*Ok i m Tracy and i m from Scotand!!!
*I m chinese and i used to live in Hong kong....(Just incase you need to know about that!!) lol
*I m mostly friendly with everyone...(mostly)
*So leave me comments!! anytime

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I do love to shop! >.<
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ok Ive decided to make my profile a weee abity more interesting by adding in what my friends are REALLY like

She is one hell of a MAD woman but i love her to bits!! ive known her since the 1st day of 1st year and been friends happily ever after.....well freindship are not always wonderfull like fairy tales...we have our silly little fights sometimes but hey thats what friends do...*i think* She always cracks me up with her weird oneliners.hehe She is really special to me and i couldnt ask for a better friend =)

Ceri!!*Icey Kisses*
ok Ceri is really bubblely,smart,wierd at times *which is probably why she's friends with me....* hehe and the kind of person that is really easy to get on with. Ive been freinds with her since the middle of 1st year, through piano lessons. She might seem quite at times but TRUST ME when she's hyper you dont really want to be there to witness it!! lol But she's always there for me no matter what and she's just such a brillant friend that no word could possiblely discribe.i love her to bits >.<

Although ive not known her for very long she's the kind of person that you would love to be friends with!! She is strange in her little unique way and she's a really great friend to be around!! She's really easy to get along with you just got to love her!! =D

It is hard to describe her because she is like an orange. You have to peel away the shell to find out how sweet and lovely she is!! She can be really shy at times but once you get to know her you would just automaticly fall in love with her!! *just like an orange* She gets VERY HYPER at times which could get quite scary but She's a great friend and just so much fun to be around!!

*Just to let you all to know that they are not in any particular order*


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Report | 04/28/2008 12:39 pm


Hey, yup so true but I haven't left any for you either so tut tut on me.

I've been alright thanks, yourself?

Done any studying so far in the study leave?

xx H

Report | 04/27/2008 1:48 pm


: D Thanks for the comment! I never get comments anymore.

It's probably cuz i'm never on Gaia.. D: But, yeah.. thankyou. (: I am doing great! If it wasn't for study leave we would be going back to school tomorrow. xD woo. I am so happy. I wont have to wake up so early. Hope you're looking forward to it aswell. Don't study too much! See Yuh. xx

Report | 01/25/2008 12:35 pm


heY Tracy. (:

Just to let you know, I am now TeddyPerv! xDD

Don't ask. It's a long story about me and Ro's Teddy.. I:

Report | 01/21/2008 1:29 pm


Ah, well I'm glad you like it.

It's got basically all of my favourites that I could find on it lol.

Ah, well I aim to help friends out so glad it helped with your English.


Report | 01/20/2008 10:21 am



Hehe, Thanks xD

Yours is lookin top-notch too I have to say.

Purtyful it defiently is. :]

'Cause you soo are the hyper one!

[I don't know anyone who puts so many '!'s in one comment like you do!]

Lol. xD

Anyway, you're hyper most of the time!

So there ya go! xD


viet ice skater

Report | 11/21/2007 5:28 am

viet ice skater

hey havent tlked 2 u in a while too^^

Report | 10/28/2007 2:21 am



It was yeah.

I know the feeling, School and studying just isn't a good combo!

User Image

Oh well..

Ah you sure know how to shop Tracy!


Report | 10/26/2007 11:06 am


Hey fellow Battlefielder xD

I'm ok thanks, yourself?

Not really, was out shopping earlier and Louise slept over a couple of days ago but thats about it. lol


Icey Kisses

Report | 10/11/2007 8:20 am

Icey Kisses


I know you won't get this til you get back but I'll just be wasting away back home waiting desperately for your return! User Image

Nah, not really!! Hope you have fun!
Icey Kisses

Report | 10/09/2007 11:13 am

Icey Kisses


I bet you're sooooo excited I commented you!! xD