTe wHaT ThEy dOn't uNdErStAnD. lEaRn tO TaKe wHaT LiFe tHrOwS At yOu. I HaVe aNd i aM HaPpY FoR EvErYtHiNg i hAvE BeEn gIvEn. EvEn iF SoMe oF ThE ThInGs aRe nOt wOrTh sTaYiNg aRoUnD FoR. i hAtE MaKe-uP On a vErY HiGh lEvEl. On aNoThEr vErY HiGh lEvEl i hAtE ThE GiRlY NiCkNaMeS LiKe sWeEtHeArT, cUpCaKe, SnUgGlE BeAr oR AnY NaMe lIkE ThAt. I WoUlD Be hApPiEr iF YoU CaLlEd mE SiR Or sPoRtO ThEn tHoSe bLaNkEd uP NaMeS. sMoKiNg oR DrInKiNg aRoUnD Me wIlL GeT YoU SmAcKeD, bUt i wIlL NoT HaTe yOu fOr iT. nEvEr pUt mE In a gRoUp oR ClAsS Of pEoPlE, bEcAuSe i'm jUsT Me.

FaVe aCtOrS I LiKe wHeRe i oWn aLmOsT EvErY MoViE ThEy aRe iN: aLaN RiCkMaN Is a gReAt aCtOr tO Me aNd iTs tRuE I Do hAvE AlItTlE CrUsH On hIm (CaN'T HeLp iT He lOoKs gReAt fOr hIs aGe aNd i lIkE OlDeR MeN). BuT I AlSo lIkE HiM CaUsE He mAkEs mE LaUgH FoR SoMe oDd rEaSoN EvEn iN MoViEs wHeRe yOuR NoT MeNt tO Be lAuGhInG. aLaN HaS PlAyEd iN 58 mOvIeS AnD ThIs aLsO GoEs fOr 3 oF ThEm tHaT ArE NoT OuT Or fInIsHeD FiLmInG YeT. oUt oF ThE 58 i oWn 20 AnD HaVe sEeN 10, So aLl tOgEtHeR I HaVe sEeN 30 oF HiS MoViEs. MoSt oF ThEm bEiNg hIs oLdEr wOrKs. AnD I CaN ReAlLy sAy i sAw tHe vErY FiRsT ThInG He wAs iN WhIcH WaS RoMeO AnD JuLiEt wHeRe hE PlAyEd tYbAlT BaCk iN 1978, I BlAmE My tEaChEr fOr tHaT OnE. xD

FaVe aCtOrS: aLaN RiCkMaN, hUgH LaUrIe, RoBeRt sEaN LeOnArD, rOdDy mCdOwAlL, jAcK NiChOlSoN, jOhNnY DePp, ToM HaNkS, dAvId bOwIe, WhOoPi gOlDbErG, aNtOnIo bAnDeRaS, aDaM SaNdLeR AnD JaCkIe cHaN.

FaVe mOvIeS: hArRy pOtTeR 1-8, mUnChIe, MuNcHiE StRiKeS BaCk, JiM HeNsOn's: LaByRiNtH AnD ThE DaRk cRyStAl, DoGmA, dArK HaRbOr, PiRaTeS Of tHe cArIbBeAn 1-3, PaN'S LaByRiNtH, tHe tErMiNaToR 1-3, tIm bUrToN'S: sLeEpY HoLlOw, EdWaRd sCiSsOrHaNdS, fRaNkEnWeEnIe, PlAnEt oF ThE ApEs (1968,1970,1971,1972,1973,2001 AnD 2011), bEeTlEjUiCe, BaTmAn (1989), bLoOd sPoRt, InTeRvIeW WiTh tHe vAmPiRe, AlL ThE FrEdDy kRuEgEr & cHuCkY MoViEs, ThE GrUdGe 1-2, ThE RiNg 1-2, DrOp dEaD FrEd, TuRnEr&hOoCh, HoRtOn hEaRs a wHo(200 cool , SaW 1-6, tHe sTrAnGeRs, FoOl's gOlD, rOaD HoUsE, gHoSt, ThE InCrEdIbLe mRs. RiTcHiE, tHe lAsT SaMuRaI, tHe fOrBiDdEn kInGdOm, 1408, ThE HaUnTiNg iN CoNnEcTiCuT AnD DeTrOiT RoCk cItY.

FaVe tV ShOwS: hOuSe m.d., pLaNeT Of tHe aPeS, lAw aNd oRdEr, CoLd cAsE AnD BiG BaNg tHeOrY.

FaVe bOoK AuThOrS: aNnE RiCe, GaRrY D. kIlWoRtH, mErCeDeS LaCkEy, S.E. hInToN AnD EdGaR AlLaN PoE.

