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The Names Rich
And I Like To Sedate Myself To The Point Of Comatose
If u go to Lyman Hall You have probably heard me in the hallway.
I Love Someone But You Will Never Know Who:P
Im loud,obnoxious and get kicked out of everywhere.
Some Say Im Psychotic I say Im Unique
You Can Ask All Of My Close Friends And They Will Tell You That I Am Completely Obsessed With Alice In Wonderland

I See The World From A Different Perspective.
I View Beauty Differently. I View The World As An Artist.
I Dream To Live In A Place Where We Can All Be Happy Where Inanimate Objects Talk And Your Only Worry Is Where The Next Place To Have Fun Is.
I Often Get Depressed And I Do Not Like It. People Dont Like It But They Need To Know That I Dont Choose To Be Depressed
Other Than Being Depressed I Often Spend A Time In A Place That is Very Special My Imagination...Where I Dream of Things And Contemplate Why Life Go's On
I Dont Like To Be A normal person or follow trends and i Try To be Original.

I like To Play Video Games Some Say im a video game addict
Favorites are DDR And Halo Series
I like Anime and Manga But There is to many for me to list
I Like Photoshop Im Not The Greatest But Its Fun Ask Me For An Edit If U want
I dont Like People But I love my friends.
I can have a very intimidating personality.
I dont take s**t from anyone. Talk s**t to me And I will Throw My shoe at you
You can be my best friend or my worst enemy
Feel Free To Message Me I Can Be Nice

Me :D