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Ascended Demon
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War Of The Mighty Six

Chapter One

Her thin and long fingers slide smoothly across a six-string harp, Closing her eyes slowly, she sways to the melody, with the moon harp in her arms.
A world is created by an ancient Supreme God at the end of a brightly shining tunnel. A calm world governed by six gods who were created by this Supreme God.

The peaceful melody turns wild. After the passing of the Supreme God, the six gods fought with each other and destroyed everything. The tears of sadness wets her moon harp.
This melody reflects the war between Kohtei of the earth, and Chihyu of the wind. She thumps out a tune of a bitter quarrel. The string snaps, the melody stops.
The shining white tunnel fades away, she opens her eyes. She plays a tune with the five remaining strings filled with a void. She watches a world filled with emptiness.

The first string is for the fiery Bird Clan. The sound of harps and singing all day long. The innocence in this sound cannot tell the tale of the real world.
The second is for the Dragon Clan of the water, looking for a blessing and radiating heaven's will. Calm and dignified, the sacred sound.
The third string goes out to the golden Tiger Clan. A strong and powerful sound, like the catching of prey during a hunt.
The fourth is for the Monkey clan of the earth. A radiant sound, free from prejudice and help for each other.
The fifth is for the Dog Clan of wood. A staccato sound, like a movement beating up and down.
The final damaged one, is for the Taurus Clan; the wind of the lost world.

The loss of the moon harp's string pierces through her heart. The beautiful melodies of old will never be heard again, like the wind that disappears from the world. She flies off to the sky with wings spread and wind blowing by her ears. She hears the angry roars from each clan, the music riddled with an empty void. Birds, Dragons, Tigers, Monkeys, Dogs, Taurus... The Six Clans' war has already begun. The aim of war is the same for everyone - to unify all beasts and be supreme ruler over all the clans.

A king of war, victory, feasting, wealth, wisdom, or supremacy, whichever it may be, the new ruler will lead the people to a peaceful world, like those in the days of old. Will this dream come true? When will we see better days?

Chapter Two

The twins worlds of ying and yang.
Since the giant god was struck down and his body blocked out the sky, there have been some twin stars like this in the starry sky.
One is a shining aqua, blue as jewels, the other is shrouded in darkness. These two worlds are in a space-time corridor and are connected together with a mass of shining stone shards.
These twins worlds are known as Beastia.

Beastia is an ancient civilization which alternated between death and rebirth for six times. It was buried under a vast meadow and forgotten for a long time, but was finally about to embark on its seventh rebirth. When the Supreme Gods traveled through space-time, they found this place by chance and they brought this ancient civilization back to life. They got old and perished in this place.

Chapter Three

"The Supreme Gods created the War God as their hands and feet, and they also created a lot of things. They made the War God govern everything in the world.
However, it was not possible for the War God to govern everything, so the Supreme God created Five Elemental Immortal Clans. They are wood, fire, earth, gold and water.

War God taught general knowledge and military arts, and gave the power of law to the Immortal Clans. He also gave them power to control everything in the world. Under normal circumstances, the world's peace was supposed to have been maintained, but the Supreme God had never believed that these five elements would become the source of conflict.

The Five Elemental Immortal Clans started fighting and the world became confused. The Supreme God creates the Wind God and his immortal clans to control the Five Elemental Immortal Clans. However, after the Supreme God left this world, The Five Elemental Immortal Clans refused to obey the Wind God, and so the war of the heavens started. The War God tried to stop this war but alas, the war was already underway. Wind God and his clans defeated the Five Elemental Immortal Clans."

Chapter Four

Several years had passed after the war of the heavens. The Five Elemental Immortal Clans and their allied forces were fighting hard to defend their final battle line. They were eventually defeated by the Wind God and his familial Taurus clan's relentless attacks. They had nowhere to left to go.

Defeat was drawing near. Feeling this fateful crisis, Gold God, who was one of the Five Elemental Immortal Clans, created the "Insects" behind the scene, and waited for opportunity for a counteroffensive.

However, these "Insects" were more violent and cruel than he expected.
War God, who saw the disaster Gold God had caused when he couldn't handle the Insects, immediately helped Gold God, and they both tried to destroy the Insects together. Their effort worked and strong Insects perished.
At the same time however, Gold God died in the war with Insects.

The other four gods were putting forth their final effort and fought against the Wind God, even though they realized that their power was not enough due to the absence of Gold God. They gave up their plan to annihilate Wind God, and tried to seal him instead.
After a fierce fight, they successfully sealed Wind God. However, instead of acquiring power for sealing, the four god's bodies were crushed and straggled.

Chapter Five

The Taurus Clan lost their sense of lawfulness due to their Wind God's sealing. They were beleaguered by the other five clans for seven years, and were finally sent to a very cold land. A thousand years had passed.
Although these times had passed peacefully for the five clans, the Taurus Clan however, experienced countless hardships.

