I'm that typical Otaku girl that you always met. that goes "WOOOO~" or "KYAAA!" over a handsome Anime character.

I'm kinda shy. but I can be very talkative when I get along with you.

I'm Hidayah. Malaysian. 18 years old.

There's lot of things that I like... and dislike...

I hate racist. but then, I can be kinda racist sometime.

I hate rude, arrogant & dirty-minded people.

I love Anime. I really wanna hang out with friends whose wise and know a lot about Anime.

my ALL TIME favourite Anime will always be D. Gray-Man & Kuroshitsuji.

I wish I watch Naruto. coz I didn't. but it's awesome... I know.

I don't like Hentai or Ecchi things. but I think I can handle fanservice.

I love Japan. I love Japanese music. I love Vocaloid. I love Jrock. I love VK.

I love Japan. but I freaking hate their food, especially Sushi. I had enough.

I hate Kpop. I hate Korean music. I hate Korean stuffs.... except for Samsung...

I hate Justin Bieber. he's sissy. and he suck d**k to the max.

I love Vampire. who not? yeah. I would totally go for Kaname... he's hot... or Alucard?

I'm a fan of.... Adventure Time! c'mon get your friend. we go to a very distant land. Jake The Dog and Finn The Human. The fun will never end, it's Adventure Time~

Marshall Lee is hot af gjgskjljkd

If you see me in town, feel free to talk with me. I'm friendly. but sorry. I'm usually AFK.

and sorry if I late to your reply. or friend request. or anything. sorry.

I would appreciate if you could help me achieving my dream Avatar, by buying something from my store. please??

ADD ME. thanks. smilies/icon_smile.gif


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oohhh okayyy

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okay tapi tak igt dah link booty grab ;(
Deoxyribonucleic ASSid

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Deoxyribonucleic ASSid

No problem! :]

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Tortillo Xeviustt

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Tortillo Xeviustt

Tortillo Xeviustt

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Tortillo Xeviustt


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i prefer manga too
never heard of that anime
im picky though
i have to like the subject matter and the art style
Shiroki Nagase

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Shiroki Nagase

XD Heh heh~ Well there is always next time, I suppose.~
Shiroki Nagase

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Shiroki Nagase

It's okay~ o v o~

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