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I'm just a Feast of the Flesh, lurker, lover and extravagant b*****d.

Hi, I'm Banksy and I'm a giant queer, in all senses of the word.

I don't use this account much at the moment, but rest assured, I will be back to it eventually and Jotaro's ~*fabulous*~ pout.

English, nerd, blah blah blah, loves big buff men and their plastic renditions, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Fist of the North Star, fighting games, role-playing games and gratuitous amounts of gore.

I made the graphics and code for this profile, the art is Mr. Araki's.
Bribe me and I may make you one!

Awwyeah, baby

Current Avatar Cosplay: Alex ( Street Fighter III )
Currently Playing: Alan Wake
Current Media: STARDUST RHYME - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 'Nursery Rhyme' Parody


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WHAT. NO YOU DON'T. Lies. All of it.

The Climax

Report | 08/30/2010 3:24 pm

The Climax

I am not kenshiro I'm Jagi, and yes I'm looking forward to Hokuto Musou more than anything this year!
Silouz Imperial

Report | 08/28/2010 12:03 am

Silouz Imperial

on my Prom, my mom insisted that i buy myself a Cologne. so we spent 2 hours looking for a stupid cologne that i would actually wear. at the last store in promenade complex, i tired a men's cologne that i really liked, it had a sweet smell that made me want to purchase that cologne (since everything else i tired made me smell like a "walking-detergent-bar" wink but then the store clerk intervened and said, "I am sorry but this is a women's perfume, i am not sure how it got in to our selection". I told the clerk that i would buy it anyways, for i didn't care. but my mom on the other hand kindly said, "you are not a girl, you don't suppose to like products that is made for us". I didn't feel like arguing, and we left the shop without a cologne.

Today, I went to target to buy Myself my shaving supplies, and i stumble upon a row of perfumes & colognes. I tried every men's cologne their was, from dolcecaban for men to armari, but not a single smell i liked. In my failure to find the right cologne i started testing Women's perfume for they seem appealing with names like Persuiae or extravaganza. In my surprise i wanted to buy most of the women perfumes that had a sweet and sort of a Iron-fist-in-a-velvet-glove kind of look and smell. when my mother saw her son testing women's Perfume, she became enraged. i simply told her i really like these perfumes, and their is nothing wrong with that. she responded by saying that it is not for my sex and i shouldn't be even liking these perfume smells.

i pointed it out to her that i had never liked a single cologne to want to buy them, and that it really doesn't matter if they are labeled for Women or Men. I don't need wear a Bra to wear a perfume, nor do i need to have certain organic parts to like that perfume. I again left another store without a Cologne to wear.

i guess my point is that it made me think: why some gay people become transgendered or want to change their sex. it is not because they want to be a woman, but actually to be able to take part in things that they never were able because we (as a society) establish what is acceptable and what is not. their feelings and likeness are an instinct just like it is an instinct for many straight women to like/try theses products.

I need your oppinions and knoweldge over my realization, i wish to further extend this argument.

(this topinc is listed in Socratic society fourm)

The Climax

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The Climax

JJBA fan biggrin
Escia Valeria

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Escia Valeria

Cool avi

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Oh, this isn't your main? I had added it with that impression. xd Would it be okay if I added your main, whatever it may be?

Still waiting on Capcom to man up and add Sengoku Basara characters to MvC3. razz I guess they'd dominate everyone else in the game, but why not? pirate

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Haven't seen you around lately... hope you're doing well. heart
Path of the Dragon

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Path of the Dragon

*Hugchews Banksy before puttering off again*

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C: Hi Bansky~
It's been a while.
What's up?

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Remember me, mr fishieess