There's really not all that much to me. ^^;


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ah no problem~
glad there was something nice that someone could grab from there~! heart
Waffle King Richard

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Waffle King Richard

Thank you kindly. And it's quite alright. Admittedly I haven't been on much as of late due to classes, but now that it is the summer, a chance to relax more. ^^

How are you doing?

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let's hope for the best 4laugh
ahhh....that makes a lot of sense! I love mike and ike, my favourite are probably the peach flavoured and blue raspberry ones ♥
I think that it's understandable if you threw them away, imo they were really bad lol~

that sounds strenuous, but I think it's more fun to go to the gym with a friend versus alone. you can motivate each other and generally it's less lonely ^^
good luck!!! hope you make it through and when you do, treat yourself to with a lot of ice cream 4laugh

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I get you on the makeup point!! I want to get more into it but I'm too clumsy and clueless ;;;
ah that sounds troublesome ;___; but I think many people can relate, I also kind of believe that as long as you practice something long enough it can be achieved, steady hands or not ^^!

ohh, hot tamales kind of look (the packaging style and the actual candy) like mike and ike (pic), but obviously hot tamales aren't as colourful aha~
and I think it's very likely that they were cinnamon lips! lip shaped and waxy...yep, sounds about right rofl

I've been alright! so happy that it's the weekend. do you have an fun plans? 4laugh

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sorry for the late reply emotion_sweatdrop
I don't bake at all, unfortunately. but sometimes in the summer my friend and I make simple sponge cakes and ice it with chocolate.
we also baked pre-packaged stuff a few times too, it's pretty fun emotion_kirakira

I'm extremely jealous of people with steady hands, it would really come in handy when I paint my nails ahah~
It's really strange because I've never heard of these candies...who knew that there could be so many variations of cinnamon candy x ‿ x
do you like cinnamon lips? they're cinnamon candies that resemble lips, they used to be really popular valentines gifts. my teachers in elementary school would always hand them out and I'd throw them away (●´⌓`●);;;;

ohmigosh!!! the cover is lovely!!! I can imagine becoming mesmerized with the movie because of the cover.

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whew it's reassuring ^^
all that sounds amazing emotion_drool especially cinnamon rolls, cakes, and waffles ;v ;
do you bake by any chance?
I've never heard of hot tamales before, but I find it refreshing that you like cinnamon candy!
I'm personally not a fan, I think it tastes too strong. cinnamon in small quantities is nice though + I don't know many people who are either, so it's quite rare! emotion_yatta

and I agree! I love discovering new music through movies too.

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You're welcome
Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that
-pulls you close, rubbing your back-
I'm here for you. As a rock, a shoulder, and ear. Whatever you need my friend

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Oh no! Well I'm here for you girlie, if you need to vent or hug or need me to kick someones butt ~nods and snuggles~

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No sad! ~hugs tight~

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agreed!! summer sounds nice until it becomes unbearably hot ;u; and yes!! I find chilly nights so relaxing.
oh wow that sounds kind of scary emotion_sweatdrop luckily it was resolved before something as serious as the house catching on fire or something getting broken could happen///

and ahaha I hope so too c: what kinds of sweets do you like?
and yes! it was extremely surreal and kind of confusing. but the animation style was gorgeous + the soundtrack was very fitting o vo


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