FaVe bOoKs: InTeRvIeW WiTh a vAmPiRe, AnGeL, tAlEs oF MyStErY AnD ImAgInAtIoN, tHe oUtSiDeRs aNd sToRm wArNiNg.

FaVe oLd cOmIcS: sPy vS SpY.

FaVe wEb cOmIcS: hOmEsTuCk aNd hAnNa iS NoT A BoY'S NaMe.

FaVe vOiCe aCtOrS: dOm dElUiSe, SoNnY StRaIt, PaUl dObSoN, sCoTt mCnEiL, sEaN ThOrNtOn, RoBeRt aXeLrOd, DaViD KaYe, BrIaN DrUmMoNd, TaMaRa lO, bReTt wEaVeR, jAsOn dOuGlAs, GrEg aYrEs, RiChArD MiChAeL EpCaR, rAfAeL AnToNiO OlIvIeR, lEx lAnG, rIcHaRd cAnSiNo, MaRlOwE GaRdInEr-hEsLiN, cHrIsToPhEr dAvId pAtToN, jAy hIcKmAn aNd iLlIcH GuArDiOlA.

FaVe aNiMeS/CaRtOoNs: I ReAlLy dOn't hAvE A FaVe cAuSe i'lL ReAlLy wAtCh aNy kInD Of aNiMe oUt tHeRe aNd tHaT AlSo gOeS FoR YaOi, YuRi aNd hEnTaI. bUt iF I HaD To nAmE SoMe i wAtCh aLoT ThAt wOuLd bE: sAiYuKi, GuNdAm wInG, yU Yu hAkUsHo, LuPiN ThE 3rD, sUpErJaIl, MeTaLoCaLyPsE, rAnMa 1/2, CaMp lAzLo, Ed, EdD AnD EdDy, A TrOlL In cEnTrAl pArK, aN AmErIcAn tAiL, aLl dOgS Go tO HeAvEn, EmBrAcInG LoVe, KiZuNa, SlAyErS, mUsHi-sHi, HoWl's mOvInG CaStLe, SpIrItEd aWaY, hErE Is gReEnWoOd, RuRoUnI KeNsHiN, hElLsInG, fUlLmEtAl aLcHeMiSt, WoLf's rAiN, jYu-oH-SeI, sTrEeT FiGtHeRs, KaLeIdO StAr, GoKuDo, RuNe sOlDiEr, BlAcK JaCk, ChRoNo cRuSaDe, GuNgRaVe, SaMuRaI ChAmPlOo, WeIb kReUz, PrInCeSs tUtU, sAmUrAi tRoOpErS, sAiLoR MoOn, DrAgOn bAlL Z, bLaCk cAt, GaNkUtSuOu, KaRaS, vIrUs, OuTlAw sTaR, .HaCk//SiGn, StRaIt jAcKeT, sUkIsHo, BlAcK BlOoD BrOtHeRs, Le cHeVaLiEr d'eOn, KyO KaRa mAoH, rUiN ExPlOrErS, wRaTh oF ThE NiNjA, bLaCk lIoN, bLoOd rEiGn: CuRsE Of tHe yOmA, sOrCeReR HuNtErS, tHe sLaYeRs, CoWbOy bEbOp, BaTtLe aReNa tOsHiNdEn, RaVeN TeNgU KaBuTo, BaSiLiSk, SwOrD Of tHe sTrAnGeR, hAvOc iN HeAvEn(1965) aNd bErSeRk.

FaVe aNiMe/cArToOn cHaRaCtErS: aRsEnE LuPiN ThE 3rD, zEnIgAtA KoIcHi, SaRuToRu, DuO MaXwElL, zEcHs mErQuIsE, tYsOn gRaNgEr, JiN ThE WiNd mAsTeR, dAiSuKe jIgEn, GoEmOn iShIkAwA XiIi, ThE WaRdEn, JaCkNiFe, KoIcHi zEnIaTa, NaNaShI, hIrOsHi nAkAnO, k-sAn, SoN-GoKu, ChO HaKkAi, ShA GoJyO, gEnJyO SaNzO, sAtOu sHiGeKi, MiZuNo tAtSuYa, KoU KaZaMaTsUrI, sAwAdA ShIn, NoDa, SeNrI, cOoRo, GoKuDo, NiArI, sHuN KiSaRaGi, ShInObU TeZuKa, ReNjI AbArAi, YaSuToRa sAdO, kUrOuDoU AkAbAnE, bRaNdOn hEaT, hOtOhOrI, nUrIkO, sEiJuRo hIkO, mAxImIlIeN RoBeSpIeRrE, d'eOn dE BeAuMoNt, DuRaNd, RoBiN, sNuFkIn aNd sO On....

