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my name is Joanna. I am a 21 year old german girl, working as an doctors assistant. I've never been somewhere else then germany, but I have international contacts and friends that make a great place in my live.

My hobbies? Well to get started I should say I love music. I sing and also can play the flute and some piano. I hope I can play the violin one day because music is making live awesome and interesting.

Besides music I also write a lot. If it's a songtext, a story or even a short post for a roleplaygame, it doesnt matter, as long as it's fun.

I like playing games (EUW) and watching Anime. A few of my favorites are Golden Time, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Osu, and some other cute ones making you cheer and cry the same time.

If you want to know more about me, you can write anytime! I will be pleased to meet you. c:



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hastsune miku Report | 04/23/2017 8:08 am
hastsune miku
Happy Birthday ^w^ *hugs* heart heart heart heart
Makka The Licker Report | 01/09/2017 7:54 pm
Makka The Licker
Omg I see a comment I made on ur b-day in 2014 lmao I do know you surprised
Makka The Licker Report | 01/09/2017 7:53 pm
Makka The Licker
was your old name royal revenge or something? surprised just returned to Gaia after years trying to find out whose who
lowkwalitea Report | 01/05/2017 4:53 pm
thanks for the purchase! emotion_bigheart yum_puddi
Le Cri Report | 01/05/2017 5:18 am
Le Cri
Rip, lmao.
soren_alenko Report | 01/04/2017 7:37 pm
Thanks for buying!
x_Bia_x Report | 01/01/2017 8:20 pm
Thanks for buying! heart
Makka The Licker Report | 04/23/2014 10:54 pm
Makka The Licker
hey lol love tha profile! epic! oh an... happy.. bday?.. Happy birthday!!!!! Don't run aha! your old enough to drive! lol here we go..
Help me
Apply for the
Perfect job that will
Pay well for me to clean
Your Eyeball!

Because I am Eyeball boy!
I clean and suck eyeballs
Really awesome I know,
Don't Freak out yet,
This is just the beginning!
Hope your day went well
Days are short, Hope you enjoyed this one.
As of now.. I feel stupid sayin all this!
You enjoy yourself, and avoid me xD ima freak!!! Gbye gnite ! love you! dont know you! super glue! one sexy shoe! uhm yea..
WhenTheAngelsCry Report | 03/06/2013 8:18 pm
Thank you so much for the comment! It's really made my day!
Kensei Tenshi Report | 02/07/2013 12:23 pm
Kensei Tenshi


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