I'm Constance. I dislike my real name.
If I decide to tell you my real name, don't call me by that.
I am a Touhou enthusiast, geek, nerd, anything along those lines.
I listen to music from the Touhou books, CD's, etc.
If you don't know what Touhou is, read this.
I am a role player.
I wear pastel colors, because dark colors are overused.
I am a homosexual male in real life.
If you dislike gay people, please get off my page.
I have a tendency to be more stern towards men, then women.
So if you are male, and I am a lot more serious toward you, it's for a reason, and no, it's not because I'm a feminist.

I'm not a 'uber mary sue' and I dress feminine most of the time; On here and in real life.
I live in Ohio.
I'm 21.
I have a Skype. "john.bilski"
If you want to befriend me, have any questions, or anything, please ask.
I am an open book. However, I will not allow anyone to step on me.
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