FaVe pOkEmOn: ChImChAr, MoNfErNo, InFeRnApE, tOrChIc, CoMbUsKeN, bLaZiKeN,
AiPoM, gRoWlItHe, ArCaNiNe, ZoRoArK, vIgOrOtH, lUcArIo, HoUnDoOm, StOuTlAnD, mAnKeY, sImIsEaR, sImIpOuR, sImIsAgE AnD AlL Of tHe eEvEe eVoLuTiOnS.

FaVe gAmInG SyStEmS: nInTeNdO, sUpEr nInTeNdO, pLaYsTaTiOn 2, GaMeBoY, gAmEbOy aDvAnCe sP AnD Ds lItE.

FaVe vIdEo gAmEs: LuPiN ThE 3rD: tReAsUrE Of tHe sOrCeReR KiNg, FaTaL FuRy, StReEt fIgHtErS, kInG Of fIgHtErS, tEkKeN 1-5, sOuL EdGe, SoUl cAlIbEr 1-3, BiShUnO BlAdE 1-2, tAlEs oF ThE AbYsS, sHaMaN KiNg: MaStEr oF SpIrItS, bEyBlAd vFoRcE, tHe uRbZ: sImS In tHe cItY, pOkEmOn dIaMoNd aNd aNyThInG AnImE BaSeD Or hAs aLoT Of fIgHtInG In iT.

FaVe vIdEo gAmE ChArAcTeRs: JaDe cUrTiSs, LuKe fOn fAbRe, AsCh tHe bLoOdY, sIeGfRiEd sChTaUfFeN, mAxI, aSuRa, LeE PaI LoNg, KeN MaStErS, vEgA, tErRy bOgArD, aNdY BoGaRd, JoE HiGaShI, wOlFgAnG KrAuSeR, xIbArG, xAlDiN, aXeL, mArLuXiA, vExEn, ViNcEnT VaLeNtInE, rEnO, zAcK, cId hIgHwInD, yAzOo aNd sO On....

FaVe mAnGa aUtHoRs: MoNkEy pUnCh, KaOrI OzAkI, yUkIe nAsU, yOu hIgUrI, yUkI ShImIzU, nAtSuMi mUkAi, SaToSuMi tAkAgUcHi, DaIsUkE HiGuChI, hIrOkI KuSuMoTo, FuMi yOsHiNaGa, RyO SaEnAgI, mAkOtO TaTeNo, YaMiMaRu eNjIn, JaRyU DoKuRo, MiKa sAdAhIrO, sAnAe rOkUyA, bEtTiNa kUrKoSkI, nObUhIrO WaTsUkI, kAzUtO TaTsUkAwA, dAnY&DaNy, MaRgOt rEdDiNg, YaMiLa aBrAhAm, AyAnO YaMaNe, YaYoI NeKo, PaRk jOoNg-kI, yAyA SaKuRaGi, TrIsTaN CrAnE RhEa sIlVaN, jInHa yOo, TaMaKi kIrIsHiMa, RaY OmIsHi, SaToRu aKaHoRi, KeI KuSuNoKi, KaOrU OhAsHi, AsAmI ToHjOh, YuRiKo nIsHiYaMa, PiNk pSyChO, sAnAmI MaToH, yUn kOuGa aNd dAiSuKe mOrIyAmA.

FaVe mAnGaS: wIlD BuTtErFlY, lOvE MoDe, TeA FoR TwO, rUrOuNi kEnShIn, HeRe iS GrEeNwOoD, sHaMaN WaRrIoR, lIlInG Po, My cAt lOkI, dRaGoN VoIcE, wHiStLe, GoRgEoUs cArAt, AeGiS, sAiYuKi, ShOuT OuT LoUd, ImMoRtAl rAiN, gErArD & JaCqUeS, lOvErS In tHe nIgHt, TrUlY KiNdLy, InCuBuS, lOvE KnOt, MaNiAc sHoRtS ShOt aNd bUs gAmEr.

