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C'est Moi!

Dude, I can't promise I'll update this journal religiously. Actually, I hate writing journals, but I figured a journal might be a good way for me to address questions or whatnot from all of you (my friends I mean) so uh...feel free to PM me or commen

-Radio Static-

Fleur! Flowers and Gifts.

Visit My House

We seize police station now.

Currently: Sarge - Deathsayers Upper Echelon member, assassin, hand-to-hand combat specialist, Pink-Ribboner.
Sarge and his team, including pyrokinetic Zeke Barnes, and Johannes Cabal the necromancer, move into position to take control of the Central City Police Department. It is important that the police station be taken. If dispatch gets warning out to the Anti-Supernatural Taskforce the Pink-Ribboners could be in big trouble.


Deathsayers Operative Dossier

Name: Sergei Medvedev

Handle: Sarge

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

(The file appears to be blacked out. Perhaps if you were to ask the man in question he might tell you more about himself.)

You are needing something from me?

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Countess Kinoko Report | 09/19/2014 8:34 pm
Countess Kinoko
Bonne fĂȘte mon ami!~ heart
chupacabra_nena Report | 09/19/2014 6:06 pm
Happy Birthday yo!
Simply Tezi Report | 09/19/2014 2:18 am
Simply Tezi
Happy birthday! >w<
Garden of Weeds Report | 02/21/2014 6:35 pm
Garden of Weeds

-Chews on his straw, blowing bubbles in his cola and giggling in amusement before raising his head, focusing on Icer's raised finger- Ah.. YOU'RE RIGHT! -Suddenly stands up, knocking over his chair and looking extremely excited and focused- I'm not going to worry about being an awesome Deathsayer now because it's okay to mess up sometimes, as long as you own up to your mistakes and then try to move past them. -Grins, picking up his chair and sitting back down, flashing Icer a very admiring look- ... I guess it's just easy to automatically want to give up and feel like i'm bad when I mess up.. cause I'm a pit breed and we're mean, wild and not good at being heroes, but.. i'll try to remember this. Keep moving forward even when you feel like you can't screw up any worse cause you're still good and you know it now you gotta prove it. -Smiles fondly- You're really smart, Grandma Icer.. I can't imagine you ever messing up at anything..

-Gathers up all the trash and papers from his tacos before standing up and walking over to the nearest trashcan, returning with a free coke refill courtesy of the kindly food truck guy- Hehe, that guy is so cool. He's got a tattoo of a mermaid on his shoulder. She's really naked, but so pretty! Hehe. -Smiles brightly, waiting for Icer to stand up before launching himself at the other male in a big hug- Thanks so much for the food and for hanging out with me, Grandma! You're a really awesome guy. I like you lots. We should do this again someday! <3
Garden of Weeds Report | 02/21/2014 6:33 pm
Garden of Weeds

Ah.. -smiles warmly, obviously pleased to hear he somewhat resembles his mentor and "papa"- ... wow you really think so, huh? Hehe, that makes me like.. super happy. <3 Oh.. you mean, everybody's gonna be split up to work in different places of the city to stop the bad guys? -Grins- That's a good plan. It'll keep the police and stuff on their toes, not knowing where everybody's gonna be. Haha.. i'm not worried about them too much. They're really powerful fighters.. but.. it's still good to know that they'll be working with really awesome Deathsayers that'll have their backs in case something goes wrong. -Chuckles, rubbing the back of his head- ...Man though, talk about all start teams. I can't wait to hear about it! I know a lot of people can't wait until the city gets back to normal. -Suddenly pouts, looking sullen- ... everybody's gonna go home then.. back where they belong... i'm going to miss my brothers and sisters really.. really bad but.. they need to go home too. To the people who miss them. -Looks back at Icer as he speaks about Yevette, getting the feeling that the nice sounding lady was very important to him- ... i'll bet that lady was a hero to a lot of you guys. Only people who are really good, kind and smart.. the ones that leave an impact on those around them are missed when they're gone. -Smiles softly, finishing up his third taco and moving on to the last- Oh, you bet i'll keep Noelle safe! I would never let anything or anyone ever hurt my sister EVER.. and if anybody ever tried i'd swoop in like Batman and beat them up so bad that they would wish they were dead. -Nods matter of factly- Ah! Awesome! Hehe, I can't wait. Going on a mission with Mister Cyr would be like.. the best moment of my whole Deathsayer's career! <3

