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Report | 08/18/2009 12:34 pm

x Sakura Mei x

thanks for buying my item
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Report | 04/04/2009 12:39 am


you probalby dont remember me... i think i met you in forums but i was wondering if you would like to zomg with me?

trying to beat eb D;
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Report | 10/25/2008 11:44 am


*laughs* No not kidding. Was just hoping it wasn't upsetting you or so. Just making sure.

Not done yet! : ))) Good to hear.

Aaah human! Human was fun to me, - but I was Zombie at the time we were fighting; I didn't play vampire yet.

Butlosing is no shame I'm almost maxed out. : )

Well zombies, they are very robust, they start with 150 life, and i only put my skillpoints into damage - also I didn't have to heal at all while we were fighting . User Image It was amazing.

The Dark Elves were the most difficult to play I think...
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Report | 10/25/2008 11:35 am


Sorry mate, for the event kill. : )

It was a fun fight though; and you were quite persistent ;o
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Report | 09/18/2008 5:16 pm

Gouki Zusaki

Yup, cant wait to make my possesed samurai! User Image
Gouki Zusaki's avatar

Report | 09/18/2008 2:14 pm

Gouki Zusaki

Thanks for the ChestPlate! It rules!
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Report | 09/18/2008 2:08 pm

Gouki Zusaki

No prob. User Image
Gouki Zusaki's avatar

Report | 09/17/2008 6:21 pm

Gouki Zusaki

Tee Hee...
Gouki Zusaki's avatar

Report | 09/17/2008 3:19 pm

Gouki Zusaki

Are you still questing a RoRo?
Gouki Zusaki's avatar

Report | 09/17/2008 2:56 pm

Gouki Zusaki

Just trying to play the market place to get some extra dough.

MP Tip #27653: Get an Alruna Rose now while they are cheap, they will skyrocket around Halloween. :nod:
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Report | 09/16/2008 5:20 pm

Gouki Zusaki

Oh, so whats new? Long time no talk.
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Report | 09/16/2008 5:11 pm

Gouki Zusaki

Thank you. How much did you pay for your death whisper?
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Report | 09/16/2008 4:35 pm

Gouki Zusaki

Hey, Treggy!

Nice avi! :nod:
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Report | 06/18/2008 7:49 am


Groovy Mon, nice to have ya as a friend. By the way, sweet-a** crossbow. Where did you pick that up from??

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Report | 06/15/2008 8:49 am


Just poppin' in to say hi. Nice arguments in the 4thEd thread, by the way. *nods*

So do you mostly play or DM? I would love to play, but I find that I'm almost always having to be the Dungeon Master of my groups. Its not a bad gig, I guess. World altering power is great.

Hey, are you going to play the whole online D&D component of D&DInsider? If so, lemme know. Perhaps we can throw a group together, right?
C a s s i e B i t c h- x3's avatar

Report | 06/10/2008 12:05 pm

C a s s i e B i t c h- x3

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Report | 03/23/2008 2:13 pm

Gouki Zusaki

Whats up, nice avatar! User Image
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Report | 03/06/2008 11:44 am


thnkx for buyin User Image
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Report | 02/22/2008 9:36 pm

Lord Vira

Hi Hi ^_^
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Report | 11/13/2007 2:52 pm


thnx for buying Red Turquoise Dragon Torso Tattoo at my store. plz come again & vote for me in the arena!
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