FaVe wEb cOmIcS: hAnNa iS NoT A BoY'S NaMe, JuDeCcA, mAnLy gUyS DoInG MaNlY ThInGs, ShRuB MoNkEyS, sTaRfIgHtEr, TeAhOuSe aNd tHe lEsS ThAn ePiC AdVeNtUrEs oF Tj aNd aMaL

FaVe mUsIc: I'Ll lIsTeN To aNyThInG PrEtTy mUcH, jUsT As lOnG As tHe bEaT Is gOoD. bUt hErE Is a lIsT Of sOmE I LiStEn tO AlOt: DaFt pUnK, tHiRd eYe bLiNd, LiNkIn pArK, e nOmInE, gAcKeT, sTiNg, MiChAeL JaCkSoN, tHe kIlLeRs, GoRiLlAz, ThE KoOkS, dEpEcHe mOdE, dJ AlIgAtOr, MaDoNnA, eDdIe mOnEy, ElToN JoHn, MeTaLoCaLyPsE: dEtHkLoK, bLiNk 182, JoSh gRoBaN, bReAkInG BeNjAmIn aNd pSyClOn nInE.

FaVe jEwElRy: AnYtHiNg mEtAl, SiLvEr oR WhItE GoLd. I HaVe a wEaKnEsS FoR CrOsSeS, aNiMe cOsPlAy jEwElRy aNd iRiSh cElTiC StUfF.

FaVe pIlLoW To lAy oN: i hAvE ThIs rEaLlY BiG PiLlOw wItH A PiCtUrE Of a cAt aNd sOmE FlOwErS On iT.

FaVe oLd iTeMs: I HaVe tHiS 60 yEaR OlD CaNdY BoX AnD A ViNo l(cOdE LiVeR OiL) bOtTlE ThAt dAtEs bAcK To aPrIl 19, 1898 ThAt mY GrAnDmOtHeR GaVe tO Me.

FaVe aCtIoN FiNgUrEs: My lUpIn tHe 3Rd sEt, KeNsHiN SeT, fUlLmEtAl aLcHeMiSt sEt, GuNdAm wInG SeT AnD BeYbLaDe bLaDeRs.

FaVe t-sHiRtS/HaTs: My gUnDaM WiNg, GoRiLlAz(mAdE By mE), MoNkEy: JoUrNeY To tHe wEsT(MaDe bY Me), kEnShIn, VaMpIrE'S DoN'T SpArKlE ShIrTs. SaIyUkI SaNzO HaT, gUnGrAvE HaT AnD My oC TySoN SpInNeR HaT (mAdE By mE).

FaVe cAr mOdElS: mAzDa aNd tOyOtA

FaVe sHoE BrAnDs: AdIdAs, MeRrElLs aNd mY ThReE PaIrS Of hAnD CoLoReD SnEaKeRs.

FaVe iTeM I UsE AlL ThE TiMe: My dBz tRuNkS CoFfEe mUg aNd mY LaPtOp.

FaVe tHiNgS YoU AlWaYs sEe wItH Me: My dEaDmAu5 WaLlEt aNd tRiNiTy bLoOd hOoDiE.

FaVe fOoD/DrInKs: GrAnDmOtHeRs hOmEmAdE SoUp, PoT RoAsT, bRuNsWiCk sTeW, cUrRy, PiZzA, mIsO SoUp, ChEeSe, ReD VeLvEt cAkE, cHeEsE CaKe, PeAcHs, StRaWbErRiEs & pIcKlEs. I'Ll dRiNk aNyThInG MaDe bY CoCa-cOlA, gReEn tEa & mIlK. i'm a fReAk i kNoW.

FaVe cAnDy: AnYtHiNg tHaT TaStEs lIkE MiNt, OrAnGeS Or bAnAnAs, PlAiN HeRsHeY BaRs, AnYtHiNg wItH WhItE ChOcOlAtE In iT, rOcK CaNdY AnD KoNpEiTo(jApAnEsE SuGeR CaNdY Or rOcK CaNdY WiTh oUt a sTiCk)

:hEaRt: RoCk cAnDy & kOnPeItO! sKiTtLeS CaN BiTe mE HeReS My rAiNbOw!:HeArT:

FaVe bUgS: bUtTeRfLiEs, MoThS, pRaYiNg mAnTiS, sPiDeRs, CoCkRoAcHs, BeEtLeS AnD CaTeRpIlLaRs.

FaVe aNiMaLs: AlL BrEeDs oF CaTs, DoGs, SnAkEs, BiRdS, fIsH, mOnKeYs/aPeS AnD BaTs.

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My zIlLyHoO HaMmEr aNd tRiCkStEr sUcKeR.

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My tRiCkStEr kArKaT PlUsHiE.

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My OC Troll Kaus
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Human Kaus
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My ShIpPiNg WaLl

I ShIp gAmZeE ReD AnD BlAcK WiTh aLl oThEr cHaRaCtErS.

My oTp's rAnDoMlY FrOm bLaCk tO ReD ThAt dOn't hAvE GaMzEe iN ThEm aRe kUrLoZ/CrOnUs, GhB/HoRuSs aNd sOlLuX/MiTuNa.


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