-Sips on his coke, remembering their earlier conversation about DEATH before being distracted by the taco truck-... ah, I didn't mean to make it sound like DEATH was a bad guy earlier. I didn't know he was actually just a scared, lonely little kid.. -frowns- that is kind of sad. It wouldn't be right to punish him for feeling lonely and wanting attention. No amount of time out can fix loneliness. Still.. it's not exactly a nice thing that he goes around doing bad things to try to get a rise out of Mr Cyr. Maybe if he had a friend to tell him differently, he would cut it out some. -Looks at Icer, frowning sadly- I don't hate him at all! I mean, it was uncool that he tricked me, but actually I kind of liked talking to him. He's a little bit weird with the death garden stuff, but everybody has their things, you know? -thinks, idly playing with his straw- ... He was honest.. like, not his words, but HE was honest. His being.. his existence was honest and raw and pure in it's own dark, macabre way. I had never seen that before in anyone. It was interesting to be around. -Nods, snapping out of his serious musings and falling right back into his normal, goofy demeanor, shoo'ing away a bird landing on the table- hehe, I don't know if it's my headwings they like or something else, but man.. these guys. they always want me to hang out with them, but when I do it's always weird bird things like finding strings for nests and perching on statues all day. They never want to do any Xeno things. It's so boring! </3
Garden of Weeds Report | 02/21/2014 6:32 pm
Garden of Weeds
(jgfdjf 1/3)

-Eyes widen as Icer orders in Spanish, watching the man in complete awe- ..... wow... -stands towards the side of the window, waiting eagerly on his food- .. that was really REALLY cool. I only know a few words in Spanish... it's hard to learn! It sounds too much like Italian to me and makes me confused. -Grins widely, sitting his chin atop the little widow table and watching the cook work- I knowww, oh man. It smells so good out here and in there and and.. unghhh. I love Mexican food. It's so good. -Waits patiently for a few more moments, eyes nearly bugging out of his head when the cook turns around and hands both he and Icer their orders- AH! Oh my gosh oh my gosh food! Yes! Thanks so much, Mister.. ah.. oh, I mean.. -thinks- ... grazie.... grazie-as! Uh, Monsieur Food Truck Guy. -Grins, pleased with his mastery of linguistics- Oh! Let's go sit over there, Icer! There's a couple of tables and some seats!

-Sits down at a table, wasting no time in diving into his tacos- Mmm.. oh man. This is so good. -Looks at Icer- Wow! You were talking about Ivan and Noelle's great grandpa being a chef.. that's pretty neat! He was able to go to a human school? Or.. do they have schools in the other hell? Hehe, that must be where Noelle gets her skills from.. she makes the BEST cookies. I try to help, but usually it just ends up with me making a big mess all over my clothes. -Chuckles- Living in a group home sounds pretty exciting. Lots of people around to talk and play with. Haha, man I wouldn't blame that guy either for going somewhere where there's yummy food. His boyfriend must've been doing that on purpose, hehe. I totally believe that the way to a tentacle beast's heart is through it's anterior taste glands.

-Moves to unwrap another taco, speaking a little quieter while he concentrates on not breaking the shell- That's kind of weird that Noelle was the first to reach milestones like that.. I always thought that twins went through all that stuff at the same time. They both kinda went through "the change" together at the mine.. I guess mini Ivan was just a late.. bloomer? Is that the right word? Disma calls me that sometimes when we talk about growing-up stuff. -Looks towards Icer as he speaks, grinning widely- ... Kids are flowers... hey, that was really beautiful. It's nice to think of it that way too! Each living thing is different and comes into it's own eventually. It's about the journey, I guess. <3 -Blinks, shaking his head thoughtfully-.. Mm, that sounds like a lot of fun but.. gee, I can't go along when it's Ivan and his grandma hanging out! I mean thanks really a whole lot for inviting me, but Xeno coming along will mess up manly family bonding time. -Nods, smiling- Hehe. You know what I'd like to do..? It would be so cool to have like a giant.. family party. Xeno wants to meet everybody's family outside our family in the mine. -Takes a big bite of taco- Mmph! <3
Johannes Cabal Report | 02/21/2014 2:27 am
Johannes Cabal
Oh my god. That. Is. Awsohorrifying.
Garden of Weeds Report | 02/20/2014 7:11 pm
Garden of Weeds

-Stops for a moment, clearly shocked by the information that Cyr used to date DEATH- ... HUH? -Jogs to catch up with Icer- wait, wait.. you said DEATH's HOST. They used to date? Oh gosh that's.. that's.. huh. -Purses lips- wow. That must suck really bad now.. Ivan told me a little bit about DEATH and he like.. takes over bodies and drives people crazy. -Frowns- ... he should leave Cyr alone. It's got to be bad enough to have the body of your ex following you and stuff... but if he purposely does things to get Cyr riled up.. -looks at Icer, quite serious- somebody needs to give him a time out. If he's going to act like a little kid, then he should be treated like one. A BIG time out. Like on the most uncomfortable chair, facing the corner and then having to write 'i'm sorry' five hundred times on a piece of paper. Hmph. -Pouts, cheering up as his head is rubbed again, chirping in contentment- Hehehe hu- what!? -Puffs out his cheeks in a very Noelle-ish manner, a dozen or so pigeons having suddenly landed around their feet- Noooo you guys, I wasn't calling you! -Waves his arms around, the birds dissipating in a flurry of feathers and confused squawks- go away! I'm too busy for bird things right now! Shoo! -Sighs heavily as a pigeon perches on his head, refusing to move- Ughhhhhh. Birds are so annoying! -Smiles, looking back at Icer- You really think it'll pay off? I am trying to be the best hero I can be.. I don't ever want to be a bad guy. That would make me a bad Deathsayer and I don't want that..

