my life

Im Jenn.

All you need to know is that im 14, live in KY, and I LOVE cats.

I play legend of zelda a lot.

Eat pizza, take selfies and post them on the internet.

pretty rad but not your ordinary lad

i make the smilies/icon_mad.gif face a lot irl

make me tea and pizza and you'll get a free hug and flower crown smilies/icon_heart.gif

I love the colors green and orange.

I love Rooster Teeth <3

My best friend is Brian Neal, hes the Geoff Ramsey to me.

my twitter is @animatedprince_ :3

I like The Neighbourhood, Lorde, Foo Fighters, RHCP, Lana, Senses Fail, NSN, and so much more.

Thank you for reading~ <3

i dont look like this irl

Tracing Scars's avatar

Gender: Female

Blooming Creativity

(My oldest sister)

(my middle sister)



Do not make racist, gay, rape, seizure, suicide, selfharm,
or rude/offensive jokes near me.
I do not get offended personally by racist or rape jokes.
But seizure jokes, gay jokes, suicide jokes, and self
harm jokes will piss me off because i either go through or
understand or just get upset by the topic.
So i hope you understand.

I probably wont be on gaia much anymore.