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Ribs Grow Back

Godot- I've known you for at least 5 years
now. I'm glad I met you! You've become one of the pillars of
hope in my life, on top of being a great friend.

Maya- Though we don't get to talk
much because of timezones, the times we do get to talk are a
blast! Thanks for looking out for me and being my friend.

Nick- I've known you even longer
than Godot, you introduced us! Again, timezones are difficult
so it's hard to meet up with you, but you've brought me
smiles over the years.

Klara- I can't seem to remember how
we met, but that doesn't matter. You're a precious friend and
you've helped me pull through some of my darkest days.

Polly- We really need to make more
stories together! That was super fun. You bring back so much
nostalgia with your cosplays, and I always look forward to
seeing you on.

Smitty- You're fun to be around,
charming and an amazing artist. You've dragged me into the
depths of a fandom I don't think I will escape anytime

Rina- You are the ferdiest of them
all. You'll go to space one day, because they'll be blown
away by you. Hopefully not literally.

Music : Dirty Harry - Gorillaz

Heather- Potatoes.

Cap'n- You're a great guy, and a
hero and role model to look up to. Thanks for keeping the
towns of Gaia safe!

Effie- Guuurl. Your fashion sense
and sassy spirit always put me in a good mood.

Alkaid- You have too many accounts lol
Also, you're a great pokemon trainer.
You keep kicking my butt.

Tenta- Your art is as great as you
are, which is pretty damn great. I love hanging out with you
and being silly for hours on end, it really makes my day.

Katie- You're a wonderful person
that I'm happy to be around and every time we get to talk a
big dumb smile appears on my face. Thank you so so much for
being my friend and I hope we stay friends for years to come.

Ani- Thanks for getting me into
Marvel and DC stuff, man! I didn't know what I was missing
out on. Your passion for collecting action figures never
ceases to amaze me.

Alucard- I dunno what to say, you
also hella.

Hello, my name's Nancy. I am of the
female variety, and I am 19 years of age. I have
high-functioning Autism, and social anxiety. I don't go out
much. I love talking with my friends, Gravity Falls, Conan
and TribeTwelve.
Lately I have been very anxious around people so I apologize
if I don't reply right away or at all.

The skeleton war is upon us

Ribs- you get a flower

People Precious To Me