-Grins, bouncing on his feet and pointing excitedly to a clean and neat looking taco truck- OMG look. Tacos. That is what I was smelling earlier! Mmm. <3 Oh gosh, i'm so hungry. -Stretches out his back and arms, giggling- ohhh, so that's how you stay awake! All those sugary foods and energy drinks. I'm not allowed to have those things anymore. Last time I drank one I was so excited about everything and I could see sounds. It was pretty cool and then I passed out. -Nods- It's a good thing to be able to focus, but if your body is telling you to slow down, then it's taco time. -Suddenly takes off running, the bird on his head finally jumping up and flapping off in a frenzy- COME ON, COME ON GRANDMA! TACOS!

-Runs up to the truck, the human cook inside frowning slightly, looking momentarily confused and a bit wary of the excited demon- Ah.. -smiles warmly, noticing the man's reluctance, quieting his voice nearly to a whisper and putting on his best friendly face before spouting off his menu choice of four tacos and a big coke- ..... -grins brightly as the man smiles, nods and takes the order, seemingly having gotten over the initial wariness- .. Come on grandma! Hehe~ it's time to order!
Garden of Weeds Report | 02/20/2014 7:09 pm
Garden of Weeds

-Laughs eagerly, pumping up his fists before throwing his hands into the air- ALRIGHTTTT TACOS YEAH!! Tacos ARE awesome. Next to Potatoes, they are the best food. Humans have the best foods I think. Demons eat a ton of weird things and nothing even comes close to the good things up here. -Grins, walking a bit slower next to his new friend- wow, thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! Hehe. <33 I'll bet it was hard to keep food around with four teenagers in your house. There's three of us at Denti's and we get a little bit low every now and then.. but mostly because someone forgets to go to the market and restock. We have a vegetable garden though and a lake really close by. We eat a lot of fish. -Nods-

-Looks down, watching his feet move as he walks- Wow.. I didn't know that Ivan couldn't talk when he was little. That's kind of sad. -Pouts- maybe he was so smart that he didn't think anything he said would make sense to anyone else. He's always thinking about other people. -Grins- Oh man, I love trivia stuff too. Me and Ivan play that game a lot. He'll tell me something I don't know about the surface and I tell him something that I don't think he knows about the underworld. Heh, he always wins the game though cause he's learned a lot of stuff since he's been there. Oh! -Chuckles- I've seen Noelle do that! She always talks out loud when she's trying to work out a problem and usually she finds what she's looking for. It's pretty neat. -Blinks, tilting his head slightly- ... you really think that would be rude? Oh man, that sounds like an adventure to me! Mm, I think I get what you mean though.. Ivan doesn't really like to be surprised too much, does he? He likes to plan out things.. everything. Hehe. Sometimes you need a little surprise in your life though... it would be boring otherwise.

Huh? Oh yeah! -Smiles brightly- I am adopted in a way, I guess. There's no legal system in the underworld for things like that since most intelligent demons are left on their own anyway, but... Denti took me in as an intern when I was a baby and then we got really close. -Nods, a warm look forming on his perpetually happy face-.. I think you're right about that, Grandma Icer. If you have someone that cares about you and is willing to teach you all those good things you need to know to be the best person you can be, then it doesn't matter if you're related or not.. blood is thicker than water, but you need water just as much to survive and when you're thirsty, a tall glass of blood just isn't gonna cut it. -thinks- .. unless you're a vampire. Then maybe, but that's not the point. -Chuckles, blushing- I really remind you of Denti? Wow, haha! That makes me happy. <3 Are you working with Him and Disma in the big secret mission?

-Turns his head to the side, staring thoughtfully at Icer as he talks- ... Wow. The lady must've been really strong and wise to be the first boss of the Deathsayers. Mm, and I guess she was able to see all those really good qualities in Mr. Cyr.. is why she left him in charge. Sometimes talent like that isn't easy to spot.. she had to have been pretty special to see it. That makes a lot of sense. -Nods, whining slightly and putting his hands down- Mannnnn, I hear so much about how cool and awesome he is and I never get to see any of his action stuff! come to think of it, I haven't seem him since our first encounter. You think he's let me come with him on a mission sometime? -Looks over at Icer, hopeful-
Rhea Byrne Report | 02/20/2014 4:03 pm
Rhea Byrne
((ISAWTHAT. heart ))

I am seeing you...


By: Bacon Siege

By: Ms. Daffodil