Hello, hello.
This is my favorite alt for my main account (Antique Amour.)
I will eventually answer all comments and PMs on here.
If you're looking for avvie art, please contact my main account.

You can often find me in the GD, Art Freebies, ED and Para.
I also tend to bump a lot in the Aquarium forum.

* giving compliments
* people who are open-minded and honest
* cats (Especially Cupid and Noodle!)
* World of Warcraft
* specific manga/anime
* writing and drawing (I have a DA! But I only put crap on it anyways!)

* bigots and/or bible thumpers
* homophobes
* racists
* people who don't want to be educated
* loud noises
* politics
* poorly written books that get a lot of praise
* english peas