Times have changed for the Taurus clan who have lost their sense of lawfulness. They made use of their strong physical ability, used the coal mine as their livelihood and acquired their water source from the melting alpine snow. They built up their own castle on the Northwest plateau where snow lied thick on the ground for all those years. They got callosities and blisters on their hands and feet. The Taurus Clan long deeply for their former prosperity.

Chapter Six

Times have passed. The appearance of the new heir of the Wind God caused the war against the Five Elemental Immortal Clans to start again.

Chihyu was rejected by the Wind God Clan once. He hid his status, left the Northwest plateau, and traveled around. On his journeys, he met the Monkey clan fighter, Kohtei. After returning from his travels, Chihyu obtained a piece of the Wind God, and his position in the Taurus Clan was greatly improved. He became the heir of Wind God and the leader of the clan.

Upon returning the Taurus Clan to its former glory, Chihyu pledged to release the Wind God's thousand year curse at the sealed wind pedestal, and revive their principal god.

Chapter Seven

Chihyu prepared for the resurrection of the Taurus Clan's principal god.
He blandished the other clans - Fox, Snake, Mizuchi. He intimidated the Dragon Clan and the Monkey Clan. He invaded the Dog Clan's territory with his army. His goal was to reach the sealed wind pedestal. The Dog Clan was defeated since they lost Taikoh, who was the descendant of the Tree God.

The Tiger Clan panicked upon hearing this news. They started to search for the old writings about how to create the strongest reinforcement troops known to beastkind - the "Insects".
The Bird Clan, who live in the deep south, were also shocked at Taikoh's death, but they kept their composure. Kohtei, the descendant of the Earth God, assisted the Dog Clan with like-minded Monkey Clan's solders.
As a result of Chihyu and Kohtei's offensive and defensive battle maneuvers, the two armies were left severely wounded.

Chihyu defeated Taikoh and Kohtei, who were descendants of the Immortal Clan, one by one. This brought fear to the Dragon, Tiger and Bird Clans. The Tiger Clan proceeded to search for the old writings about "Insects" manufacture. They conspired to reverse this situation.
The Dragon Clan used to manufacture Insects with the Gold God's help in ancient times. They had already prepared some documents based on these old historical studies, but they fully understood the danger the Insects pose, so they strongly opposed the manufacturing of these Insects.

Chapter Eight

The wounds of Kohtei haven't healed yet at that time, and troops of the wind that were led by Chihyu were exceeding the power of all the remaining Clans.
In this intimidating situation, the Dragon Clan also had to help manufacture the Insects to answer to everyone's demand.
Meanwhile, Chihyu, who had won the fight with the two descendants of the Immortal Clan, was seriously injured and exhausted. Chihyu knew that he will no longer be able to live. He took the last chance to foray into the sealed wind pedestal in order to break a seal of the Wind God with all his strength.

Chihyu broke through the elite army and he reached the sealed wind pedestal. He tried to break the seal of the Immortal Clan with the three clan armies -Dragon, Tiger, and Bird, surrounding him. This battle continued for three days. This situation was reversed after the Tiger Clan introduced the Insects into the war as, until then, the Taurus Clan army was holding up quite well. As a result, the seal was protected and Chihyu was killed.

Chapter Nine

The Taurus Clan that had lost Chihyu was defeated, and the plan for their revenge had started. While the Five Clans were soaking in the pleasure of victory, some refugees showed up from the rear side and brought some bad news about the incident regarding the Insects.

The Tiger Clan's castle, the manufacturing base for the Insects, received attacks and fell before they could even resist. Both the Dragon and the Bird Clan's castles were taken by storm one after another. Each Immortal Clan descendant helped their people to escape from the attacks while each Clan's defensive force continued desperate resistance.

The Insects that were joining the Taurus Clan's pursuit have started attacking without knowing friend or foe. The Allied forces that were supposed to go up against the Taurus Clan had turned into a mass exodus.

Chapter Ten

The Allied forces managed to defeat the Insects surrounding them. The surviving descendants of the Five Elemental Immortal Clans finally reconciled with the Taurus Clan in the heat of the impending situation. The war of Six Clans - Taurus Clan, Bird Clan, Dragon Clan, Dog Clan, Tiger Clan, Monkey Clan, had ended.

The Taurus Clan moved back to the Northwest frontier and built a huge fortress. The Six Clans helped each other to stand up to the Insects.

Final Chapter

20 years have been passed since the cruel war, and the Six Clans have defended themselves to the last Holy Beast Castle. The insects were not able to destroy the fortress, even though the Six Clans have yet to boast of their achievements. The youngsters were sent one after another to the war and lost their lives. These are the darkest, but at the same time, the most glorious of days Beastia has ever seen.

People who lived those days have grown up listening to the story of heroes during the times of war. The history and story of these heroes must be passed on to their children, from one generation to another.

War Of The Might Six


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